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Lincoln & Scottsdale Rd:  This wonderful professional returning family of ours is seeking to hire a full-time housekeeper (guaranteed 40 hrs a week for both) to join their busy household for a longterm commitment. Ideal candidate is an industry professional with a strong work ethic, happy disposition, is discreet, takes direction easily and is intuitive.  Skills & experience caring for fine furnishings in luxury homes is preferred. Prior experience as a housekeeper is needed. Ideal candidate works well in a team environment, enjoys this profession and has a heart to serve. They have a large estate that includes a large main house (6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms), a guest house (3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms) and a pool house (1 bathroom). Duties and responsibilities include total and complete deep cleaning and upkeep and maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness in between deep cleanings. Estate includes: Brazilian agony floors, granite, chandeliers, seasonal deep cleaning, daily graces of making beds, washing linens, etc.  Laundry is limited because they have a laundress.  Adults at home include: Mr. & Mrs., executive assistant, nanny, 8 yr old child, executive housekeeper and additional support staff. The schedule needed is 9AM-5PM M-F. It is a huge bonus if you have every other weekend availability (both Saturday and Sunday) as well however it is not required.  40 hrs guaranteed every week. Pets: fish in a small tank and 2 African Sulcata Tortoises.  Occasional errands may be needed.  There is growth and advancement potential with this position.  Compensation:  $33-$37/hr DOE.  Paid Vacation.  Paid holidays.  bonus. Health Insurance.  (REF#JAHOUSE)

***To apply to this position and inquire about more details, please email and use REF#JAHOUSE in title.***
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What Additional tasks can my Nanny take on? Depending on your children’s ages and schedule, your Nanny can partner with you to make your life easier, giving you more time with your loved ones. You don’t need to rush home, start dinner and be up folding laundry late into the night.

Laundry. Children’s laundry and bedding are normally taken care of by the Nanny, but many Nannies also do family laundry and strip beds. Nannies normally organize kids drawers and closets, switching out seasonal clothing, mending or removing clothing that no longer fits and taking it to a charity to be recycled. But some Nannies also organize family closets and cupboards.

Shopping. Nanny-Managers typically will keep a running list of items that are running low, and go shopping to replenish the pantry and fridge. She’ll routinely refresh the fridge, removing older leftovers. She can plan a family’s favorite menus and do the weekly shopping. Dry Cleaning, getting the oil changed for the family car can also be coordinated. Some Nannies do the seasonal shopping for children’s clothing or are responsible for returns and exchanges.

Cooking. Nannies routinely cook breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner for children, but many Nannies also make dinner every night for the family, or do the prep work if parents enjoy cooking. If a Nanny isn’t confident enough to cook for adults, smart families instruct them to make dinner for the kids and have leftovers for the parents, alleviating the pressure for a hesitant Nanny. Most nannies are willing to follow a recipe and give it a try, saving you time a few nights a week.

Extracurricular Activities: Nannies will arrange for play dates, plan field trips to the library, zoo or museums, or do research on Summer Camps or Preschools and interesting opportunities in the community. Nannies of school-agers routinely communicate with teachers or monitor assignments online.

Each situation and family is different, and amounts of down time each Nanny has differs. Some of these suggestions will require additional hours or pay for your Nanny, but it can give you more of your most precious resource-time. Time to spend truly enjoying your family and a peaceful evening, knowing that the day’s most pressing needs have been met. Call Caring Nannies today at 480-946-3423 to see how an experienced Nanny-Manager or Family Assistant can make your life easier.

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Caring Nannies has been noticing a new trend  with our families, and that is the increase in demand for Family Assistants. One of the benefits of being in business for the past 30 years is that we’ve seen the nanny industry evolve. Today’s parents have larger homes and busier schedules. They want it all, without losing sight of their core values-strong families and smoothly running homes.

Also called a Mother’s Helper, the Family Assistant may be working side by side with an at home parent, typically doing half childcare and half household duties. A typical position we are working to fill right now includes: organizing, shopping, running errands, picking up dry cleaning,  keeping the house clean and organized, keeping a master list of grocery items and keeping the pantry stocked, and creating a dinner meal plan for the week.

A second Family Assistant position we are currently filling for an at home parent includes childcare duties as well as meal preparation, laundry and ironing. This family travels frequently and needs the nanny to accompany them. In both positions, there is a bi-weekly housekeeper. This position is ideal for families with children in school because half days and sick days are automatically covered.

The qualities we look for in Family Assistants are a service-oriented heart, showing initiative, a self-starter, very caring, attentive to details, great customer service, communication and problem solving skills.The parent is usually in charge, but the Family Assistant is capable of caring for a baby while the parent is out, playing with the older children, preparing meals, driving children to school and activities, tutoring, managing the family calendar, doing laundry and light to full housekeeping.
If you’d like to start a search for a Family Assistant, call our office and we’ll find a customized solution for your home.

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