Scottsdale nanny


Pinnacle Peak & Scottsdale Rd:  This wonderful busy professional dual-physician family with  an active 2 year old boy and a happy healthy 12 week old old baby girl are seeking a nanny with several years of experience and a background in early childhood education. The schedule is M-F starting at 8AM and can be as late as 6 or 6:30PM for an average of 45-50 hrs per week.   If  the nanny is desiring less hours and would like to keep it closer to 40 hrs, they can be flexible with a start time between 8-9AM and some days can be half days, but will vary week to week. Mom has been on maternity leave and is now returning to work. Their toddler son is a very sweet, smart, active 2 year old boy. He has good language for his age, speaks in full sentences, is potty trained, loves cars, trucks, airplanes, imaginative play, is very physically active so high energy is important.  He likes physical play but can also play independently. He loves being outside and exploring cars, learning the parts of the car, is fascinated by how things work, loves bubbles and playing in water, swimming, and his water table. Their 12 week old baby girl is a  happy healthy baby. She has a pretty easy disposition and is nursing but is also taking a bottle so it will be a combination of the two. The schedule is 2 hrs nursing right now.  Her naps vary.  She is on an eat play sleep schedule. During the day she is a wakeful baby and sleeps well at night. They would like their nanny to actively participate in the education of their young children as she engages with them. The nanny would also be responsible for preparing meals for the children, doing children’s laundry and helping pick up the play areas. Their grandma will be home part of the day. Their sweet 2 year old son is very attached to grandma.  Both grandparents were watching the kids and then sadly the grandpa passed away so grandma truly enjoys being with her grandchildren and the nanny needs to be comfortable with grandma being home part of the day.  They are desiring a nanny who is friendly and energetic who will play with and talk to the kids throughout the day and in general be a source of positivity, fun, and laughter in the children’s lives.  When their 2 year old son starts preschool in 6-12 months driving will be required (<10 miles per day). There is a Montessori preschool close by and they may enroll their son in school in either October or wait until March. The family will provide a car for use when driving the children. It is important that the nanny is reliable, energetic, and understands that there may be a lot of people in and out of the house at times.  Cleaning crew comes twice a month.  Parents may be in and out.  And grandma will be in and out. They highly desire a nanny who is organized, can prioritize her day with the kids, The child related domestic tasks needed are:  help put groceries away that are delivered, preparing children’s meals, and light clean up pertaining to the kids.  Down the road they hope to enroll their son in a  gym class, and have the nanny take the kids on outings to the zoo, etc. They have a pool in the backyard.  Both parents are physicians and fully-vaccinated and prefer the nanny is also vaccinated but are open.  No pets.  No travel,  Paid Vacation. Paid Holidays. Use of Car. Compensation:  $18-$25/hr. (REF#CLSC)

***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#CLSC in the title.***


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Scottsdale Mountain

N 136th St & E Via Linda: This fabulous professional returning family of ours in Scottsdale mountain is seeking a stellar nanny / household manager for a flexible part-time schedule of 2 days per week, 8 hour shifts, and they are completely flexible on which days and the exact hrs can be worked out according to the nanny’s availability. Dad is a successful entrepreneur with a large network of connections within his circle, which is very appealing to a nanny who may be pursuing a small business or side business or just enjoys creativity. There is room for growth and advancement within this position. They have a 12 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. They both go to a mission Montessori school and have been full-time in person all year. They are on summer break and will be returning to school again in the fall but this 2 day a week part-time schedule will be needing year-round even when school resumes. Their 12 year old daughter is in summer camp for just one week this summer and the family would love a fun, energetic, college-type nanny to take both kids on outings like the water park while they are out of school. She is very smart, very verbal, likes horses, volleyball, Tik Tok and all pre-teen adolescent girly things. Their 6 year old son just graduated from kindergarten. He is an amazing kid who is loving and sensitive to other kids’ needs and displays a variety of different qualities. He is not on the spectrum but does have occupational therapy from some past trauma. He needs a nanny who will really pay attention to him, be interactive, sensitive and loving. A nanny with a gentle, non-reactive, soft spoken approach who is thoughtful and a great listener is ideal for both children. Must have a true passion for kids. He loves to build things like legos. there is a tennis center and recreation center with a pool and hot tub within their community so there are lots of activities to engage the kids in. They have a mini golden doodle so nanny must be dog friendly and walk the dog. Any other domestic tasks would be child -related: children’s meals, light housework, and overseeing the children’s chores. The family has a family car for the nanny’s use for any transporting of the children. They also have a 18 year old daughter who lives at home who will be present and in and out but completely independent and not in need of care. There is a spare guest room that the nanny can use for any down time or potential overnights if desired. The family can guarantee a minimum of 16 hours a week, with the opportunity for additional hours. Compensation: $30/hr. Interviewing now. Positions starts ASAP. (REF#SFSC)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#SFSC in the title.***

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Queen Creek


Hawes & Ocotillo:  An amazing Queen Creek family with a 3 1/2 year old boy and 1 1/2 year old girl are seeking a nanny to join their household for a flexible schedule with a guaranteed 35 hrs per week.  A typical schedule may be M-F from 8AM-3PM however they are flexible on the hrs so if the nanny desires 3 days from 8-2 and 2 days that are longer to add up to 35 hrs (or a variation of that), the family is open to that as well.  There is the opportunity for additional hrs in the evenings for date nights or overnights if desired. Their 3 1/2 year old son  is starting preschool July 22nd MTTH from 12:30-3:30 so they may need help with drop off and a family car is provided. After getting comfortable for the first month, the parents would be open to the nanny taking the kids out on outings.  Their 1 1/2 year old girl is a typical toddler that is into everything and needs a lot of attention and supervision. She does not sit still, really active, hilarious, goofy, super smart, and  loves to do everything her brother is doing. She’s always in a good mood, loves eating, and is always happy. She loves to be outside and engaged in fun activities.  Their 3 1/2 year old son loves to be outside all the time, loves cars and trucks, loves his iPad, games, loves hands on activities like play dough, coloring, and painting.  He’s a great listener, a feisty child, and very well-behaved. He is a picky eater and is going to a nutritionist to assist with his eating habits. Brother and sister play well together, often rough play and they do not like to be separated.  They are both loving and cuddly. An interactive, talkative nanny who is firm with boundaries yet loving works the best for them. The family lives right next to a massive park with a huge splash pad.  There is no pool in their backyard.   They have a casual atmosphere in their home. Mom works from home 3 days per week, and Dad works from home as well but also travels frequently (1 week per month on average). Both parents have home offices. Dad is highly allergic to Cats so they are needing a nanny who does not have a cat at home.  No travel will be required; however, they may request the nanny to attend 1 trip per year with the family if desired, for 1 week. They are seeking a nanny who is energetic, outgoing, and organized. Their favorite quality in a nanny is one who puts in effort to actively interact with the kids and comes up with fun activities for them to do together. Both children are very active and love to play outside. It is extremely important to them that there is always an open line of communication and that the nanny feels that they can speak to the parents freely or ask them any and all questions at any time. They are desiring a nanny who puts in daily effort to ensure the kids feel loved, unconditionally. Driving is needed only if there is a schedule conflict (rarely) – it would be for picking up or dropping off their son from Preschool. School is 2.2miles from home. Car may be provided. Both parents are Covid vaccinated and they  would feel better if the nanny is vaccinated as well since Mom has an immune deficiency and the grandparents also live close by and visit the grandchildren.  However they do not want to exclude any nanny as long as there is open communication regarding their Covid- cautious lifestyle.  As parents, it’s important to them that their kids be respectful and navigating negative behavior with toddlers is not always the easiest – therefore they would prefer a candidate who has experience with toddlers. Lastly, they hope that their future nanny feels as if they are part of the family and will treat them as such.  Paid Holidays. Paid Vacation. Use of Car. Compensation:  $18-$20/hr. Position starts in Aug.  (REF#JPQC)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use (REF#JPQC) in the title.***

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Temp Nanny

60th St and Greenway: An adorable happy healthy 6 month old baby boy is in need of a caring temp nanny with excellent infant experience to care for him for a flexible full-time schedule for the next 9 months, starting ASAP through the end of January.  The schedule can be M-F from 8AM – 5PM or they can do a 4 day work week, like T-F  for example, or they are open to 4 1/2 days.   They are flexible based on the nanny’s availability and how many hrs she wants. If the nanny wants one day off a week for herself, they are completely open to that. Both parents work at home in home offices. They are first-time parents and have a casual atmosphere in their home. Their baby sleeps very well at night and is on a great nap / sleep schedule during the day. Mom, Dad, and an adult daughter are home during the day. No pets. Parents will be home but working and on and off of zoom calls all day and possible out at meetings. They would also need some light housework (cleaning up, baby laundry, linens, groceries). It would be nice to maybe have some simple family meals prepared (once or twice a week) as well. Also, on occasion they would like the nanny to be available for date night babysitting. This position starts right away and is through the end of January. Compensation: $20 – $25/hr.(REF#MCSC)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email with REF#MCSC in the title.***

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Newborn Nanny

Scottsdale & Thompson Peak Pkwy: These amazing first-time parents of a happy healthy 3 month old baby boy are seeking a stellar nanny with excellent newborn experience to join their family and care for their son Monday through Friday from 8/8:30 – 3:30/4PM for a guaranteed 35 – 40 hour work week. Their little bundle of joy was born at 35 weeks and was tiny at 4lbs 15oz. He is now almost 4 months old and is healthy and thriving with both nursing and bottle supplementation. Mom has returned to work after a 6 week maternity leave. They have a semi-formal, fast-paced atmosphere in their home. Both Mom and Dad work remotely 90% the time. Dad and Mom are described as being fairly quiet, level headed and this is their first child. They would love someone who has a similar, calm energy who can support them with being new parents and working high-stress jobs. Knowledgeable of baby development and milestones is desired. Ideal qualities: consistent, trustworthy, confident with infants with excellent recent infant experience. No household duties required other than baby-related. As their baby grows and develops, focusing on age-appropriate developmental activities is desired. No driving is needed at this time. The family encourages taking the baby outside on stroller walks in the neighborhood and to nearby parks, greenbelts, and Montessori school playground. No travel. Pets: Marley, a 12 year old aussie lab mix. He’s a ‘people person’ and very obedient. Compensation: $20/hr. (REF#KSSC)



***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use (REF#KSSC) in the title.***

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It’s summer time which means it’s the perfect time to leave the electronics at home, explore the beautiful outdoors and create camping memories the kids sure won’t forget. Here are a few camping do’s to keep in mind when camping with the kiddos. We’ve also listed a few of our favorite places to camp in Arizona.
Camping Tips:
– Test Run: It’s not a bad idea to do a “test run” in your backyard prior to going on a camping trip. This will give the kiddos and you an idea of what it will be like sleeping in a tent.
– Washing Station/Wipes: It’s a must that you will get dirty camping – it’s so fun exploring in nature for worms, pinecones, fishing, etc. Although at the end of the day, it’s nice to take the dirt away. Bring lots of antibacterial wipes or set up a washing station with a bucket of soap and water.
– Entertainment: Bring along some extra fun things for the kids such as bubbles, squirt guns, coloring books, binoculars, magnifying glass and card games.
– Night Time Safety: Campsites are extremely dark at night and can be scary for kiddos but you can make it fun by bringing headlamps, flashlights, book lights and lanterns.
Family Camping Sites in Arizona:
– Woods Canyon Lake: Woods Canyon is 30 miles east of Payson and a 2 hour drive from Phoenix. You can fish, rent a boat at Woods Canyon Lake and they even have a little market to get supplies/ice cream. Check out more information or reserve your camping spot here.
– Lo Lo Mai Springs: Lo Lo Mai is located between Cottonwood and Sedona. It’s located on the creek and offers restrooms/showers, swimming pool, spa and playground. They also have a little market to get supplies. Check out this fun camp site here.
– Flagstaff KOA: If you are more of a “glamping” kind of family this is the place for you! You can rent tents/cabins, they have WiFi, Cable TV, bathrooms/showers, bicycle rentals and a cafe that serves breakfast every morning. You can get more information about Flagstaff KOA here.
We hope you found the above useful as camping with family is a lot of fun! Relax and enjoy making outdoor memories with your family.
Happy Camping ~
Caring Nannies

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Caring Nannies is wishing you a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. In honor of all of the veterans as well as the active service members, thank you for all that you do. We hope you enjoy these fun Memorial Day snack, craft and decoration ideas to do with your kiddos on this holiday weekend.

How cute and yummy are these patriotic desserts? You can find recipes for these 30 easy no bake patriotic desserts at

Have some fun getting crafty with these adorable Memorial Day crafts and activities with your kiddos. Go to to find instructions on how to create these masterpieces.

Touch up your home with some red, white and blue for your Memorial Day BBQ with these quick and easy patriotic decorations from

We thank you and celebrate you on this day! Happy Memorial Day!
From, Caring Nannies

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Mother’s Day is a celebration of honoring all the amazing mom’s, grandma’s, aunts, sister’s and anyone who has played a motherly role in your life. It’s a day to show these special women how much you love and appreciate them.
As a nanny, here are some suggestions on how to ensure the mom you nanny for enjoy their special day.

  1. Make a craft with their kiddos: A few popular, easy and non-expensive crafts are handprint cards, handprint pots (fill with mom’s favorite flowers), bookmarks, salt dough handprint or check out fun money mom for 11 adorable Mother’s Day Crafts.
  2. Tidy the House: We think all mom’s appreciate a tidy house and can relax easier when they know the house is cleaned. As a nanny, maybe go above and beyond to make sure the house is cleaned, even if it’s tasks you don’t do on a daily basis such as vacuuming, dusting, dishes, laundry or mopping.
  3. Plant Flowers: Take their kiddo to Lowes or Home Depot to pick out some flowers for outside to plant together. Moving forward, the mom and child can water the plant together making it a special time for both.
  4. Redbox: Rent a kid friendly movie ahead of time along with popcorn/snacks so that the mom and kiddo can watch it together creating a relaxing, enjoyable memory.
  5. Picture Frame: Take a picture of their kiddo and then make a popsicle stick frame together. Mom’s love homemade gifts. Check out this cute popsicle frame. 
  6. Time: Give the gift of time to the mama. Maybe go in early or stay late next time you nanny for their kiddo to help with morning/evening routine’s or give them an extra hour or two unpaid to give the mom an opportunity to go shopping/date night/mani & pedi or just to run errands.

We hope you have found these gift ideas helpful and we hope you enjoy spoiling your mama’s! We wish all mom’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day from Caring Nannies! Enjoy your day – you deserve it!

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We had a great Saturday attending and being a sponsor at International Nanny Training Day at Modern Milk. International Nanny Training Day was created to provide training and support to nannies to help foster excellence in the nanny profession.  Caring Nannies is proud to be affiliated with National Nanny Training Day since it was first initiated in 2012. As with any profession, continued education is vital and when caregivers are trained and knowledgeable, children clearly benefit.

Training began with an amazing presentation by Jill Peterson who is with Hermonia. Jill talked about BE-ing vs. DO-ing, which referenced the impact you have as a nanny and how to chose who you want to be every day. Starting with picking two goals you want to set for yourself for that day. It was very inspirational, motivating and Jill is hilarious! Our next session was by Chelsea Kunde with Building Blocks AZ  talking about super power discipline styles. Chelsea was so sweet and funny giving us a lot of great ideas on finding solutions in creative ways. Some of our favorites is the calm down jar, sensory box, time out box and behavior charts. After our lunch break, Meredith Madsen shared some very informative tools on how to perfect a resume and how to be stellar for an interview! Meredith has so much experience in the field and had a lot of great tips and tricks to share!

Overall, we had so much fun learning and enjoying our day International Nanny Training! Many thanks to our friends at The Nanny Joynt for hosting this amazing event for nannies to come together to collaborate.
~Caring Nannies

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Caring Nannies Volunteer Event at Gathering Humanity

On Saturday, April 6th Caring Nannies had a fun morning volunteering at Gathering Humanity. “Gathering Humanity is a organization that works hand in hand with 4 Federal refugee resettlement agencies in Phoenix to support refugees being resettled in the Phoenix area”. They collect household goods, help set up apartments for the refugees and provides them with groceries and meals. Our morning was first spent hearing about their story and getting a tour of their amazing, well organized warehouse. We then helped assemble kits such as hygiene bags and backpacks for children. We had a wonderful morning and we really enjoyed our time. We are looking forward to many more volunteer events at Gathering Humanity.

If you and your family are interested in assisting Gathering Humanity there are many ways to help:

  • Prepare a meal
  • Set up an apartment
  • Warehouse volunteer
  • Group & Eagle Scout
  • Donate items
  • Provide groceries
  • Amazon wishlist
  • Assemble kits
  • Dollar donations

To find additional information or to sign up, check out Gathering Humanity’s website here.

“Do small things with great love” – Mother Teresa
– Caring Nannies

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