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Thompson Peak Pkwy & Frank Lloyd Wright: This wonderful returning professional family of ours has an 8 year old son and a 2 year 5 month old toddler girl and they are seeking a proactive, flexible nanny to join their household for a flexible full-time schedule to care mostly for the toddler but will also spend time with the 8 year old picking him up from school and taking him to activities. The typical schedule is M-F from 7-5 or 8-6 with some flexibility OR they can offer 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday) with 10 hour shifts. Guaranteed minimum of 40 hrs per week.  Mom is a physician and takes one day off per week when not on call and Dad is a lawyer and works from home.  (This is a position that does have offer flexibility if the Nanny needs certain days, dates or times off.) They are desiring a nanny with excellent toddler experience and who likes to teach/play with a small child. Their 2 year old daughter is a very laid back easy-going toddler. She’s their angel baby, is an excellent sleeper, is a very clever kid, loves to laugh, is extremely playful, talking in full sentences , likes to do things like baking cookies and muffins, takes an in person Music Together class once a week that starts up in January, loves playing outdoors, and takes one long nap a day,  typically from 10:30 – 1 or 2PM and she goes to bed at 6:30PM. She also understands Spanish. Primary care for the toddler will be in the home and outdoors in their backyard and neighborhood. She also does enjoy the Train Park and the Zoo and the Library. They have a newly renovated playroom stocked with Montessori toys and activities and their neighborhood has 2 very nice pools and multiple playgrounds.  She is was taking swimming lessons on Sundays and will resume when the weather warms up. Their 8 year old son is in 2nd grade and he goes to school at Basis Scottsdale Primary West and leaves the house by 7AM and gets picked up at 3:30 PM. He is a very smart boy and is described as being the “newscaster” of the family – always sharing knowledge and information and announcing what is going on. He loves to watch animal shows, craves attention, and the most consistent regime works the best for him. The family is very Covid-cautious since Mother is a Bone Marrow Transplant physician. Mom, Dad and children have been vaccinated.  Covid vaccine and boosters are mandatory. Family provides in home COVID testing for the Nanny to take twice weekly on Monday and Thursday. Nanny will prepare the kids’ meals and also simple family meal prep is desired. 3 times a week the family uses Green Chef for their meals so preparing dinner during nap time is desired. Father’s work schedule is very flexible so the Nanny works with him daily to design the schedule for the day: For example if it is a day the nanny will cook a meal then Dad will put the toddler down for nap. If it is a day the nanny is going to go to Costco then Dad will watch the toddler and pick up the second grader from school while nanny runs this errand. Occasional weekend availability is also desired since the Mom is on call 12 weekends a year although weekend availability is not mandatory, an occasional weekend shift as needed would be a perk.  The weekend availability is secondary to the M-F schedule and is optional. Pets:  2 dogs. Dog sitting when family is away is an option so that Nanny gets paid full salary when family is away. There is a 2022 Toyota Sienna Minivan for Nanny use while working. Interviewing now. Compensation: $22-$28/hr. Interviewing now. Starts ASAP. ( REF#LSSC)



***To apply to this position, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#LSSC in title.***

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55th Ave & Pinnacle Peak: A wonderful busy professional returning family of 2 boys (ages 6 years and 2 1/2 years) is seeking a nanny to join their household to care for their boys full-time M-F from 8/9AM – 6PM with W being until 7PM. The start time can be 9AM. The 6 year old leaves for school at 9AM. They are also desiring a date night once a month and they are completely flexible on the day that is chosen. They have a casual atmosphere in their home and are ideally looking for a 3-5 year commitment. The parents have a home office and may come in and out during the day but have very busy demanding work schedules so reliability and punctuality is of the utmost importance. Travel is desired preferably with the family 1-2 times a year, including internationally so a passport is needed. Also the parents travel 1-2 times a year without the kids and the nanny will need to care for the children during their trips. Every 3 – 4 months they are gone for 5 days and they have weekend help so the weekend nanny comes at 5PM on Friday so the regular nanny is still working her M-F schedule and they break up the travel schedule with 2 nannies. Ideal qualities and characteristics desired: entertaining, happy, energetic , able to multi-task, is patient, has a soft and sweet demeanor, has a gentle approach, is clean, and organized. Willing to teach and create age-appropriate developmental activities is important. Loyalty, longevity and consistency are also huge with the family. They are seeking a career nanny who is desiring to commit longterm and grow with their family for years to come. Their 6 year old son is a gentle little love, quiet, attends kindergarten from 8-3, dad drops him off and nanny picks him up, loves drawing, loves running , independent play, is very easy, can entertain himself, adapt to anything, loves swimming and gymboree and may be joining a drawing activity after school. Their 2 1/2 year old is the opposite of his older brother, is obsessed with puzzles, needs one on one, attention, does not have as much interest in drawing, wants to do anything his brother does, laughs constantly, is always smiling and always laughing and is not as good at playing by himself so the parents would like more focus on teaching him independent play. He is really good at structure and school time routines, loves arts and crafts, needs limited access to electronic devices, is described as a genius, has been talking and walking since 6 months old and is ready to be potty trained. The 6 year old is allergic to milk and the 2 1/2 year old is allergic to pets so if the nanny has a pet who sheds, she will need to bring an extra change of clothes to work. They have a pool in their backyard and both boys have been in swimming lessons and are comfortable in the water. They also have a water slide /splash pad, tiki hut, playlet – oasis for the kids in backyard, The family is seeking a nanny who will respect and work with their goals, is willing to listen to their structure of things, and work as a team to keep their household running smoothly — ideally a true extension of the parents. Structure and coordination is very important to the family. It is very important that the nanny is reliable and flexible, energetic, and vibrant. Mom is extremely active and would like a nanny who is also active who will take the kids on hikes and to the water park and outdoorsy outings. This is an extremely generous, family-oriented big family and they treat their nanny as a member of their family. They value quality care and are very conscientious of their nanny’s needs. The family is open to outings and encourages trips to the zoo, museum, library, and more. This family is NOT requiring the Covid-vaccine. Compensation: $25-$28/HR. Interviewing starts ASAP. Position starts ASAP. (REF#BVGLENDALE)


***To apply to this position, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#BVGLENDALE in the title.***

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