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Pima & Thompson Peak Pkwy:  This wonderful busy Scottsdale family has a 6 year old son  who is full of energy! He is a total boy in all ways. He loves to play any and all card/board games, loves swimming, reading books, being on his scooter, playing superheroes etc. He is a great eater, and loves fruit especially. He had a stroke when Mom was pregnant so he technically has cerebral palsy but anyone who meets him says they’d never know until it is mentioned.  The parents would like others to be aware because his right arm is weaker, but he is left handed. He has no allergies, no medical issues, no seizures. He is at normal levels for speech, reading, school, etc. The family recently lost their nanny of 5 years,  and she was family. They want another nanny who feels like part of the family. It is a part time  split-shift position on days mom works at the hospital with a guaranteed 80 hrs a month even though the nanny is not needed to work every week. Hours may vary as dad’s schedule is flexible. Their ideal nanny has high energy, is fun, willing to do games, crafts, reading, playing tag etc as they  would prefer to limit tv although with COVID 19 they’ve allowed more. Their son is in kindergarten so they would like someone willing to do school work on his ipad with him, follow easy directions and a creative nanny who will engage him in arts and crafts. They have a craft cabinet with fun things to be creative. They desire a nanny who is firm with their son on manners and fits and who is willing to enforce time out if necessary. Their son loves to swim and their pool is heated so they would love someone comfortable with water who may either swim with him or at least knows how to swim to supervise. There may be a need to drive him to an appointment 1 day a week, so a reliable car and clean driving record is necessary, and a booster seat would be provided. Mom is a very active mom, but they are all going stir crazy and a change of scenery can be healthy for all! They are a self-proclaimed very chill family to work for. They are fair and love celebrating birthdays, holidays, and special occasions with their nanny. Essentially Mom works one week on – one off, or two weeks on – two  weeks off. It’s a little confusing so below is the schedule for the rest of the year. Basically on the weeks that Mom works, the nanny will have the following split shift schedule and on the weeks Mom does not work, the nanny will not be needed or Mom may utilize the nanny in other ways for minimal hrs  (like when she has appointment) but most likely the nanny has that time for personal time which is a huge perk because the family is still guaranteeing 80 hrs over the course of the month (20 hrs each week) to secure the same nanny.  So for example, the nanny may work more than 20 hrs on the weeks mom works and then not work on an off week (or work very little hrs) but will always get paid for 20 hrs a week.  So it all balances out. Below are the weeks that Mom works from Oct to the end of Dec and the schedule on these days is a split shift schedule of before and after school.  The nanny is not needed all day while Mom is at work since their son is in school. So the nanny gets a break in the middle of the day and also gets several days off a month.

October 5-8 (6:30AM arrival and then school drop-off at 8AM.  Pick up at 3-6PM)
October 12-15 (Mom drops off in the AM-  Nanny picks up at 3 -8:30PM)
November 2-5 (6:30AM arrival, drop off at 8AM, Pick up at 3-6PM)
November 16-19 (7:30AM arrival time, drop off at 8AM,  Pick up at 3-7)
Nov 30- Dec 3 (6:30AM arrival time, drop off at 8AM, Pick up at 3-6)
December 7-10 (Mom drops off in the AM, Nanny picks up at 3-8:30PM)
December 28-31 (6:30 arrival time, drop off at 8AM, Pick up at 3-6PM)

Mom’s schedule just repeats itself where she works one week on, one week off, then 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, and it repeats again to one week on, one week off, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.  S0 the nanny has time off every month on the weeks that Mom just not work. They are seeking a nanny who is upbeat with high energy, willing to drive their son to school  in the mornings (All Saints Central Phoenix) and pick him up in the afternoons. Nanny will communicate with the teacher. Their son also has PT on Tuesday mornings at 7 am so that would fall on the nanny as well and then school drop off after. He has OT on Wednesday afternoons at 4 pm – same thing, school pick up, snack then therapy. Therapy is an hour. The nanny can drop him off and run an errand or wait and be back by 4:50 for example to get him. Mornings the nanny will need to arrive early to feed him breakfast and get him dressed  and then evenings when Mom works later the nanny would be in charge of dinner for him. When dad is home early they will relieve the nanny and pay for all hours to be fair as this is part time.  They are definitely looking for someone who feels like “family”. Compensation: $18-$20/hr. 80 hrs/month.  Interviewing starts now.  Position starts in Oct.  (REF#SVSC)


**To apply for this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#SVSC in the title**

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FULL-TIME NANNY POSITION IN THE WEST VALLEY, $18-$20/hr, ASAP      Perryville & Camelback:  This wonderful Litchfield Park family with a 3 year old boy and 19 month old girl are seeking a dependable, reliable nanny to care for them M-F from 8AM-3PM.  They have a casual yet semi-formal atmosphere in their home. Both parents have fairly flexible jobs:  Mom runs a business and dad works from home consistently.  Both currently work from home but Mom may return to the office in Jan depending on COVID. Their home offices are private individual spaces with closed door offices so as not to disrupt the nanny’s daily routine with the children. Their son will be 4 in November and he’s a very curious active little boy. He loves animals and his primary thing right now is he has every animal figure on the planet and plays with them every day independently.  He loves running around and playing outside with the dog.  He listens and follows directions well and has zero behavioral issues.  He is a very picky eater and there are limited foods he will eat so the parents will coach the nanny on the foods he will eat and would also love for the nanny to come up with creative ways to get him to try new foods.  Nap time is easy and he is potty trained. He was in a private school prior to Covid and he was in daycare at 19 months old and has also had a nanny so he is used to all settings. He knows his sight words, alphabet, counting, he’s almost reading , and he might go back to preschool part-time later this year depending on Covid. Their 19 month old daughter is super sweet, very affectionate, very smart, knows her alphabet, counts to 20, speaks in full sentences, is very active and wants to do everything her brother does.  She’s fearless, climbs ladders, and jumps off things, is not a great sleeper, but overall a sunny sweet girl who waves to everyone and is so loving.  She loves Mom and dad and loves the dog. The main challenge with her is adjusting to strangers but she does much better within her own home.  They have a cleaning service once a week for deep cleaning so nanny is only responsible for tidying up and maintaining the upkeep in main living areas and kitchen,  preparing children’s meals and  folding kids’ laundry.  Both children take 2 hr naps — down time would be used to clean up the living rooms, play areas, kids’ rooms; they have lots of toys but they are all organized in bins, light vacuum over the play areas , load/unload the dishwasher. They are desiring a nanny who is punctual, responsible, experienced and professional.  The nanny needs to focus on interactive play with the children and engage them in activities with minimal supervision as well as be able to prepare children’s meals and clean up the areas that they and the kids use throughout the day. Ideal nanny is dependable and someone who will genuinely engage with the kids.  They do not have a pool but they have a large bounce house, water slide and trampoline in their backyard for fun outside play.  They live in a master planned community with a park and live right by the Wildlife World Zoo.  Once they feel comfortable with the nanny taking the children on outings, they will provide the nanny with the family vehicle to do so.  Pets:  Springerdoodle puppy.  No travel. Compensation:  $18-$20/hr+, flexible for the right candidate. Paid Vacation.  Paid Holidays. Interviewing now.  Position starts ASAP. (REF#AWLITCHFIELD)


**To apply for this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and useREF#AWLITCHFIELD in the title**

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Greenway & 60th St: A wonderful returning family of ours with an adorable, happy, active and inquisitive 4 year old boy and a sweet happy and healthy 2 year old toddler girl is needing a nanny to care for them 3 days a week.  They are flexible on the 3 days and can do  Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, or Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7AM – 5PM for a guaranteed 30 hours per week.  If the 3 days a week does not work, they are even open to just Mondays and Tuesdays. They have a current nanny  whom they love and she is staying with the family and working 2 days a week. Preschool and toddler experience is desired, as well as experience caring for multiple children close in age. Both parents are in sales with variable schedules so flexibility is important. The position includes total and complete childcare duties with the pre-schooler and toddler and also child-related light housework including children’s laundry, making kids’ lunches, preparing simple kid-friendly meals, and cleaning up the play areas. No errands are needed. Their 4 year old son is currently attending preschool 3 days a week, MWF from 8:30 – 12;30 so drop off and pick up will be needed for him. He is super energetic toddler, likes to go outside and play at the park and loves to read books,  puts his plate away, is polite and has great manners,  has a lot of energy, and is always on the go. He also has speech therapy on Tuesdays and that is done online at home.  Both kids have swimming lessons on Tuesdays. Their 2 year  old daughter is a very easy-going toddler who loves to see people , and is playful and happy and is not currently attending preschool.  Her brother is really good with her and she is a good sleeper and on a great napping and eating schedule. No pets. No travel. They have a casual atmosphere in their home and they are seeking a longterm commitment of 3-5 years. Their most recent nanny was there for the past 4 years. College degree preferred. Fun and energetic. Mom and Dad may be in and out sometimes during the day but they do not have home offices. Compensation: $18/hr. Interviewing now! Starts ASAP. (REF#JCPHX)


**To apply for this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#JCPHX in the title**

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Bilingual Nanny

40th and Camelback: A wonderful, professional busy family in PHX with 4 children (10 year old daughter, 7 year old son, 5 year old daughter, and 3 year old son) are seeking a bilingual native Spanish speaking nanny to join their household for a very flexible part-time 2 days/ week schedule with several perks. The family can be flexible on the 2 days a week and are flexible on exact hrs on those days but are preferring a 10AM – 5PM schedule or something similar.  To secure the same nanny longterm for a permanent placement of a year commitment, they are looking to pay a set income of $1600/month with no more than 15 hours of work per week. The nanny will always get paid the guaranteed $400 per week even when she does not work 15 hours. Some weeks may be less. (10 hrs, for example). Therefore at 15 hrs a week, the maximum the nanny would work, she would be earning close to $27/hr. If you work 10 hrs a week, that is $40 per hour. Additional perks are that the family loves to travel and they plan to travel for 2 weeks during Spring Break and they typically travel for 4 – 6 weeks in the summer.  The nanny will not need to travel with the family and will be paid for all the weeks the family travels. Mom may be home at times. Dad works from home but is often traveling so he may also be in and out. Their children have been attending a Spanish immersion school so it is very important that they are spoken to in Spanish all day. The family is desiring a native Spanish speaker who loves children. They would like Spanish to be spoken 95% of the time. Their children have been in a dual immersion school and the parents want to support this. Other desirable characteristics include: a nanny who loves to read, loves to do art, has a wonderful imagination and enjoys playing with children. Important qualities include: a nanny who is gentle and kind but has the expectation for good behavior and polite manners as well.  Their 10 year old daughter is the easiest, most patient, super kind girl and loves to read books. She’s a gentle spirit, in the 5th grade, is easy going , very smart, likes playing basketball, has a great imagination, loves to write, and is studious. Their 7 year old son is  in 2nd grade and also very gentle, more sensitive than his sister, and not a typical  rough and tumble boy.  He likes legos, reading books, and playful wrestling with his younger siblings.  Their 5 year old daughter joined their family through adoption, and has been  home for 2 years.  She is easy, kind, and a people pleaser.  She loves to be loved.  She also  loves one on one attention, and will be right next to the nanny the whole time.  She’s super smart.  She was put in the bilingual preschool last year and  did amazing and is now starting kindergarten. (online).  Their youngest 3 year old son was also adopted and joined their family 2 years ago and he is describe as a total a rough and tumble busy boy.  He’s sporty and agile, fearless, super sweet and kind, yet fiery.  He loves cars and trucks and all 4 children all get along really well.  They are like a little team.
Pets: Mini Australian Shepard. She is very sweet, quiet, and calm. No household duties are required but Mom will utilize the nanny to help with kids while she grocery shops and preps dinner and tends to those domestic tasks. Amazing generous loving dream family to work for. No travel is required. Offering guaranteed $1600 a month for 10- 15 hrs weekly 2 days a week. Paid vacation. Paid holidays. Bonus. Interviewing begins immediately and position starts ASAP. (REF#CGPHX)


**To apply for this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#CGPHX in the title**

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Phoenix Nanny

FLEXIBLE FULL-TIME NANNY OPPORTUNITY IN PHX, $18-$20/hr, ASAP     Glendale and 12th St:  This wonderful busy professional family in PHX has 3 children (9 year old daughter, 7 year old son, and 3 year old son) and they are seeking a hands-on, proactive, energetic stellar nanny to join their household and grow longterm with their family for the next several years. Dad is an entrepreneur with a very busy schedule  running his business.  Mom is a stay at home Mom. Their oldest daughter will be 10 in Sept and she’s very much a first born girl, very bright and gifted, extremely empathetic and mature for her age.  She’s a really good girl, started to play club soccer this year and guitar.  She’s in the 4th grade and is a wonderful big sister and she’s really taken her 7 year old brother’s autism diagnosis with stride.  Quarantine has been really hard for her and it has not been easy being locked up with her brothers all day every day.  Her parents are hoping a nanny will be a mentor and friend for her.  The 7 year old son is in 1st grade and was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. He has been in therapy since he was 2 and he’s affected by it but does really well in a regular education classroom with occupational and speech therapy. He is an absolute love and is very sweet, communicative, fun, engaging and is really concentrated.  He has interest in movies and music and loves the moon and recycle trucks.  With online schooling due to school closures, Mom must devote all 0f her attention to her 7 year old son. Mom has a background as a school psychologist. They had an incredible support team at school for her son and everyone is trying to support him at home as much as possible but it has been challenging.  He needs someone to sit with him at all times and therefore Mom needs an extra set of hands to tend to the other 2 children while she works with him.  Mom loves being hands-on and the creative Pinterest Mom who does it all so having a team player with a nanny will enable her to have that quality time and also allow her to drive her son to therapy appointments, run errands, take self-care days, and so forth. Their 3 year old son is described as the easiest, easy going boy! He’s starting to miss preschool and he’s had a lot of screen time since quarantine started which is why a creative, interactive nanny is needed.  He needs 3 year old attention, loves trucks, adores his big sister, and plays so well independently with toys. The family has had a few nannies in the past and what has worked out is someone who can just roll up her sleeves, jump in and be proactive to help. They desire a nanny who is happy, takes great initiative and just comes in with a desire to learn. There’s a learning curve with their autistic son and therapists will be around all the time to learn from so being communicative is vital as well as flexibility. Due to Covid, therapists are not coming in the home at this time but when they do there has to be another adult present with therapists, which is another big reason why a nanny is needed. The ideal nanny is energetic enough for rough and tumble kids, loving enough to see the special parts of each of them and also has grace, and can be adaptable with their ever changing therapies/activities/schedules.  Must be honest and a strong communicator to join their team. Experience with children with learning disabilities would be helpful but not a requirement as long as there is a willingness to learn. The nanny will need to take a brief online habilitation and respite training (paid) to be their autistic son’s direct care worker. It is minimal and only takes a couple hours and their previous nannies did not have prior special needs’ experience and were able to learn just fine. They ideally want the candidate to be with their family long term (3-5 years). Right now, the most important thing is that the nanny must be following very strict social distancing guidelines as their son is very immunocompromised and the family is taking no risks.  Mom is home full time but taking care of therapies, errands, and all that it entails to keep a busy household with 3 children running smoothly and efficiently.  Nanny will be a team player with Mom and will divide and conquer to help out in any capacity that is needed.  They have a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home.  Their goldendoodle recently passed but they are considering a new one soon so nanny must be dog friendly.  The schedule is a flexible full-time schedule with a guaranteed 35 hrs per week and up to 40 hours, mostly M-F 8AM-4PM. Once in person school starts for the children, they can be flexible about a 4 day work schedule and still provide full-time hours (35-40 hrs/week). Flexibility and availability to work an evening or weekend shift is a huge bonus but not mandatory and priority is the weekly M-F schedule. The weekend shift is optional.  Travel is not a requirement, however it would be nice to occasionally take the nanny on a family trip for an extra set of hands. No driving is required at this time since the care is primarily in their home and Mom does any driving needed.  Compensation:  $18-$20/hr.  Interviewing starts immediately and position starts ASAP.  Amazing family who truly values quality care and an excellent opportunity for growth and advancement.  (REF#JKPHX)


**To apply to this position, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com with REF#JKPHX in the title.**

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Mountain View & Via Lista: This busy professional returning family with 3 active boys is seeking a mature, firm, structured nanny / educator to care for, teach and keep their sons organized. Typical schedule is M-F, from 8-4 or 8:30 – 4:30, with flexibility. Both parents are still working from home due to Covid. Their sons are 10 years old, 7 years old, and 4 years old. Their family has been completely isolated for months and not socializing or taking any risks whatsoever. Mom works completely from home and will continue to do so. Dad sells medical devices to the OR and is currently working from home and if he needs to go into a hospital down the road, he will quarantine in an airbnb before returning home. The upcoming school year for the 10 year old and the 7 year old is still uncertain – whether they will do online schooling the entire school year, return to school at a later time or do a combination of online and home schooling is still to be determined. If the 10 year old and 7 year old continue with online schooling, the nanny will be responsible for supervising them and keeping them on task and organized with their school work but the primary focus will be on the 4 year old. The 4 year old is planning to start kindergarten at Basis for the 2021 – 2022 school year so the nanny’s primary focus this year will be on preparing the 4 year old for kindergarten and teaching him how to read and write so he is prepared for the advanced curriculum. The 2 older boys have been completing the homework packet for the summer and will be returning in 3 weeks to the virtual classroom, from 8AM-4PM. The 10 year old is extremely responsible , listens well and is a straight A student. He is friendly to everyone, and doesn’t like to be rough and tumble. He’s artsy and expressive and he’s a helper so he’s an asset and will be the right hand man to the nanny. The 7 year old is your boy’s boy and has a lot of energy and likes to engage in activities. It’s a struggle with him with online learning and he is rowdy and needs to get up and walk around and move in between classes to get work done. He likes to verbalize himself a lot, and he can get under people’s skin when he’s bored. He needs structure to stay on task. For the 4 year old boy, everything is no, he’s described as being super head strong, stubborn, and a challenge. This family has been with us for years and we’ve placed nannies in their household and both the nannies and the parents are very honest in saying that the 3 boys are not easy to care for. A strong structured nanny is needed to enforce rules and discipline and to keep the boys in line. Mom said they need a “drill sergeant and not a timid nanny.” Must be comfortable with both parents working from home. An ideal nanny would share the family’s philosophy that she is a care provider but also an educator. The best fit is going to be a nanny who will consistently implement a daily schedule that ensures their kids are meeting or exceeding their milestones.  They also value a nanny who can keep up with the needs of the household – kids laundry and meal prep, for example, time permitting. Pets: 2 cats and a dog. Compensation: $20-$22/hr. Starts ASAP (REF#MMSC)


**To apply for this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#JMMSC in the title**

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Scottsdale Nanny


61st & Dynamite:  A wonderful busy family of 2 boys (ages 3 1/2 and 6 months) is seeking a Scottsdale nanny to join their household to care for their boys full-time M-F from 9-5:30PM, including one date night either a TH or Fri from 1-10PM.(flexible for every week or every other week). For the date night evening, the nanny would have the morning off and not come in until 1PM.   They have a casual atmosphere in their home and are ideally looking for a 3-5 year commitment. The parents have a home office and may come in and out during the day.  Travel is desired preferably with the family 1-2 times a year.  Also the parents travel 1-2 times a year and the nanny will need to care for the children during their trips.  Ideal qualities and characteristics desired:  entertaining, happy, energetic , able to multi-task, is patient, has a soft and sweet demeanor, has a gentle approach, is clean, and organized.  Their 3 1/2 year old son is very sweet, happy, smiley,  has an easy temperament, is delayed in speech and has speech therapy every day 9-11:20AM, is very hands on and creative.  He likes to take things apart and put them back together, is inquisitive, likes to self entertain, is independent, can read books for hrs.  He has been transitioning with having a new brother and is attention-seeking and wants to make sure he is being noticed.  He is artistic and loves to paint and build things.  He is allergic to dogs, milk, eggs, and cashews. The 6 month old is advanced for his age,  can sit and stand up, is trying to crawl, is scooting everywhere, is very smiley but needs attention and wants to be held.  He is very allergic to milk so is on a special formula.  He needs a nanny who is patient and will help him develop healthy eating habits so that he thrives.  The family is seeking a nanny who will respect and work with their goals, is willing to listen to their structure of things, and work as a team to keep their household running smoothly.  A daily log is kept to track how much the infant eats.  Structure and coordination is very important to the family.  It is very important that the nanny is reliable and flexible, energetic, and vibrant. Mom is extremely active and would like a nanny who is also active who will take the kids on hikes and to the water park and outdoorsy outings. This is an extremely generous, family-oriented big family and they treat their nanny as a member of their family. They value quality care and are very conscientious of their nanny’s needs. Compensation:  $19/hr net.  Interviewing starts ASAP.  Position starts ASAP. (REF#BVSC)


**To apply for this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#BVSC in the title**

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