Positions We Fill

Professional Nanny

The professional nanny’s primary focus is to create a nurturing, secure and stimulating environment with activities and routines that accelerate the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of your child with discovery learning, vocabulary building, projects, arts, crafts and games. Her discipline techniques will engender thoughtfulness, confidence and self control. She maintains a daily log of the child’s activities, preparing nutritious and tasty meals. She teaches confidence and self sufficiency with self help skills and is ready for the next stage of development while monitoring the growing safety concerns as the child’s world widens.

Her duties may include

  • Preparing and serving children’s meals
  • Dressing and grooming children
  • Planning creative age-appropriate developmental activities
  • Driving children to school, activities or appointments
  • Arranging for play dates or trips to the park, zoo, library, museums, and other outings.
  • Helping with homework Supervising daily chores

Household Duties – The nanny provides any child-related household duties, including:

  • Cleaning and organizing their rooms, play areas, toys
  • Laundry, organizing clothing, seasonal changes
  • Preparing Children’s meals, keeping the kitchen and main living areas tidy

Nannies sometimes take on additional household duties, although the children are always the priority and these additional duties need to be realistic, clearly communicated, and compensated. They may include:

  • Family meal preparation
  • Shopping and running errands
  • Family laundry, Pet or house sitting
  • Overnights with the children or traveling with the family

Many families pay benefits that may include:

  • Paid holidays
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick days
  • Gas reimbursement
  • Health insurance

After School Nanny: Tutor, Driver, and more

Our after school nannies are some of our hardest working caregivers. After being in school all day with 20-30 other children, your child can enjoy a healthy snack and get homework done in the comfort of his/her own home, go to after school activities, and if needed can practice piano, receive one-on-one tutoring in Math or English, all while getting individualized attention for the afternoon. The nanny may throw in a load of laundry, start dinner, pick up a gallon of milk or a gift needed for the weekend birthday party. She goes online and monitors homework assignments, and keeps up communication between school and home. She can work the same schedule all year or be full time in the summer.

Summer Nanny: Summer Enrichment Director

Our summer nannies can coordinate all of the fun events and activities your children have available to them over the summer, and piece it all together so that each child can have a fun, enjoyable and balanced break. She can tutor your child in areas of weakness to avoid summer learning loss, get involved in library reading programs, tour museums, accompany your child to sports and social activities, travel with the family, and provide discovery learning activities that are based on your child’s interests and abilities. A stimulating, relaxing summer is the best preparation for a new school year.

Family Assistant

Also called a Mother’s Helper, the Family Assistant is an extra set of hands for busy parents, working side by side with an at home parent, typically doing 50%-50% childcare and household duties. The parent is usually present, but the nanny is capable of caring for the children while the parent is out. She may be playing with the children, preparing meals, driving children to activities, tutoring, managing the family calendar, doing laundry and light housekeeping. A Family Assistant can be available when a parent or senior is recovering from surgery for a few days to a few weeks, and maintains complete confidentiality and is there to protect your privacy. Recovery is augmented because you have physical and emotional support as you recover at your own pace.

Nanny Manager/ Household Manager

As children grow and enter school, the family begins to decide whether to keep their nanny by adding more household duties or switch to an after school nanny. A Nanny Manager has become such a popular combination of Nanny and Household Manager, and there are several variations that we have given it a category of its own. Duties can include: preparing the children for school, driving them to school and activities, deep cleaning during the day, laundry, shopping, meal preparation, running errands, pet care, overseeing vendors and contractors, organizational projects, homework assistance, transporting kids to activities, planning birthday parties, making travel arrangements and more. Tell us your needs and we will find your dream Nanny Manager.

Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)

Introducing a precious newborn to your family is one of the most special times in your life. We understand how important the safety and well being of your family and home is and we rigorously screen each of our Newborn Care Specialists. They have worked with us for years and we have placed them with multiple clients so we know them well. Our newborn care specialists (NCS) are skilled and knowledgeable in giving loving care for newborns from a few days to three months old and beyond. They can give expert advice to new parents on feeding, bathing, safe sleeping practices, breastfeeding and are knowledgeable on colic, reflux, umbilical cord/ circumcision care, swaddling methods, and so much more. Whether you are needing a few nights, a few weeks or a few months, they are flexible and can accommodate your family’s needs. Staying overnight in the nursery and tending to your infant will allow you to get caught up on your sleep and be a recharged parent! We work hard to understand your unique needs and personality to find just the right match for your family. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that our NCS will keep your infant safe and well cared for.

Sleep Training Specialist or Lactation Consultant

Sometimes you may go through a rough patch and you don’t need hands-on help, but just a Consultant for a few hours. Sometimes an older child has developed some poor sleeping habits and you just need some direction. Or you may need guidance with breastfeeding. Our most experienced Newborn Care Specialists can come to the rescue with a 2-3 hour observation and consultation, then on-going phone support if needed.

Executive Housekeeper

Our executive housekeepers are familiar with cleaning larger homes and have specialized knowledge of fine furnishings, linens, surfaces and cleaning products. They are selected for their excellent communication skills, professional demeanors, flexibility and helpfulness. Duties range from deep cleaning, keeping the pantry stocked, sweeping outdoor areas, pet care, household maintenance, helping with entertaining, travel arrangements and preparation. She’ll cook and serve meals, run errands, change linens, do family laundry, run to the dry cleaners, post office, get the oil changed, provide pet care and manage organizational and seasonal projects.

Personal Assistant

A Caring Nanny Personal Assistant will help in whatever capacity is needed, whether you have a home office or just a busy family calendar. She can run errands, drive to the airport, make travel plans, help with entertaining, gift shopping, seasonal decor, send out cards and packages, and more to meet your household, personal and professional needs. Utilize her to house or pet sit, hire and supervise vendors and contractors. She’ll have excellent organizational, financial, communication, computer and interpersonal skills. She may schedule appointments, have knowledge of Excel, Word, Google Calendar, PowerPoint, customer service, social networking and can sort email and mail and handle finances. A personal assistant will often have a B.A. or B.S, a background in business or experience in household management.

Personal Chef

Having a professional experienced personal chef frees you to devote time to your family and personal interests. A personal chef may come from a fine restaurant, with training from a culinary institution or on the job or with prior experience in a home. They’ll cater to your specific needs and preferences, whether it is organic, gluten free or ethnic dishes and can do the shopping and cleanup. If you love to entertain, they’ll help with dinners and parties. Chefs can be temporary so call us the next time you’re planning a party, wedding, bar-mitzvah or family reunion.

Household / Estate Couples

Our Husband/Wife Household Teams have been very popular at Caring Nannies because they are seasoned, trustworthy professionals, who team up to fulfill all your needs. They can provide nanny services, 24 hour senior care, chef , driving, deep cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping, handyman services, painting, gardening, pool and spa, pet care, serving at dinner parties, errands, butlering, overseeing service repairmen, general upkeep, security, and routine car maintenance. A separate attached or nearby residence is provided plus days off together.

Household Manager

A Household manager manages the duties and schedules of the other staff, arranges outside services, and ensures the smooth running and general well being of the home. They oversee and pay vendors or repairmen, and help with varied tasks and errands, including gassing up the cars, grocery shopping, dry cleaners, personal shopping, stocking the pantry and fridge. They may help with food prep or serve breakfast or whip up lunch. They decorate the home seasonally, plan and coordinate special events, change out seasonal clothing, and make travel arrangements and appointments.

Other Household Staff Placements

Contact us about Estate Managers, Butlers, Maintenance Technicians, Chauffeurs, and Groundskeepers.