Screening & Placement Process

Meticulous Screening Process

Caring Nannies has a rigorous screening process to ensure that you hire the highest caliber nannies and domestic staff. Our candidates must meet the following standards:

  •  Phone Screening to verify a minimum of two to five years experience (most of our candidates have 5 to 10 years experience.
  • Able to give a one year or longer commitment
  • Must be proficient in English and a good communicator
  • Five page detailed application about their experience, education, training and family background is completed.
  • International Nanny Association Basic Skills Exam
  • On-line presence monitored
  • A detailed personal interview is conducted with three references.
  • Educational verification of last level completed and licenses checked where applicable.
  • Proof of legal US work status
  • Document verification:  Driver’s License, proof of auto insurance, certifications, diplomas
  • Verification of minimum age 20 with high school diploma.
  • Verification of non-smoker status.
  • Three year motor vehicle record
  • Social security trace, going back 7 years
  • Seven year National and County Criminal Background Checks
  • Sex Offender Check
  • CPR and First Aid Classes are updated every 2 years.
  • Random Drug Screening.
  • A passion for working with families and a heart to serve.

How it works

The process of finding a nanny or household employee through a full-service boutique agency is simple because we’ve done all the work behind the scenes. That means that you will only see candidates who are a close match for your household.

  • Fill out the Family Application. This allows you to think through all of your needs and preferences and saves you time.
  • Your placement counselor will call you to schedule a family consultation to discuss your family’s needs in further detail and get to know you to be sure that you’re only sent candidates who match your expectations.
  • Detailed profiles on the candidates who meet your needs are sent to you for your review. After reading through detailed profiles, including applications highlighting experience and education level, interviewer comments, and thorough references from former employers, you schedule your top choices for in-person interviews. After each interview, your Placement Counselor will check in with you to get your feedback.
  • Invite your top choice(s) to do a trial working interview, preferably for a full week, minimally for a full day.
  • Extend an offer to your top pick.
  • Caring Nannies sends you all the background information and personal vetting documents on your candidate for your records.
  • Fill out the Working Agreement provided to you from Caring Nannies with your caregiver. We find that long-term, healthy relationships are the result of having this written working agreement as a solid foundation.
  • Meet monthly with your employee to ‘clear the clutter’ in your relationship and to tweak your Working Agreement. Honest and open communication is the key to fostering long term, satisfying employer-nanny relationships. Our office is available to you and your nanny to answer questions, meditate, or to offer advice.
  • Caring Nannies follows up with you and your nanny throughout the first year and beyond.