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Missouri & 24th: This amazing caring family lives in a gorgeous estate near the Biltmore Resort on an acre of land which includes a private casita on property.  They are seeking a specific niche of a live in domestic candidate/  or live in estate couple to completely isolate / self-quarantine in their private separate casita to assist with household tasks, cooking, shopping, and all domestic duties that keep a household running smoothly and efficiently.  The guest house has a private bedroom, living room, kitchenette, and bathroom. This position is full-time (flexible 40+ hrs/week) for a minimum of 3 months but most likely will extend for months beyond that.  The exact full-time schedule will be worked out with the candidate and the family depending on the needs and schedule of the family so flexibility is needed.  The principal is a 74 year old woman who was just recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Her three daughters and their families are assisting in caring for their mother and her estate to make sure her health is priority and all of her domestic needs are met.  One daughter lives in AZ and 2 daughters live in CA and they have all 3 collaborated together (with their children) to give their mother the best care possible during this time of need.  The daughters and their children have rented a separate large house in Arcadia where they will be living so as not to all be under one roof at their mother’s house in PHX.  The number of adults in the mother’s house will be changing/in-flux — but approximately 2-4 at any given time. One of the daughters will always be present day and overnight caring for their mother however they are seeking a live in family assistant or a live in couple to live in their mother’s private guest house on the property and to assist with any and all household duties to help lighten the load so that the daughters can tend to their mother and give her quality care.  The domestic candidate will not be taking on caregiving responsibilities for their mother.  Due to their mother’s health condition and compromised immune system, they are taking isolation and Covid CDC guidelines extremely seriously and are likewise needing the same from the live in candidate or couple.  Any candidate(s) they consider must be able to commit to staying on property and living in the casita full-time 7 days a week 24/7 without returning to their home or socializing.  The candidate will be given at least one full day off every week as well as half days off / large breaks throughout the work week depending on the family’s schedule.  The family is also desiring the candidate to tend to household duties at both their mother’s PHX home as well as the large rental home in Arcadia where the family from out of state are living. So the duties and reponsilbisibile will be split in both households.  They are open to a live in couple who will follow the quarantine rules and are willing to self-isolate in the casita and follow all CDC guidelines.  If they select the couple, an extra perk would be if the male candidate is also available to assist with landscaping, handyman work, house projects, pool maintenance, etc.  (not mandatory but would be helpful and compensated accordingly).  Important needs:  must like children, be flexible, a team player, willing to cook simple meals for the family, willing to clean and do laundry). Duties/Responsibilities include:  housekeeping, laundry, cooking, light meal prep & serving, possible help with 74 year old mother.  There will be an assistant on hand to run errands and shop so that no one has to leave the property or it is limited.  No pets.  Ideal qualities and characteristics:  pleasant, flexible, good attitude, cheerful, energetic, willing to support a family in crisis including 74-year old Mom with 3 married daughters ages and their families which includes 7 cousins ages 6, 8, 12, 15, 15, 16 & 18.   Everything is evolving (new diagnosis/need) in real-time so it’s hard to understand the full scope.  Compensation:  $25-$35/hr, flexible DOE.  Starts ASAP. (REF#JCHOUSE)
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Mountain View & Via Lista: This busy professional returning family with 3 active boys is seeking a mature, firm, structured nanny / educator to care for, teach and keep their sons organized. Typical schedule is M-F, from 8-4 or 8:30 – 4:30, with flexibility. Both parents are still working from home due to Covid. Their sons are 10 years old, 7 years old, and 4 years old. Their family has been completely isolated for months and not socializing or taking any risks whatsoever. Mom works completely from home and will continue to do so. Dad sells medical devices to the OR and is currently working from home and if he needs to go into a hospital down the road, he will quarantine in an airbnb before returning home. The upcoming school year for the 10 year old and the 7 year old is still uncertain – whether they will do online schooling the entire school year, return to school at a later time or do a combination of online and home schooling is still to be determined. If the 10 year old and 7 year old continue with online schooling, the nanny will be responsible for supervising them and keeping them on task and organized with their school work but the primary focus will be on the 4 year old. The 4 year old is planning to start kindergarten at Basis for the 2021 – 2022 school year so the nanny’s primary focus this year will be on preparing the 4 year old for kindergarten and teaching him how to read and write so he is prepared for the advanced curriculum. The 2 older boys have been completing the homework packet for the summer and will be returning in 3 weeks to the virtual classroom, from 8AM-4PM. The 10 year old is extremely responsible , listens well and is a straight A student. He is friendly to everyone, and doesn’t like to be rough and tumble. He’s artsy and expressive and he’s a helper so he’s an asset and will be the right hand man to the nanny. The 7 year old is your boy’s boy and has a lot of energy and likes to engage in activities. It’s a struggle with him with online learning and he is rowdy and needs to get up and walk around and move in between classes to get work done. He likes to verbalize himself a lot, and he can get under people’s skin when he’s bored. He needs structure to stay on task. For the 4 year old boy, everything is no, he’s described as being super head strong, stubborn, and a challenge. This family has been with us for years and we’ve placed nannies in their household and both the nannies and the parents are very honest in saying that the 3 boys are not easy to care for. A strong structured nanny is needed to enforce rules and discipline and to keep the boys in line. Mom said they need a “drill sergeant and not a timid nanny.” Must be comfortable with both parents working from home. An ideal nanny would share the family’s philosophy that she is a care provider but also an educator. The best fit is going to be a nanny who will consistently implement a daily schedule that ensures their kids are meeting or exceeding their milestones.  They also value a nanny who can keep up with the needs of the household – kids laundry and meal prep, for example, time permitting. Pets: 2 cats and a dog. Compensation: $20-$22/hr. Starts ASAP (REF#MMSC)

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56th St & Camelback: This amazing returning PHX family of ours has employed 2 nannies through Caring Nannies and they loved them both. They are seeking another wonderful nanny to join their family to assist in caring for their 1 year old son and 2 year old daughter. One nanny is still currently working for them, but is getting to the point in her career that she plans to slow down and eventually retire. However, she does plan to continue working a flexible part-time schedule which includes 1-2 week days depending on the needs of the new nanny they hire. Their current nanny is very flexible with her schedule and can work around the schedule of the new nanny they hire. They are flexible on the 3/4 days and exact hrs, but ideally it could be Mon-Thurs or Tues-Fri from approximately 7:30AM-4:00PM, with the flexibility to stay as late as 6:30PM on occasion. They are open to offering a 40 hour work week for the right candidate.  Priority is finding a perfect longterm match. The primary responsibility would be caring for the children and include total and complete childcare responsibilities. The current nanny also helps around the house with some cleaning and laundry which would also be the expectation of the new nanny.

Their first child, a daughter, is 28 months, and their 2nd child, a son, is 14 months. Both children are happy, healthy, well-behaved, and on a predictable schedule. They desirine a nanny who is flexible & can help 3/4 days a week consistently, as well as filling in on occasional weekend shifts if their current nanny is not available. Their daughter will start preschool about 5 minutes away in August so they’ll need someone whom they can trust to drive her there and back as well. They can guarantee  a minimum of 24+ hrs a week and are open to offering up to 40 hrs a week for the ideal nanny. The expectation for household duties includes everything pertaining to the kids. Also, the kids are always first priority. They are great kids. They both sleep from 7:30pm-7:30am every day. They both eat well. Their toddler daughter has a great appetite and eats everything and their son is getting there. Their son is almost walking and is described as the easiest baby to take care of. Their daughter is very athletic and loves to be outside. She likes books, drawing, coloring, etc. They are open to the nanny taking them on a variety of outings to the park, zoo, aquarium, and museums. Priority is that the nanny is consistent , reliable , diligent in watching them and keeping them safe. They have a pool so a strong swimmer is necessary. Both parents have busy professions in the medical field so reliability and punctuality are a must. Compensation: $19-$24/hr. Interviewing NOW. Start date: ASAP (REF#KEPHX)

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AMAZING FLEXIBLE FULL-TIME NANNY POSITION IN SCOTTSDALE, $18-$20/hr Tatum & Bell:  This wonderful busy professional dual physician household with 2 sweet daughters (ages 6 and 2 years old) just moved to AZ from Ohio and are seeking a reliable, dependable, nurturing, positive nanny to work a flexible full time schedule of 40-50 hrs per week.  They are desiring a nanny to commit long term and grow with their family for the next 3 – 5 years ideally.  They have a casual yet semi-formal atmosphere in their home.  Both parents intermittently work from home in their home office, or sometimes will have a weekday off in which they usually would still need childcare so they can run errands and tend to other tasks.  Driving of the girls is needed to and from school most days (when school re-opens), although it will depend on Dad’s clinical schedule and later down the road driving to activities may be asked. The girls attend 2 different schools and the 6 year old will typically be dropped off around 8AM and picked up around 3PM.  Their 3 year old will be attending preschool MTW for half days. The 6 year old girl is starting 1st grade and is  hilarious, very spirited ,very smart, very observant and analytical, is high energy, strong willed, loves her sister , loves reading, loves to swim and to play outside and ride her bike. She enjoys playing dress up, barbies, and has a tom-boy edge but is girly.  The almost 3 year old daughter is sweet, lovable, cuddly, and is a bundle of  energy.  She is independent,  so easy going and she’s so agreeable and loves her sister. Both girls are a joy! Since the parents are both physicians and their work schedules are not always consistent, dependability is essential and they need a nanny who is able to have flexible hours.  The exact schedule will be given a month in advance however the nanny will need to be available to arrive as early as 6:30 am some days (likely not often, but possible), and may need to stay as late as 6pm on some days.  They will guarantee a paid minimum of 40 hrs a week.  Some weeks the nanny may work less than 40 hrs and closer to 32 hrs and some weeks she may work 44 hours. A Saturday or Sunday shift from morning to early afternoon may be asked on occasion with notice so weekend availability is a plus. Ideal nanny is proactive, takes great initiative, has high energy, a college education, ideally with a focus in education who could help with nurturing, educational and creative activities with their almost 3 year old. Other desirable characteristics and qualities:  reliable, hard-working, and calm/gentle demeanor. They live a healthy lifestyle and emulate healthy eating so this is an important attribute within their family. In addition to total and complete childcare duties, some light housework related to the kids is needed, ie kids’ laundry, dishes, snack/meal prep, getting school items ready/ organized and maintaining the upkeep, cleanliness and orderliness of the home. Heavy housework is not needed.  They have a housekeeper weekly for deep cleanings.  The family is also open to the nanny taking the girls on outings once it is safe to do so within the community. They have a gated pool in their backyard so a strong swimmer is needed.   Pets:  2 dogs.   Paid Holidays.  Paid Vacation. Bonus.   Compensation:  $18-$20/hr. Interviewing now. Start date: Late July/Early August. (REF#DSSC)

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61st & Dynamite:  A wonderful busy family of 2 boys (ages 3 1/2 and 5 months) is seeking a nanny to join their household to care for their boys full-time M-F from 9-5:30PM, including one date night either a TH or Fri from 1-10PM.   They have a casual atmosphere in their home and are ideally looking for a 3-5 year commitment. The parents have a home office and may come in and out during the day.  Travel is desired preferably with the family 1-2 times a year.  Also the parents travel 1-2 times a year and the nanny will need to care for the children during their trips.  Ideal qualities and characteristics desired:  entertaining, happy, energetic , able to multi-task, is patient, has a soft and sweet demeanor, has a gentle approach, is clean, and organized.  Their 3 1/2 year old son is very sweet, happy, smiley,  has an easy temperament, is delayed in speech and has speech therapy every day 9-11:20AM, is very hands on and creative.  He likes to take things apart and put them back together, is inquisitive, likes to self entertain, is independent, can read books for hrs.  He has been transitioning with having a new brother and is attention-seeking and wants to make sure he is being noticed.  He is artistic and loves to paint and build things.  He is allergic to dogs, milk, eggs, and cashews. The 5 month old is advanced for his age,  can sit and stand up, is trying to crawl, is scooting everywhere, is very smiley but needs attention and wants to be held.  He is very allergic to milk so is on a special formula.  He needs a nanny who is patient and will help him develop healthy eating habits so that he thrives.  The family is seeking a nanny who will respect and work with their goals, is willing to listen to their structure of things, and work as a team to keep their household running smoothly.  A daily log is kept to track how much the infant eats.  Structure and coordination is very important to the family.  It is very important that the nanny is reliable and flexible, energetic, and vibrant. Mom is extremely active and would like a nanny who is also active who will take the kids on hikes and to the water park and outdoorsy outings. This is an extremely generous, family-oriented big family and they treat their nanny as a member of their family. They value quality care and are very conscientious of their nanny’s needs. Compensation:  $19/hr net.  Interviewing starts ASAP.  Position starts ASAP. (REF#BVSC)

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Thompson Peak Pkwy & Legacy:  A wonderful professional busy family with 4 children (and one on the way) are seeking to hire a stellar proactive nanny to join their household and grow with their family for a longterm commitment of 3-5 years preferably. They have twin 5 year olds (boy/girl), a 3 year old daughter, a an almost 2 year old son, and they are expecting their 5th child (girl) in August..  They live in N Scottsdale but just bought a new house in Arcadia (Camelback / Acrcadia) so they will be moving in Aug.  The parents are retired athletes and Dad still travels for business 10 days a month.  Both parents are very hands-on and involved with their children and they have a current nanny whom they love and will continue to keep her in the household, however they are seeking to split up the very busy 60+ hr schedule with an additional nanny who can work a guaranteed minimum 40 hour work week.  The schedule is flexible but ideally would be Mondays from 7AM-7PM and Tues – Fri from noon – 7 with some overlap with the current nanny, who would like to work 7-3 Tues- Fri and have Mondays off.   If the new nanny is open to working Saturdays for extra hrs, from 9-5, that is a great perk but not mandatory.  The kids are involved in sports’ events and games on Saturdays.  They have a casual fun atmosphere in their home.  Primary care is for the almost 2 year old and soon to be newborn. The twin 5 year old’s attend school full-time at All Saints and the 3 year old attends full day preschool at El Dorado. Parents typically drop off and pick up kids from school.  Their 5 year old son is described as being so easy and doesn’t want to get in trouble. He has a calm and easy termperament, is super athletic, quiet,  is in kindergarten, really academic, loves to read books, loves the ocean and sea creatures, animals, loves to jump on trampoline outside. Their 5 year old daughter is also athletic, described as an old soul and the mother of the house. She takes care of everybody, likes to play sports, dance, and do arts n crafts. Their 3 year old daughter is described as a crazy three year old, fun, athletic, loves to play dolls, engage in imaginative play, and playing outside.  She will attend full day pre k this year at El Dorado, and nanny may need to pick her up or drop her off. Their youngest toddler son will be 2 in Oct and is great, pretty easy, takes 3 hr naps,  likes to run around and be outside a lot, and is very active,  In addition to total and complete childcare duties, the nanny would also assist with after school help including bath time, dinner time and bed time routine. No driving of children is needed at this time so primary care will be in their home and backyard (trampoline), swimming in their pool and playing at their neighborhood park. The family also has a home in Park City, Utah and they spend 2 months in the summer there (June and July) as well as take occasional skiing trips throughout the year.  A nanny who is open to traveling with the family would be fantastic but they are open. Ideal nanny is proactive, takes great initiative, bilingual (not mandataroy), has an easy and sweet disposition,  experience with multiple children, great communication skills, and is an extension of the parents. Dad is Mr Mom and is always swimming in the pool and helping out with the kids so nanny will tag team with the parents where needed to divide and conquer the day and keep their household running smoothly  as their busy family is always needing an extra set of hands. Pets:  2 golden retrievers.  Compensation:  $20-$25/hr.  Interviewing starts ASAP.  (REF#AMSC.)

***To apply and to inquire for more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use (REF#AMSC)  in title.***

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