Cave Creek & N 68th St: Wonderful busy professional family in Cave Creek with 4 children are seeking a stellar nanny / household manager to join their fast-paced household and assist in keeping their household running smoothly and efficiently. They have an 11 year old daughter, 9 year old daughter, 4 year old son, and 7 month old daughter. Their 11 year old and 9 year old are in full-time online home-schooling with online teachers. They started online school at the beginning of this school year and are doing great and still growing a lot of independence. The nanny will not be needed to teach them but will be asked to ensure they are on task and also assist with communication via emails with their teachers. The 4 year old attends preschool in a Spanish immersion school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9-4. The family highly prefers a bilingual nanny who can continue to speak Spanish to all 4 children. Their 11 year old daughter is beautiful, spunky, energetic, full of energy, very creative, likes to free flow and go with life, free spirited, thrives with structure, is fun, nurturing, has a huge heart, is a singer and takes voice lessons and keyboarding lessons from the same teacher, and enjoys tumbling and ice skating.

Their 9 year old daughter is their sweet pea, just the sweetest girl and definitely the nurturer in the family. The cats are her babies and she is very responsible, has the biggest heart, is very gentle, a little soft-spoken but is a team player. Their 4 year old son is described as a wild man, very outgoing, very extroverted, and has energy through the roof around people. He’s the entertainer, can be temperamental, loves all things super heroes and avengers. Their sweet 7 month old daughter is a pretty calm baby, exclusively breastfed, and takes a bottle, started on solid purees, is almost sitting up, moves and is close to crawling, has a great nap morning / afternoon nap schedule and goes to bed by 7 – 8. Ideal candidate is fun, nurturing, gentle, clean, has common sense, task & detail oriented, believes in creating a tidy environment and always leaving the home better than when she arrived, is proactive and does tasks the first time she is asked, takes extreme responsibility over her tasks, refrains from phone/ social media while on the job, plans and organizes fun things to do with the kids on her own (pinterest activities etc), Duties and responsibilities include: Meal Prep/Planning, groceries, light cleaning (making sure kids assist in picking up their messes & leaving things tidy after eating, playing, bathing, etc so picking up after yourselves but also kindly going above and beyond. Laundry: putting in a load, folding/hanging, putting away; keeping pantry/closets organized; planning fun activities outside and within home for kids; monitoring TV, Ipad time.(limit tv time daily to no more than 2 hours with some days being none or less than 30 min.); managing homeschool for kids and communicating with parents. (Keeping them on pace. Not teaching. They will have teachers online but still need help with assignments occasionally.) Date nights weekly (sometimes these will be overnight); managing family calendar (online/paper); assisting in cleaning/scooping kitty litter daily, purging (organizing donation pick ups as needed;) organizing household: scheduling dr appointments, dry cleaning, airline, hotels, rental cars, restaurants, contractors, researching: on some occasions researching above for best reviews etc. Errands, extra curricular activities, Driving to/pick up 4 year old from preschool, staying with kids while parents travel for business trips, traveling with family on some trips if needed, help planning and preparing for family events (trips, parties, gatherings) , laundry, organizing and creating household systems, managing family calendar both on paper and in gmail, grocery shopping, light cooking (healthy), checks kids’ emails and keeps older two children on task with online homeschooling (tech savvy). Both parents run their own business and are busy but yet have the ability to have flexible schedules. Their business also includes travel. They are very hands-on parents and enjoy spending time with their kids therefore both parents may be home at times or no parents may be home. They do not have a home office but do work from home occasionally and also have an office in Scottsdale. Driving is required to transport kids to extracurricular activities and occasionally other appointments or to take kids on outings and to fun activities while parents are working or out of town. The schedule is very flexible and the exact hrs will be worked out between the nanny and family but it will include at least 3 full structured days, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. The other 2 days are flexible but they are wanting the candidate to be available for their family all 5 days, M-F, even if she only works 3 – 3.5 days. Plus they are guaranteeing a full-time salary for 40 hrs a week even when only 3 days are worked. This is to guarantee full-time availability when needed and so the nanny does not secure another position but is available for the family when their work week is busier. Pets: 2 cats. They are both older cats. Sometimes they need medicine and sometimes they make small messes that need to be cleaned. This is an important part of the job. They are their fur babies. Paid Vacation. Paid Holidays. Use of family car Compensation: $45-$50K. Virtual interviews start ASAP. Start date: June/July. (REF#HPCAVECREEK)

***To apply to this position or inquire about more details, please email with (REF#HPCAVECREEK) in the title.***

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56th St & Camelback: This amazing returning PHX family of ours has employed 2 nannies through Caring Nannies and they loved them both. They are seeking another wonderful nanny to join their family to assist in caring for their infant son and toddler daughter. One nanny is still currently working for them but is getting to the point in her career that she plans to slow down and eventually retire. However, she does plan to continue working a flexible part-time schedule which includes one week day and every Saturday and Sunday. She is flexible with her schedule during the week and she has the ability to work the weekends and can fill in during the evenings/nights. The family is looking for an additional nanny to supplement their current nanny, schedule and work at least 32-40 hrs/wk 4 days a week. (with flexibility) They are flexible on the 4 days and exact hrs since their current nanny is flexible but ideally it could be Mon-Thurs or Tues-Fri from approximately 7:30AM-3:30PM, with the flexibility to stay as late as 6:30PM on occasion. They are open to offering a 40 hour work week for the right candidate.  Priority is finding a perfect longterm match. The primary responsibility would be caring for the children and include total and complete childcare responsibilities however their current nanny does help around the house with some cleaning and laundry and that would also be an expectation for this nanny.

Their first child, a daughter, is 28 months, and their 2nd child, a son, is 9 months. Both children are happy, healthy, and well-behaved. They are desiring a nanny who is flexible & can help 4 days a week consistently, as well as filling in on occasional weekend shifts if their current nanny is not available. (The Saturday’s and Sunday’s being a few hours during the day every other weekend and then a Fri/Sat night for the parents to go out once a weekend. 6-10 hours total over the weekend when a weekend shift is needed) Their daughter will start preschool about 5 minutes away in August so they’ll need someone whom they can trust to drive her there and back as well. They can guarantee  a minimum of 32+ hrs a week and are open to offering up to 40 hrs a week for the ideal nanny. The expectation for household duties includes everything pertaining to the kids. Also, the kids are always first priority but there is a lot of downtime during naps and so straightening up main living areas, folding laundry, wiping the kitchen countertops, and so forth is expected. They are great kids. They both sleep from 7:30-7:30 every day. They both eat well. Their toddler daughter has a great appetite and eats everything and their son is getting there. Their son is almost walking and is described as the easiest baby to take care of. Their daughter is very athletic and loves to be outside. She likes books, drawing, coloring, etc. They are open to the nanny taking them on a variety of outings to the park, zoo, aquarium, and museums. Priority is that the nanny is consistent , reliable , diligent in watching them and keeping them safe. They have a pool so a strong swimmer is necessary. Both parents have busy professions in the medical field so reliability and punctuality are a must. Compensation: $19-$25/hr. Interviewing NOW. Start date: ASAP (REF#KEPHX)

***To apply to this position or inquire about more details, please email with (REF#KEPHX) in the title.***

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64th St & Doubletree: This busy professional dual – physician returning family of ours is seeking to hire another longterm full-time nanny for their 11 year old son and 10 year old daughter. Since both parents are physicians, reliability and punctuality is of the utmost importance. They are offering a 40 hour work week that will include a split shift schedule (during the school year) but there is a lot of flexibility with the hrs, depending on the nanny’s availability and preference.  Right now with kids being out of school, the schedule is a full day’s shift M-F 8AM-%PM or 9AM-6PM and will continue for as long as the kids are home doing online school and during school breaks.  If and when the children return to school in the fall, (depending on Covid-19) the schedule would be as follows.  During the school year, nanny will need to arrive at their home at 6:30AM to assist with the morning routine before school. Then they will need to leave the house at 7:30AM to drop off the children by 8AM. If the nanny chooses to return to the home at that time, she is welcome to do so and will take on some household duties for a couple hrs. Or she can leave and tend to her own personal responsibilities and return to the home at noon and work on household tasks until she needs to leave the home at 2:30PM to pick up the children from school by 3PM. After school, nanny will assist with transporting children to

after school activities, help with homework, meal prep and the evening routine. The nanny’s day will end at 6PM. So to make it an 8 hr shift for the day, the nanny has the option after the 8AM drop off to either continue to work in the morning or whenever it is convenient for her to work and get the duties done before the kids are needed to be picked up at 3PM. The family can be very flexible with the hrs worked during the day as long as the nanny can do the morning 6:30AM – 8AM mandatory shift and the afternoon 2:30PM – 6PM. During summer and school breaks and as long as schools are closed, the children will be home and the split shift schedule will not be needed so it would be a flexible 8 hour shift of either 8AM-5PM or 9AM – 6PM. They have a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home. Mom says they do not micro-manage or leave a to do list. They love that their current nanny is proactive and takes great initiative and just knows what to do to help out the household. It is important to be self-motivated and organized as they keep an organized, orderly home. The 11 year old boy is active, energetic, sincere, loving, extremely kind, and needs to be engaged and redirected. He has limited screen time. Their 10 year old daughter is very loving, very girly, sassy, inquisitive, very intelligent and the family likes to keep her active in activities. They live a very healthy lifestyle and would like the nanny to assist in planning and prepping healthy meal and snack choices for the children. The ideal nanny is proactive, honest, caring,reliable, high energy, intelligent and is able to take their kids to school, pick up, take to activities, and help with homework. Both parents have busy schedules for they also need help with household duties such as children’s laundry, meal prep, and keeping the house organized. They want a long term relationship as they treat their nannies like family. They may occasionally need an evening or weekend shift, but this is seldom. No pets. No travel needed. The family provides an SUV for the nanny to drive and to transport the children in. Other benefits: 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays, cell phone. Compensation: $20/hr. (REF#AZPV)

***To apply to this position or inquire about more details, please email with (REF#AZPV) in the title.***

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Tatum & Doubletree Ranch: This wonderful family in Paradise Valley with a sweet 1 year old daughter and a 2nd baby (boy) due in June is seeking a full-time bilingual nanny/housekeeper to join their household and grow with their family, preferably for the next 3-5 years. The schedule is a flexible 45 hour work week, in which the exact hrs (M-F) can be worked out between the family and the nanny and it is a combo nanny/ domestic helper role.  They are open to both live-in or live out candidates.  For live in candidates, a private bedroom and bathroom is provided and 2 consecutive days off. For live-out candidates, the nanny must be willing to spend the summers in Aspen, CO for the months of May – Sept. They have a semi-formal atmosphere in their home. Mom is a stay at home Mom and Dad works from a home office when he is not traveling for business (2 weeks per month). Their 1 year old daughter is super sweet, really easy-going and she’s walking and is talking more and more every day. She loves reading books and loves to play outside in the grass, flowers, and rocks. The family also has a pool in their backyard. Pets: one large, professionally trained dog. Travel is definitely important since the family spends their summers (May – Sept) at their home in Aspen, CO so the nanny must be willing to travel and spend the summers in Aspen.

Must be flexible to perform a variety of tasks, including being a team player with Mom and helping care for the children as well as assisting with domestic tasks around the house. The household duties include: light cleaning, linens and children laundry, helping Mom with meal prep and helping clean with Mom, light errands. They have a housekeeper every other week to do the deep and heavy cleaning. Seeking a candidate who is desiring a long-term position, who will become part of their family. They highly prefer a nanny who is fluent in Spanish since their daughter already knows Spanish words and is spoken to in Spanish daily. Other important qualities and characteristics: a warm and pleasant demeanor; passionate about working with children and has a love for teaching (language and reading); flexible, proactive, takes great initiative and is willing to pitch in. Compensation: $45K – $55K. Benefits: Paid Vacation, Paid holidays, Cell Phone.The family currently has an aupair for the next few months. Starts in April.  (REF#ESPV)
**To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use (REF#ESPV) in the Title.**

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We are excited to now be offering transportation services to our families in need of before and after school transportation for their school-agers. Many families with dual working parents and multiple children simply need help getting their pre-teen and teenage children dropped off at school in the morning and / or picked up after school and either taken home or to an extracurricular activity. No nannying is needed. A 4 hour minimum is not needed. Just reliable, safe transportation they can trust. We are now offering this service to our families! If you would like to be in our pool of drivers in which you set your own hrs / make your own schedule and earn a supplemental income entirely around your availability, we want to hear from you! The $ you earn completely depends on how many rides you commit to. (10 rides a month is the minimum you must commit to & there’s a strict cancellation policy) On average, drivers earn $100- $200 a week minimum for very part-time hrs. You will be using an app (iPhone or Android is required) and you can schedule your rides up to a month in advance.

You will see how much you will be paid for each ride PRIOR to accepting the ride. Once you commit to the ride, you must follow through. If you have before and after school availability M-F, and meet the following requirements below, please apply ASAP. The prime hrs needed are 6:30AM – 8AM and 2PM to as late as 9 or 10PM M-F.
Minimum of 25 years old
3 yrs of childcare / teaching / babysitting experience
Clean DMV record
Reliable vehicle (2009 or newer) + insurance + vehicle inspection
Clean background report
Fingerprint clearance
***For more information regarding the vehicle inspection and fingerprint clearance (if you don’t have one) — contact***

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4th of July is a wonderful time to spend with your family and friends! With all the patriotic parties and fireworks, children will want to participate in the celebration too. Here are some fun ideas for getting the kids involved in 4th of July festivities!
Patriotic Blowers: This craft is easy, fun and will blow everyone away at the party! Check out the instructions here.
HUGE Slip n Slide: Cool off this 4th of July by making your very own, HUGE slip n slide even adults will enjoy. Check it out here.
Scavenger Hunt: Whether your attending to the grill or hosting a 4th of July party, print off this scavenger hunt to keep your kids busy and happy.
Party Playlist: Every party needs some good tunes! This 4th of July party playlist will have you dancing the night away. Party playlist here.
Sparkler Shield: Protect kids adorable hands from sparklers with this easy to assemble sparkler shield.
S’mores Time: Who doesn’t love to finish a meal without dessert? Check out this adorable S’mores bar all kids will be sure to love!S’mores Bar Link
We wish everyone a happy Independence Day with your family and friends!
Happy 4th of July,
Caring Nannies

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It’s summer time which means it’s the perfect time to leave the electronics at home, explore the beautiful outdoors and create camping memories the kids sure won’t forget. Here are a few camping do’s to keep in mind when camping with the kiddos. We’ve also listed a few of our favorite places to camp in Arizona.
Camping Tips:
– Test Run: It’s not a bad idea to do a “test run” in your backyard prior to going on a camping trip. This will give the kiddos and you an idea of what it will be like sleeping in a tent.
– Washing Station/Wipes: It’s a must that you will get dirty camping – it’s so fun exploring in nature for worms, pinecones, fishing, etc. Although at the end of the day, it’s nice to take the dirt away. Bring lots of antibacterial wipes or set up a washing station with a bucket of soap and water.
– Entertainment: Bring along some extra fun things for the kids such as bubbles, squirt guns, coloring books, binoculars, magnifying glass and card games.
– Night Time Safety: Campsites are extremely dark at night and can be scary for kiddos but you can make it fun by bringing headlamps, flashlights, book lights and lanterns.
Family Camping Sites in Arizona:
– Woods Canyon Lake: Woods Canyon is 30 miles east of Payson and a 2 hour drive from Phoenix. You can fish, rent a boat at Woods Canyon Lake and they even have a little market to get supplies/ice cream. Check out more information or reserve your camping spot here.
– Lo Lo Mai Springs: Lo Lo Mai is located between Cottonwood and Sedona. It’s located on the creek and offers restrooms/showers, swimming pool, spa and playground. They also have a little market to get supplies. Check out this fun camp site here.
– Flagstaff KOA: If you are more of a “glamping” kind of family this is the place for you! You can rent tents/cabins, they have WiFi, Cable TV, bathrooms/showers, bicycle rentals and a cafe that serves breakfast every morning. You can get more information about Flagstaff KOA here.
We hope you found the above useful as camping with family is a lot of fun! Relax and enjoy making outdoor memories with your family.
Happy Camping ~
Caring Nannies

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Caring Nannies is wishing you a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. In honor of all of the veterans as well as the active service members, thank you for all that you do. We hope you enjoy these fun Memorial Day snack, craft and decoration ideas to do with your kiddos on this holiday weekend.

How cute and yummy are these patriotic desserts? You can find recipes for these 30 easy no bake patriotic desserts at

Have some fun getting crafty with these adorable Memorial Day crafts and activities with your kiddos. Go to to find instructions on how to create these masterpieces.

Touch up your home with some red, white and blue for your Memorial Day BBQ with these quick and easy patriotic decorations from

We thank you and celebrate you on this day! Happy Memorial Day!
From, Caring Nannies

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Mother’s Day is a celebration of honoring all the amazing mom’s, grandma’s, aunts, sister’s and anyone who has played a motherly role in your life. It’s a day to show these special women how much you love and appreciate them.
As a nanny, here are some suggestions on how to ensure the mom you nanny for enjoy their special day.

  1. Make a craft with their kiddos: A few popular, easy and non-expensive crafts are handprint cards, handprint pots (fill with mom’s favorite flowers), bookmarks, salt dough handprint or check out fun money mom for 11 adorable Mother’s Day Crafts.
  2. Tidy the House: We think all mom’s appreciate a tidy house and can relax easier when they know the house is cleaned. As a nanny, maybe go above and beyond to make sure the house is cleaned, even if it’s tasks you don’t do on a daily basis such as vacuuming, dusting, dishes, laundry or mopping.
  3. Plant Flowers: Take their kiddo to Lowes or Home Depot to pick out some flowers for outside to plant together. Moving forward, the mom and child can water the plant together making it a special time for both.
  4. Redbox: Rent a kid friendly movie ahead of time along with popcorn/snacks so that the mom and kiddo can watch it together creating a relaxing, enjoyable memory.
  5. Picture Frame: Take a picture of their kiddo and then make a popsicle stick frame together. Mom’s love homemade gifts. Check out this cute popsicle frame. 
  6. Time: Give the gift of time to the mama. Maybe go in early or stay late next time you nanny for their kiddo to help with morning/evening routine’s or give them an extra hour or two unpaid to give the mom an opportunity to go shopping/date night/mani & pedi or just to run errands.

We hope you have found these gift ideas helpful and we hope you enjoy spoiling your mama’s! We wish all mom’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day from Caring Nannies! Enjoy your day – you deserve it!

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We had a great Saturday attending and being a sponsor at International Nanny Training Day at Modern Milk. International Nanny Training Day was created to provide training and support to nannies to help foster excellence in the nanny profession.  Caring Nannies is proud to be affiliated with National Nanny Training Day since it was first initiated in 2012. As with any profession, continued education is vital and when caregivers are trained and knowledgeable, children clearly benefit.

Training began with an amazing presentation by Jill Peterson who is with Hermonia. Jill talked about BE-ing vs. DO-ing, which referenced the impact you have as a nanny and how to chose who you want to be every day. Starting with picking two goals you want to set for yourself for that day. It was very inspirational, motivating and Jill is hilarious! Our next session was by Chelsea Kunde with Building Blocks AZ  talking about super power discipline styles. Chelsea was so sweet and funny giving us a lot of great ideas on finding solutions in creative ways. Some of our favorites is the calm down jar, sensory box, time out box and behavior charts. After our lunch break, Meredith Madsen shared some very informative tools on how to perfect a resume and how to be stellar for an interview! Meredith has so much experience in the field and had a lot of great tips and tricks to share!

Overall, we had so much fun learning and enjoying our day International Nanny Training! Many thanks to our friends at The Nanny Joynt for hosting this amazing event for nannies to come together to collaborate.
~Caring Nannies

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