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Thomas & Scottsdale Rd: An adorable happy 1 year old boy is in need of a caring nanny with excellent toddler experience to care for him M-F from 8:30AM-4:30PM. They have a casual atmosphere in their home. Both parents work from home and describe themselves as being light-hearted. The first-time parents are looking for a highly experienced, reliable, fun and loving nanny to take care of their precious little boy. Ideally seeking a bilingual nanny who is able to assist in developmental milestones. They are preferably desiring a nanny with some education in child development who can plan creative educational activities to engage their son in and keep him busy. He is walking with confidence, not talking yet, is happy, loves to throw things, loves books, and loves being outside. They have a pool in their back yard and the pool will be fenced off later this month. He is on a great napping schedule so during downtime light housework is needed: tidying up kitchen and main living/ playing area, baby laundry, keeping household items stocked, light errands – grocery store is really close to their home. Driving will be needed for some activities and a family vehicle is provided for the nanny’s use. Travel may be asked 2-3 times a year. (The family spends a few weeks in Canada). The family is very Covid-cautious and have been quite careful and are needing the nanny to get vaccinated. Paid Holidays. Paid Vacation. Family Car. Compensation: $20/hr. Interviewing now. Starts in May. (REF#SGSC)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com with REF#SGSC in the title.***

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40TH ST AND CLARENDON: This wonderful busy professional returning family with a 2 1/2 year old daughter (3 yrs old in July)  is seeking a stellar nanny/ household manager to join their family for a flexible work week, that can be either part-time or full-time. Their top priority is finding the right fit so if 20 hrs are needed, they can work with part-time hours or can offer up to 36 hrs for the right candidate needing a full-time schedule.  They have a semi-formal atmosphere in their home and are desiring a nanny to grow with their family and commit to at least a year and is open to longer. Mom works from her home office M/W/F and from an office on T/Th and Dad typically goes to his office to work. Dad also frequently has evening commitments for work (which can be an opportunity to pick up hours).  Dad also travels for business. Travel is not required but there may be an opportunity to travel with the family 2 -3 times a year if nanny is available. Attention to detail, able to conform to their preferences, professional and punctual, education background a plus but not mandatory. Able to be loving and comforting but also firm when needed to build structure that aligns with how they parent. They were referred to Caring Nannies from one of our amazing longterm families. Ideal characteristics they are seeking: mature, dependable, respectful  of boundaries,  a good communicator, takes great initiative, and is creative. Their dog needs care throughout the week so must be a dog lover. (fed/walked, let in and out, etc) The parents are very particular with what their daughter eats and they want her to eat healthy nutritious meals 80% of the time. Their daughter will be 3 in July and is described as being very sweet and loving, super smart, a little sassy, a good kid, easy going and never fussy. They have high expectations for her and for themselves, but are also not very rigid. They set ground rules and enforce them. Their daughter now attends preschool from 8:30 to 3:30-5:30PM T/W/Th so therefore this is not strictly a nanny role and household duties will be needed so it has shifted to more of a family assistant / household manager role.  There will be childcare some days, light housekeeping/tidying up the home,  family laundry, organizational projects, occasional meal prep etc.  The schedule is flexible (again open to either part-time or full-time:
Monday through Thursday (roughly 8AM to 5PM, unless nanny finishes early)                                                                                Monday’s duties include childcare plus the upkeep of the house and laundry.
Tuesday: mostly house duties and getting their daughter up, dressed, fed and out the door to pre-school (parents drop her off) and allowing Mom to leave for work.
Wednesday: same schedule and duties as Monday.
Thursday: same schedule and duties as Thursday.
The family typically takes their dog to doggy daycare to play Tues/Thurs so those days will most likely be lighter days if there’s not as much to do. Paid Vacation.  Paid Holidays. Bonus.

Pets: one large 70 lb dog (Weimaraner). Compensation: $25/hr. Starts ASAP. (REF#KTPHX)
***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use the title REF#KTPHX***
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Pima & Pinnacle Peak:  This professional busy high profile family is seeking a stellar executive housekeeper with extreme attention to detail, organizational skills, and prior professional housekeeping experience in high end homes. Ideal qualities and characteristics include:  driven, hardworking, motivated, punctual, reliable, trustworthy, proactive, takes great initiative and is kind. Their previous housekeeper was with them for 10 years and was a part of their family and they are desiring another long term commitment for preferably 3 -5 years, for the right fit.  They have a fast-paced, formal atmosphere in their 10,000 square foot  3 level home, including entertaining for guests and social events.  The schedule is M-F from approximately 9AM – 5PM, with flexibility.   They are offering a guaranteed 40 hrs per week and would like availability for occasional evenings or weekends when hosting/ entertaining. Driving would not typically be needed other than quick trips to the grocery store or dry cleaning. They have a 2 year old daughter and Mom is expecting baby #2.  Other adults who are home or in and out of the home include Mom and occasionally Dad, as well as other household staff and vendors.  Dad travels extremely often for business.  Pre-Covid Mom would travel with him so when both travel, the housekeeper is asked to tend to the house, water the plants, check the mail and make sure everything is set for their return. The housekeeper is always paid during the weeks they travel even for minimal hrs needed.  On average they travel once a month for a full week from Sunday – Sunday.  Knowledge of fine flooring (marble floors), fine furnishings and linens is desired.  The family likes their home to look like a resort, therefore beds are made to look like hotel-level beds and all closets, pantry, and refrigerators are extremely organized, stocked daily and look pristine.  Duties and responsibilities include: complete and total cleaning, organization and maintenance of interior and exterior, including bedrooms, bathrooms, floors, kitchen and appliances, outside patio, family laundry, picking up mail & responsible for receiving several packages daily, restocking pantry and 3 refrigerators, maintain a list of household items, cleaning supplies and food that needs to be restocked, preparing guest bedrooms for guests,  cleaning the vent hood once a month, sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing linens twice a week, ironing pillow cases, wiping toddler fingerprints off windows, furniture and modern stainless steel chairs, vacuuming seat cushions, spraying down outside patio and wiping down exterior furniture, mopping and waxing floors, fanning out toilet paper rolls, and folding towels like resorts.  They have a 3 level home.  Pets: one 3 lb pomeranian.  Compensation: $52K with the occasional evening or weekend shift when entertaining. Interviewing now. Position starts ASAP.  (REF#APHOUSE)





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Tatum & Dynamite: An adorable, happy, healthy 7 month old baby girl is needing a reliable, caring nanny to care for her for the following schedule: MWTH one week from 7-5:30 and then alternating weeks it will be Mondays and Thursdays from 7-5:30. So nanny must have availability on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. It will be 3 days one week (31.5 hrs) and 2 days the next week. (21.5 hrs) Tuesdays and Fridays are not needed. Every other Wednesday is not needed. They have a casual atmosphere in their home. No adults are home during the day. Very COVID conscious house, both adults are in healthcare and have been vaccinated and prefer a nanny to be vaccinated or in the process of getting the vaccine. Must have excellent infant experience. The focus is totally on their infant daughter and no housework is needed. She is cute as a button, super inquisitive, is sitting up and grabbing everything, not crawling yet, loves reading, laughs a lot, is bottle-fed, is pretty easy going with a great temperament and is starting on solids. She needs assistance with getting on a good napping schedule. No driving is needed. Pets: 2 cats. Starts in May. Compensation: $18-$22/hr. (REF#KRCAVECREEK)


***To apply to this position or inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#KRCAVECREEK in the title.***

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Cactus & the 101: This wonderful returning family of ours with an airline pilot couple needs a high energy, flexible, nurturing, crafty nanny for their two school-aged girls ages 14 & 12. Occasional overnights required. Ideal nanny is mature, organized and can manage being alone with the children for one to three days at a time (including overnights ) while both parents are away working. This is an example of their current nanny’s schedule starting in February 2020. She worked the following dates: Feb 8, Mar 11, April 4,May 5, June 5, July 0, Aug 12, Sep 7, Oct 9, Nov 3, Dec 13, Jan 3, Feb 8.  That averages out to 6.8 days. Rounded up to 7 per month.
Most of these days are not full days but are still included in the total. For example nanny arrives at 10 pm on Monday and departs at 8am on Wednesday. Some of the longer stretches had 24 breaks built in, which were paid and included in the total days. These are all fully discussed with the nanny.  The base pay monthly pay is a minimum guarantee based upon 168 hours per month. Which is 7 days. This is the minimum the nanny will be guaranteed every month. Right now the compensation is $1350 as a base monthly pay  however the family is flexible. These days can be in various combinations of days and length and include overnight stays. On months when the requested work days exceed 168 hrs additional compensation will be paid, which is $18/hr plus $150 per overnight.  The nanny will have  downtime during the day, but should be reachable should an emergency arise ( children sick, online school, early pick up).  If the nanny has another job that’s fine also, as long as she’s available to pick up the kids should the need arise. Some months the family will need to request more work days than 7 days. Months requiring greater than 7 days will be paid in addition to the guarantee.  The parents strive to maintain short stretches of days at work. They cannot guarantee only 1 or 3 day stretches. That was generally typical of their pilot schedules. It does change, although that’s still their goal. The kids are in school all day so when nanny cares for them she will make sure they are up and ready for school; dropped off at school and then has the full day alone while they are at school. Then pick up after school is needed and the evening routine and supervising them overnight. They have employed 4 nannies of ours before over the past 12 years and they are ideally seeking a long term commitment beyond just one year. This position needs to be a priority for the nanny. The nanny may only work 7 days per month but will get paid the same base income of $1350 (or what is agreed upon) If the nanny works more than 7 days per month there is additional pay, which equates to $18/hr and $150 per overnight. Paid vacation, use of car. Holidays are rarely scheduled. Interviewing now.  (REF#TBSC)


***To apply to this position or inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com with (REF#TBSC) in the title.***

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full time nanny

Shea & Tatum: A professional, extremely busy single Dad of 2 young precious daughters ( ages 2 1/2 years old and 6 months old) is seeking a stellar full-time nanny to join his busy household and help keep things running smoothly and efficiently. The schedule is a 45 hr work week M-F from 8 or 9AM- 5 or 6PM. (Flexible on starting time of either 8 or 9AM) The 2 1/2 year old daughter is crafty, always going, described as a pistol, and is attention seeking.  She is into baby dolls, dinosaurs, loves to go outside and play and go for walks in the stroller.  The 6 month old baby is a sweetheart, loves to laugh, is a very happy, healthy baby — she’s bottle fed and started baby food.  She is rolling over, not sitting up yet, but likes to waddle across the floor.  Both girls are super smart and very sweet.  A bilingual nanny is an added plus but not mandatory.  Must have excellent infant and toddler experience.  In addition to total and complete childcare, the nanny is asked to do children’s laundry, light housework, feeding the dogs, light cooking for kids and Dad every other night. Mom lives close by and nanny may need to drop off the kids with her. Driving is also needed for swimming  lessons,  outings to the park, zoo trips, etc. A car for the nanny’s use can possibly be provided. No travel is required. Pets: 2 French bulldogs. Dad may work at home in a separate home office or be in and out. His adult son may be there at times. Semi formal atmosphere in the home.  It’s a large home with the option for a live- in arrangement in  a private bedroom and bathroom during the nanny’s work week or for occasional overnights when needed.  Compensation: $18-$21/hr. Starts ASAP. (REF#JLSC)

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