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Alma School & Queen Creek:  An adorable, happy healthy 5 month old baby girl is in need of a caring, patient nanny to care for her full-time for a flexible 4 – 5 day a week schedule from 7AM – 3PM.  Their infant is on a pretty good daily routine – a combination of both nursing and bottle feeding, and follows a pretty good nap, eating and play schedule.  They are following the Taking Cara Babies program with great success.  These are wonderful first time parents who are hoping to find a nanny who is patient and willing to learn about the best ways to bring up and engage a baby in the first year. They have a casual atmosphere in their home.  Dad works from home because of COVID (may be returning to office in 2022).  They are open to a 4 or 5 day a week schedule, depending on the nanny’s preference and the hours will be 7AM – 3PM.  They are flexible on which days the nanny prefers to work.  The grandparents live close by and are available to care for the baby one day a week if needed.  Mom has returned to her office in N Scottsdale.  They describe themselves as pretty easy-going laid back parents.  The family is ideally seeking a nanny  (with excellent infant experience) who is focused on their daughter and each stage of her development.  They have a housekeeper who does the deep cleaning so any light household tasks would be strictly baby related and maintaining the upkeep, maintenance, and cleanliness in between the deep cleanings. Light housework as it pertains to the baby would include: bottle washing/sanitizing, washing and folding baby’s clothes, and  helping prep baby’s food.  Researching and planning creative age-appropriate developmental activities is desired.  No pets.  No travel. Must be fully Covid- vaccinated.  Interviewing now.  Flexible on start date. Paid Vacation.  Paid Holidays.  Compensation:  $18-$22/hr. (REF#EMEV)


**To apply to this position or inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#EMEV in the title.**

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Osborn & 44th St:  This wonderful easy-going family of an active, adorable 17 month old toddler boy is seeking a reliable, caring high energy nanny to join their family and care for their sweet little guy for a full-time schedule, M-F from 7:30AM – 5PM.  Mom and Dad have a home office and will either both be home working or in and out. They have a casual atmosphere in their home and are very laid back parents.  They are highly desiring a nanny to focus on interactive developmental play with their son who will take him out on a variety of outings to keep him stimulated: parks, zoo, museum, toddler classes, etc. They are providing a family vehicle for outings and activities.  He is very active and needs constant supervision and attention. He is very energetic and likes going to places and doing a variety of things. He likes to people watch, loves going outside, loves walks, playing on the swings at the park, and likes a lot of activity. He wants to be around people. He has a pretty consistent nap and eating schedule. He takes one long nap. They have a pool in their backyard and their son is taking swim lessons that the nanny will take him to weekly and they desire that the nanny continue to work with him at home in their pool to help develop his swimming skills. He loves the water.  He is also going to Little Gym and Gymboree classes on Thursdays and Fridays. Travel is not required but if the nanny is available to potentially travel with the family, that is a bonus. (for a work conference, for example)  Pets: 3 cats.  Nanny must be cat-friendly.  Ideal qualities and characteristics: a toddler care expert with knowledge of child development, ability to plan and prepare creative children’s meals, age appropriate activity planner, high energy level with very active personal habits, proactive with planning activities and meals. Cleanliness is appreciated. Light housework is only pertaining to the toddler: child laundry, dishes, organization, cleaning up kitchen and main living areas / play areas and keeping the family car clean. They have a housekeeper biweekly for deep cleaning and keep a very tidy home so the nanny would just need to maintain the upkeep and cleanliness. Both parents are vaccinated and they prefer that the nanny is Covid-vaccinated but they are open. Paid holidays. Paid Vacation.  Bonus.  Use of family car.  Compensation:  $20-$30/hr.  Interviewing now and position starts ASAP.  (REF#JKPHX)
***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#JKPHX in the title.***
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Pinnacle Peak and Pima: The family is searching for a passionate and caring individual who wants to share in the care and needs of their special needs 35 year old daughter. The ideal schedule needed is a split shift  from 6AM – 8AM and then 3:30 – 9:30PM M-F for a 40 hour work week.  She attends a Day Program 8-4. They are seeking a long term commitment with growth and advancement potential. A career driven candidate is desired. Ideally, the family is desiring a 3 – 5 year commitment. Both Mom and Dad are in and out of the home and have busy schedules.    Therefore they need a caregiver for the morning shift to get her dressed, fed, and ready for her day at her program and then the afternoon shift, to care for her once she returns home from the program at 4PM.  Her needs are that  of total care and supervision.  She is nonverbal and non-ambulatory (in a wheelchair) so duties include lifting  in and out of her chair throughout the day, changing,  bathing, dressing, etc.  She is small and weighs approx  70 lbs.  There is a live-in option, as they have a guest house for a live-in candidate. For either live-in or live-out, the split shift schedule will be needed. A special education background is desirable but not mandatory.  A caregiver with the right  heart and passion and  who develops a rapport with their daughter is key. Their daughter  is easy to communicate with and has no behavioral issues.  She is very loving, loves music, watching movies, bowling, going on walks,  attending Suns’ games, and she has traveled around the world. She loves to go go go.  Light housekeeping duties and cleanliness is a must.  They are looking for a high caliber caregiver to fit into their busy lives.  Other qualities required: meticulous, flexible,  efficient, adaptive, and willing to travel.  Covid-vaccinated is needed. Compensation:  flexible based on experience and begins at $25/hr+.  Interviewing now and position starts ASAP.  (REF#JCSC)
**To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#JCSC in the title.***
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Ray & Recker Rd:  This wonderful Gilbert family moved here from CA and they have a happy healthy 4 month old beautiful baby girl who is in need of a nanny with excellent infant experience to care for her M- F from 8:30 or 9:30-3:30 for a 30-35 hr work week.  If 35 hrs are needed, they can guarantee a minimum of 35 hrs a week. They have a casual atmosphere in their home.  Mother and Father both work remotely.  They have a 4 year old son who is in preschool full-time and is dropped off by 8:30AM so the nanny would not need to care for him. The care is strictly for their infant. Their sweet baby girl nurses and takes a bottle. She is chill, so easy going, happy, healthy, eats and naps well, is not rolling over yet, and is sleep trained. As she gets older they are open to walks in the neighborhood and to the playground. No household tasks are really needed since Mom and Dad are there, and they really want the focus to be completely on their daughter’s care and development.  They have a housekeeper to do the deep cleaning so any upkeep is baby-related. Must be punctual and coachable.  Must be Covid-vaccinated.  No driving is needed.  Compensation:  $18-$20/hr.  Paid Vacation.  Paid Holidays.  Interviewing now.  Starts ASAP. (REF#LLGILBERT)

***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use  (REF#LLGILBERT) in the title.**
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Mockingbird & Invergordon: This wonderful family moved to AZ from CA and they are currently in Scottsdale at Hayden and Indian School Rd however they will be moving to their permanent home in Paradise Valley at Mockingbird and Invergordon in January. They have 2 daughters, ages 9 years old and 7 years old who are in school full-time therefore the role is a family assistant / household manager role.  The schedule is M-F from 8AM – 1PM with flexibility for a guaranteed 30 hr work week. They have a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home.  Dad works form home when he is not traveling and Mom is a stay at home Mom but keeps a very busy schedule.  The family needs assistance with laundry, ironing, organizing, packing and unpacking after trips,  packing and unpacking the house for their move in Jan, picking up dry cleaning occasionally, running to their UPS box to pick up mail, light housekeeping such as tidying up and emptying the dishwasher, making amazon returns, and keeping the trains running. They are looking for a can do attitude, high energy, someone who deals with change well, is a self starter,  a problem-solver and displays a happy positive demeanor. Must be proactive, take great initiative and be a great communicator.  No drop off for school is needed.  Must enjoy children because the kids will be around for school breaks only.  Their 9 year old daughter is in 4th grade, is organized, a rule follower, a girly girl who loves to dress with accessories and is excited to have her own closet filled with girly clothes, is sweet, polite ,calm, and very respectful.  She is dyslexic. She is in volleyball and will be taking swim lessons to join the swim team. Their 7 year old daughter is in 2nd grade, described as the Tasmanian devil, is very different than her older sister, is quiet, silly, not defiant, is a strong swimmer and likes to play on the playground. She has an auto immune disease therefore the family is cautious regarding Covid and is requiring the Covid vaccine. The girls will be involved in dance and gymnastics and then ice hockey. No pets.  Driving is needed for errands occasionally. Maybe 20 miles a week.  No car is provided and gas is reimbursed. Paid Vacation.  Paid Holidays.  Bonus.  Compensation:  $20-$30/hr.  Interviewing now and position starts ASAP.  (REF#MZPV)
**To apply to this position or yo inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com with REF#MZPV in the title.***
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Glendale & Central:  These wonderful first time parents of an adorable, happy healthy 5 month old baby boy are seeking a caring stellar nanny to care for their sweet son M-F from 8:30-4:30PM (with flexibility) for a guaranteed 40 hour work week. Their infant son is  very happy, always smiling and always laughing, doesn’t cry often, is really on an easy schedule, is rolling over, sitting up assisted, and is formula fed.  The family is seeking a nanny who is going to engage with him, plan age-appropriate developmental play and activities and focus on his milestones and creating an educational environment every day. They have a casual atmosphere in their home.  Both Mom and Dad have home offices. Dad may be returning back to the office and Mom may be transitioning to part-time at the office.  Pets:  2 dogs (mini Golden doodle and Airedale).  No driving is needed at this time.  College educated is preferred. Excellent infant experience. Light housekeeping pertaining to the baby is desired:  tidying up the kitchen, main living and play areas, organizing, light meal prep, light errands (groceries).  They have a housekeeper biweekly for deep cleaning.   This is such a fabulous family desiring to have a nanny become part of their family longterm to grow with them as their son grows. Compensation:  $18-$25/hr.  Interviewing now.  Position starts ASAP.  (REF#ARPHX)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#ARPHX in the title.***

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Dual Nanny

N Invergordon & Lincoln: This wonderful busy professional family moved to AZ from Canada last year and they have a happy, active, energetic 2 year old son whom they adopted at birth and they also just adopted newborn twin girls who are currently in the NICU in Louisiana. They already hired a wonderful full-time nanny of ours for 40 hrs per week and they have a NCS for the night shift with the twins as well as an additional part-time nanny to cover most evenings. They are seeking a part-time nanny for Fridays from 5-9PM and Saturdays from 1-9PM. Their 2 year old is a typical 2 year old boy, currently in the tantrum stage but overall has an easy-going temperament, is very outgoing, very loving, very high energy and he warms up to anyone. He’s flexible in terms of meeting new people. He’s described as being their big little man because he is the size of a 4 year old. The nanny will require a lot of energy to run around after him and to keep him engaged and busy throughout the day. He is delayed in speech, and is in speech therapy. He says 1-2 word combinations right now. He is not into sitting down and doing puzzles and coloring. He needs more development with fine motor skills. Dad owns his own business, Mom is a stay at home mom but also helps with the business, or will be in and out of the house with her personal commitments. Pre-Covid, the family used to travel all the time internationally so they are hoping to resume traveling again, ( Mexico, Canada, Mau) and it would be a big perk if the nanny liked to travel with the family (with advanced notice) but the travel is not mandatory and they could get a separate travel nanny if needed for their trips. The family is desiring light housekeeping duties including dishes, baby laundry, organization, simple meal prep, errands and then maintaining the upkeep and cleanliness of their 6500 square foot home. They have a housekeeper weekly to do the deep cleaning. They have a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home. Both parents are at home for various hours throughout the day. The family is ideally seeking a nanny who has a strong work ethic and is trustworthy, a team player and has a lot of energy. They would prefer to have a nanny who is comfortable with taking their son on outings (the park, school pick up, etc.). They are providing the family SUV for the nanny’s use. Also must be comfortable going swimming in their pool. Since they have twin newborn babies, the nanny must have excellent newborn and infant experience as well. Pets: 2 small hypoallergenic dogs. They are 6 years old and each under 15 lbs. This is an amazing generous laid back family who value and appreciate quality care and they are wishing for a nanny to work regularly on Fridays and Saturdays who will become a part of their family. Benefits: Paid Holidays. Paid Vacation. Use of family SUV. Health Insurance. Compensation: $25/hr. Interviewing now. Positions starts ASAP. Please apply if interested in either the evening schedule OR the weekend schedule OR the MTTH + Sat schedule. (REF#MDPV)


**If interested to applying to the Friday and Saturday schedule,  please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#MDPV in the title.***

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56th St & Thunderbird: This fabulous family just moved to AZ from Orange County and their silly, sweet, fun 20 month old toddler girl is in need of a nanny to care for her for a 45-50 hour work week, M-F from 8AM – 5/6PM.  Their daughter is super sweet, very loving, grows an attachment to the people she knows well very quickly, is a 2020 quarantine baby, was born right before everything shut down so she has not had that much socialization. She develops a very strong bond with the people that care for her. She is very snuggly, sensitive, doesn’t know how to react to loud noises,( ie  vacuum), is so fun and so silly, loves to make people laugh and get a reaction, is assertive in her choices, recently learned the word no, is very agreeable, super fun, easy to be around, very gentle. She’s a creature of habit and thrives off routine, does really well with a schedule, loves to be involved with making decisions for herself, so incorporating choices is important throughout her daily routine. She is starting to do things for herself, like dress herself, pick out her clothes, etc.  She’s a pretty good sleeper, transitioning to one nap a day, loves reading books, singing songs, starting to repeat motions, starting to get into stacking things, puzzles, and reading her books are her favorite. The family will be open to taking their daughter on outings down the road. Dad has Thursdays off so if the nanny ever needed a day off, Thursdays are flexible.  Their toddler daughter is developing quite the personality and started swimming lessons.  They have a fenced pool in their background. The family has a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home.  Mom will be working from home 80-100% of the time in a separate home office.  There is optional travel for family vacations, 1-2x a year.  They are seeking a nanny who is looking for a longterm commitment and who they can ultimately see as part of their family! The schedule is 8am-6/6pm Monday through  Friday. Desiring a nanny who is energetic and actively engages with their daughter (i.e. sits on the floor with her, speaks at eye level, plays alongside her).  No phone or screen time during the day. They are also following Montessori/gentle parenting strategies, where they do not use certain forms of discipline (such as raising their voice, spanking, time outs, shame, etc), so they would expect their nanny to also implement their techniques. Must adhere to their daughter’s daily schedule, and be willing to get her out of the house (i.e. walks to local park). They would like to find a nanny who is knowledgeable on water safety and would be comfortable going in their pool with their daughter.  Household tasks include: preparing meals for their daughter, keeping up with dishes throughout the day, child laundry and keeping common areas and their daughter’s room tidy, and potentially some  light family meal preparation (i.e. washing/chopping vegetables, ingredient prep) while their daughter takes her afternoon nap. Because of  Dad’s job in healthcare (and caring for high-risk pregnant women), their nanny must be COVID-19 vaccinated and willing to get an annual flu shot. Paid Vacation.  Paid Holidays.  Compensation:  $20-$25/hr.  Interviewing now. Start date is flexible.  (REF#ASSC)
***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#ASSC in the title.***
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Pima & Pinnacle Peak:  An artsy, smart, sweet 7 year old girl and a funny, energetic 4 year old boy are in need of a full-time family assistant to join their family for a flexible 40 hour work week.  The schedule is flexible based on nanny’s availability and can start at 10 or 11AM for an 8 hour shift until 6 or 7PM. They have a casual atmosphere in their home.  Both parents work from home. The kids are in school from 8AM-3PM. The kids are not in after school activities at the moment but may be in the future. Their 7 year old daughter is in 1st grade,  is very artsy and creative, loves art projects , is very smart, very sweet, loves animals and wants to be a vet, loves horses and horseback riding, and is a really good big sister. Their 4 year old son is in preschool and he is very sweet, very funny, playful, has a lot of energy, very well-behaved, very funny, is a good listener, loves robots, transformers, paw patrol, and imaginary play. The family is seeking a candidate who can be a family assistant to Mom and take on a household managerial type of role but also care for the kids. Safe and competent driver is needed. Picking up and dropping off kids will be needed on occasion or frequently depending on the day (in family vehicle), along with running errands, organizing the home, laundry and light cleaning. Overall, an extension of Mom. Kids are in school 8am-3pm M-F, so while they are in school the family assistant will take care of the home, run errands, clean, and organize. The household tasks include: dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, linens, healthy food prep and light cooking, family laundry, groceries, errands, and scheduling dr appointments. There is no deep cleaning needed as they have cleaners right now. The family has had both nannies and au-pairs before and what has worked really well for them is someone who truly enjoys kids, and is patient, organized, and efficient about keeping a schedule and providing routine and structure. Pets:  1 australian labradoodle (2.5 yrs), 1 australian labradoodle puppy (arriving 11/21). Pet care may include dropping off the dogs for grooming.  Fenced pool in backyard. Possible travel desired for family vacation. Compensation:  $20-$25/hr.  Paid vacation.  Paid Holidays.  Use of familycar.  Interviewing now and position starts ASAP.  (REF#SGSC)
***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#SGSC in the title.***
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personal assitant

Scottsdale & Lincoln Rd: This busy professional family is seeking an experienced, proactive, highly organized stellar personal assistant to join their fast-paced household. The schedule is 40 hrs per week and is typically  M-F from 9-5 but is flexible and can be 8-4 or 10-6, etc. In the mornings they will will go over what is happening for the day, what needs to be purchased, what’s coming in, what’s going out, if a meal needs to be prepared, if they are expecting guests, if clothes need to be returned, errands to be run, grocery shopping, car care, dry cleaning, if maintaining appliances, new construction, and so forth. Qualities and characteristics desired: very computer savvy, have their own vehicle, able to drive around town and be comfortable and familiar with the area. They have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and if the nanny is sick, the PA can jump into the role and help care for the children. Must be energetic.  Bilingual in Spanish is amazing but not mandatory. Ideal candidate is well organized, a self starter, a hard worker, computer savvy, resourceful, outgoing, flexible, and honest. College educated highly preferred.  Additional duties and responsibilities include: booking travel plans, some billing and clerical duties, grocery shopping, target runs,  planning parties, events and catering, scheduling appointments, tending to contractors and vendors, purchasing gifts, returns,  being resourceful in researching the needs of the children , book-keeping, bill paying, and all that encompasses running a household.  Paid Vacation.  Paid Holidays.  Compensation:  $25-$30/hr.  (REF#LSPA)


**To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#LSPA in the title.**

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