7th Ave & Greenway:  A happy, healthy adorable 5 month old baby boy is needing a reliable caring nanny to care for him on a full-time basis.  The schedule is ideally M-F from 8AM – 4PM with flexibility (give or take an hour on either end).  The family is seeking a nanny with excellent infant experience and one who is comfortable with a baby and older children.  They have 2 older school-aged boys, 10 and 14 who are in school full-time so primary care is for the infant.The 14 year old is out of the country until school starts Aug and even when he is home he is independent and not in need of care.  Care for the 10 year old son would be minimal if any and may just be the occasional pick up from school. Mom is home working in a home office or in and out of the home and Dad is home once in a while but primarily works outside of the home.  Their sweet 5 month old son is rolling over, sitting up, scooting across the floor but isn’t crawling yet.  He likes a lot of attention, is easily soothed, is both nursing and bottle fed and has started on solids.  He has a good eating schedule and Mom would like guidance with getting him on a good napping schedule. Their 10 year old son is  going into 5th grade, loves sports, loves sitters, has a good sense of humor, is very well-behaved and loves animals and adventure.  Their 14 year old son loves sports and music and he is going to be a freshman in high school.  The 10 year old has a fish allergy and the 14 year old has an egg allergy.  Ideal nanny is very interactive and engaging with the baby and focuses on age-appropriate developmental activities during each stage of development and milestone.  They have a pool in their backyard so a strong swimmer is desired.  Weather permitting, they encourage the nanny to take the infant on stroller walks within their gated community and are open to outings as he gets older.  The only household tasks desired are those pertaining to the baby: baby laundry, sanitizing bottles/ toys, occasional quick errands.  Pets: 2 soft bunnies.  Must be Covid-vaccinated. Paid Vacation.  Paid Holidays.  Compensation:  $20/hr.  Interviewing now. Position starts in Aug.  (REF#CDPHX)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email with REF#CDPHX in the title.***

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Scottsdale Rd & Cactus: This busy professional Scottsdale family is seeking a caring, interactive full-time nanny to help be an extension of Mom and assist in keeping the household running smoothly by caring for their 2 little ones: a 3 month old baby boy and a 19 month old toddler girl. The schedule is M-F from 8:30-4:30. They have a casual atmosphere in their home and are desiring a longterm commitment. Mom is mostly home or running errands/going to gym/picking up older kids from school/sports. There are 2 older children who are 7 and 9 who are there half of the time. There is also a 17 year old in the home. However the nanny will be responsible for caring for the infant and toddler. Mom mostly needs help with one child at a time but could need the nanny to care for both children for an hour or two here and there. Their 3 month old baby boy is sweet and adorable, not on a strict schedule, is very easy going, very calm and mellow and easy to console. He is bottle-fed and if the nanny has tips on helping Mom get him on a schedule, that would be welcomed. Their 19 month old daughter is super sweet and really smart and funny but like all toddlers she does get more irritable when she’s tired, can be stubborn when it comes to listening, and is needing a nanny who is willing to work with her and provide her with structure. She loves swimming and playing outside, building blocks, watching movies, and she likes to read books. She is having difficulty with her talking so a nanny who is very interactive and engaging and playful with her is ideal. There is a pool in the backyard and they are open to the nanny taking the children on outings. The 7 year old is really easygoing, sweet, funny, helpful, goes with the flow, has some trouble with listening, can get rambunctious, and is going into 2nd grade. Their 9 year old son is going to be in 4th grade, is sweet and caring and likes to know what’s happening, doesn’t like surprises. Their 17 year old daughter is independent and does her own thing. The boys just ask for snacks and do their own thing too. Again the 3 older children are there half the time and since Mom is present in the home, the nanny will not be caring for the 3 older children. The nanny’s focus is on the infant and toddler and assisting Mom in the household. The family is seeking a nanny who is caring, nice, and fits in with a laid back household. Light tidying up is appreciated.—fold laundry or empty dishwasher when kids are napping. Pets: 3 dogs. Paid Vacation. Paid Holidays. Bonus. Compensation: $18-$21/hr. Interviewing now and position starts ASAP. (REF#TTSC)
***To apply this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#TTSC in the title.***
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Lincoln & Tatum: This wonderful busy professional family in PV is seeking a caring organized full-time nanny to care for their sweet 10 month old son. The schedule is M-F from 7AM-4/5PM for a 45-40 hour work week. Their son is a sweet and calm, fun and loving child, who loves to explore, is very curious, constantly loves to play, is cruising along on furniture (almost walking), is self-feeding, and uses baby sign language. He likes his freedom so doesn’t like to be restricted, and enjoys independent play so needs a nanny to support his growth and development. He has a great rhythm and routine to the day. His toys are all engaging, hands-on educational toys and the parents are desiring a nanny who will focus on the educational aspect of the job and create a fun learning environment daily as he transitions from one stage of development to the next. They have a casual yet semi-formal atmosphere in their home. Both parents work from home in home offices and they employ a housekeeper who will also be present in the home for deep cleaning. The nanny will only be responsible for domestic tasks related to the child: child laundry, bottles, dishes, child meal prep, maintaining the upkeep and cleanliness of the 3 play areas. Ideal qualities and characteristics desired in a nanny: calm, compassionate, caring, nurturing and understanding of children. The parents appreciate the Montessori style of parenting. They are raising an independent, inquisitive, adventurous, respectful young man, and want a nanny who can guide him along his journey. They maintain a structure to their home and their child’s routine throughout the day which requires the nanny to be organized, punctual and mindful of her time. The nanny will be expected to manage the child’s diet by meal planning and preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for him daily. They have several resources available that will guide the nanny so she is not expected to know everything, but rather have a willingness and ability to learn. They use many mobile apps, and would want the nanny to be tech savvy. Lastly, the nanny should have a wonderful ability to communicate with the parents and the child. They want to welcome the nanny to their family and as such, want her to be honest and upfront about any issues or situations that may come up. Primary care is within their home. There is a pool in their backyard and weather permitting they are open to stroller walks and park play in their subdivision. As the pandemic dies down and their son gets bigger, they will be open to the nanny taking him on outings. No driving is needed at this time. Travel may be desired (including internationally) so a passport is preferred. Compensation: $18-$22/hr. Paid Vacation. Paid Holidays. Interviewing now and position starts ASAP. (REF#RUPV)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#RUPV in title.***

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N Invergordon & Lincoln: This wonderful busy professional family moved to AZ from Canada last year and they have a happy, active, energetic 2 year old son whom they adopted at birth and they also just adopted newborn twin girls who are currently in the NICU in Louisiana. They already hired a wonderful full-time nanny of ours for 40 hrs per week and they have a NCS for the night shift with the twins however they would like to add 2 part-time nannies to their busy household. They are seeking a wonderful part-time nanny for the evening shift of M-F from 5-9PM and then a separate part-time weekend nanny for every Saturday and Sunday from 9Am-5PM. The weekend shift may extend to a 12 hour shift from 9AM-9PM, therefore making the part-time evening nanny’s schedule 20 hrs per week and the weekend nanny’s schedule 24 hrs per week. Their 2 year old is a typical 2 year old boy, currently in the tantrum stage but overall has an easy-going temperament, is very outgoing, very loving, very high energy and he warms up to anyone. He’s flexible in terms of meeting new people. He’s described as being their big little man because he is the size of a 4 year old. The nanny will require a lot of energy to run around after him and to keep him engaged and busy throughout the day. He is delayed in speech, and is in speech therapy. He says 1-2 word combinations right now. He is not into sitting down and doing puzzles and coloring. He needs more development with fine motor skills. Their newborn twin daughters were just born prematurely last week and the family is currently in Louisiana for the next couple of weeks until the babies are big enough to go home. Dad owns his own business, Mom is a stay at home mom but also helps with the business, or will be in and out of the house with her personal commitments. Pre-Covid, the family used to travel all the time internationally so they are hoping to resume traveling again, ( Mexico, Canada, Mau) and it would be a big perk if the nanny liked to travel with the family (with advanced notice) but the travel is not mandatory and they could get a separate travel nanny if needed for their trips. The family is desiring light housekeeping duties including dishes, baby laundry, organization, simple meal prep, errands and then maintaining the upkeep and cleanliness of their 6500 square foot home. They have a housekeeper weekly to do the deep cleaning. They have a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home. Both parents are at home for various hours throughout the day. The family is ideally seeking a nanny who has a strong work ethic and is trustworthy, a team player and has a lot of energy. They would prefer to have a nanny who is comfortable with taking their son on outings (the park, school pick up, etc.). They are providing the family SUV for the nanny’s use. Also must be comfortable going swimming in their pool. Since they have twin newborn babies, the nanny must have excellent newborn and infant experience as well. Pets: 2 small hypoallergenic dogs. They are 6 years old and each under 15 lbs. This is an amazing generous laid back family who value and appreciate quality care and they are wishing for 2 additional nannies to become a part of their family. Benefits: Paid Holidays. Paid Vacation. Use of family SUV. Health Insurance. Compensation: $25/hr. Interviewing now. Positions starts Aug 2. Please apply if interested in either the evening position or the weekend position. (REF#MDPV)


**If interested to applying to either position, please email and use REF#MDPV in the title and specify if you are interested in the evening shift or the weekend shift.***

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Shea & Tatum: This wonderful returning Scottsdale family with 3 girls: a 7 year old, a 5 year old and a 3 year old are seeking a stellar nanny with experience caring for multiple children to join their busy household for the following part-time schedule: M-F from 2:30-6:30PM are the hours they are definitely needing but they are willing to offer up to 30 hrs per week for the right nanny. If the nanny wants a day off during the week, they can do 4 days a week for a 5 hour shift (or longer). If the nanny is needing more than 20 hours, the family is flexible and can offer up to 30 hours in an effort to find the right fit and they can be flexible around the nanny’s schedule as long as the 2:30-6:30PM shift is covered. Ideal nanny has experience with preschool – school agers as well as experience caring for 3+ children. Their 7 year old daughter will be in 2nd grade, is described as being a rule flower and a very good kid, is rules based, thinks in a very black and white manner, is the typical 1st born. She likes to read and play piano, swim (pool in backyard), and attend her ninja class.Their 5 year old daughter will be in kindergarten, is sweet, a girly girl, loves pretty things, loves to dress up, loves to do what her older sister is doing, and is very emotionally driven. The 3 year old will be in full-time daycare 8AM-6PM, is described as a spitfire, very much a jokester, likes to test her limits, is the baby, wants to keep up with the rest, and has a comedic flare. The family is desiring a nanny who is health conscious (food and exercise) and who likes to go out on excursions but also knows when it’s a good time to stay home and read books or do a craft. Prepping dinner for the kids, nightly is needed as well as preparing lunches for the next day, kids’ laundry once a week, light errands, taking them to activities after school, and assisting with homework. Must be respectful of the home and maintain the same manner the house was when you arrive for work. The family has had nannies previously and what has worked out well is when the nanny was really good with consistency with discipline and redirection, and when she focused on instilling habits and manners. So they want a nanny who has that authority level with the kids, who is experienced, health conscious, (they don’t feed them kid friendly meals but rather they eat what the parents eat) so prepping for a simple family meal is needed. Grocery shopping is done on Monday for the week ahead and Mom provides the nanny with a week of recipes or planned meals. Both parents have high-demanding jobs and schedules so reliability and punctuality are essential. A car is provided for the nanny’s use. Benefits offered are paid vacation, paid holidays, use of car, and health insurance. No pets. No travel. They have a casual atmosphere in the household yet semi-formal home that is neat and orderly. Dad sometimes will work from home in a home office off the master bedroom. Interviewing starts ASAP and the position starts in July. They would love for a longterm commitment in which the nanny stays and grows with their family. Their current nanny raves about the family and the girls and we placed her with them in April 2019 and it was the perfect fit. The only reason she is leaving is because she is returning to teaching for this upcoming school year but she cannot say enough about how the family values and appreciates her and truly treats her like family. The family is looking for a match like their current nanny. She literally fit right in. Her method of caring and raising the kids is very even keeled. She applied redirection really well, was very organized, had a routine and the girls understood the routine. She was great about setting expectations for the girls on what to expect next, communicated well with the daughters and was also open with communicating with the parents. Everyone felt comfortable around each other. She was on time every day and was reliable and always followed through with any and all expectations. They are looking to emulate these important qualities and characteristics with their next nanny. The parents are not Covid-vaccinated and are open to a nanny who is vaccinated or who is not. Compensation: $20/hr. (REF#KVSC)

***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use (REF#KVSC) in title.***

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NEW FLEXIBLE FULL-TIME FAMILY ASSISTANT POSITION WITH SCHOOL-AGERS IN SCOTTSDALE, 4 DAYS, $20-$25/hr Bell & Thompson Peak Pkwy: This amazing professional single Mom of 3 adolescents is seeking a stellar family assistant to assist her with the school-agers as well as the household to keep the busy family and household running smoothly. She has a 15 year old daughter, a 13 year old son and a 12 year old son. They have a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home. Mom is a divisional VP and has a very busy workload and also travels for business so she is needing a mature nanny / family assistant to be an extension of her and to assist in whatever capacity is needed with the children and the home. She works outside of the home so no adults are home during the day. Pets: 3 small sweet dogs. No travel is needed. Overnights are desired when Mom travels for business and the dates are known in advance. She usually knows 3 – 4 weeks in advance for travel. On average there are 4-6 days a month for travel and she is usually gone 2-3 nights per trip. Sometimes she has to be gone over the weekend, on average it is one weekend a month and it would be from Friday to Sunday night. Also there are 1-2 times a year where she is gone for 7-10 nights. So flexibility is needed on the nanny’s part to be available for overnight care when Mom travels. Mom is seeking a candidate who is high energy, fun and someone who her kids will feel comfortable confiding in. Must be able to assist with high school level homework, prepare food, pick up children and take them places, manage homework and make sure all assignments are completed. A Bachelor’s degree is preferred and educational experience would be nice but not required.. There is a tutor that comes to the house 4 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and helps all 3 children with their schoolwork so the nanny would need to be present when the tutor is there to monitor and oversee that assignments are turned in as well as keep open communication with the teachers. The children attend Basis which is a very academic school and there are 3 hrs a night of homework so it is fast-paced due to the homework. They have a very loving, encouraging, respectful environment at home, yet also laid-back, cozy and comfortable. Dad passed away so Mom is a very involved, hands-on Mom. The pandemic was hard on everyone and they are seeking a candidate whom they consider an additional family member for years to come who will also be a friend and confidante to the kids. The children have been really fortunate with having amazing nannies. Their last nanny was with them for 5 years and she created a very close bond with the kids, and was like a 2nd Mom to them. They adored her because she was very empathetic, emotionally intelligent, would have good conversations with them and they felt they could confide in her and trust her, which was really great and what they are hoping to emulate with the next nanny. A nanny who is engaging and will take the children on fun outings when Mom is out of town is desired. Mom is Covid- vaccinated and is preferring a nanny who is vaccinated but is open to all candidates in an effort to find the perfect fit for their family. They have a housekeeper who comes once a week for deep cleaning so no cleaning is needed other than general picking up, dishes, bed making, no laundry , preparing dinner each night for the kids (will provde recipes and the meals are simple/ kids are not picky eaters); pack lunches for the next day, light errands, overseeing contractors when needed. The kids are on summer break now and school starts Aug 4th and they are off to the races immediately and have homework the 1st day. The kids typically take the bus to school in the morning and then the nanny will need to pick them up at 2:40. The schedule needed year-round is 4 days a week – M-TH , 30 hrs, for approximately 7 1/2 hrs a day so M-TH 1-8:30PM with flexibility. Then additional overnights are needed when Mom travels for business. All 3 children are smart and very cool. The 15 year old daughter is the typical oldest child, loves being in charge, is driven, focused on schooland will be a freshman in high school. She’s focused on getting the best grades possible and into an Ivy league university, very opinionated politically, join the debate team this year, very polite and kind hearted, always advocating for people less fortunate, volunteered for special needs kids at her school, sweet girl, loves reading, Netflix, and is the most sensistive about having a nanny. The 13 year old son is super calm and the sweetest person ever. He has several friends at school, plays video games, sloves to kateboard,is trying to teach himself some musical instruments, is a great student, is really good at Math and science, loves to talk ,and is calm and chill. The 12 year old son is very artistic, an amazing artist, loves to draw, is into anime, is very calm and chill and not a lot of stuff bothers him, is delightful, very funny, and really fun to be around. Pets: 3 sweet hypoallergetic dogs: havanese, maltipoo, white terrier. Compensation: $20-$25/hr plus extra compensation for overnights. For ex, $700 for a weekend. Interviewing starts ASAP and the position starts mid-July. (REF#CMSC)


***To apply to this position or inquire about more details, please email and use REF#CMSC in the title.***


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Scottsdale Mountain

N 136th St & E Via Linda: This fabulous professional returning family of ours in Scottsdale mountain is seeking a stellar nanny / household manager for a flexible part-time schedule of 2 days per week, 8 hour shifts, and they are completely flexible on which days and the exact hrs can be worked out according to the nanny’s availability. Dad is a successful entrepreneur with a large network of connections within his circle, which is very appealing to a nanny who may be pursuing a small business or side business or just enjoys creativity. There is room for growth and advancement within this position. They have a 12 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. They both go to a mission Montessori school and have been full-time in person all year. They are on summer break and will be returning to school again in the fall but this 2 day a week part-time schedule will be needing year-round even when school resumes. Their 12 year old daughter is in summer camp for just one week this summer and the family would love a fun, energetic, college-type nanny to take both kids on outings like the water park while they are out of school. She is very smart, very verbal, likes horses, volleyball, Tik Tok and all pre-teen adolescent girly things. Their 6 year old son just graduated from kindergarten. He is an amazing kid who is loving and sensitive to other kids’ needs and displays a variety of different qualities. He is not on the spectrum but does have occupational therapy from some past trauma. He needs a nanny who will really pay attention to him, be interactive, sensitive and loving. A nanny with a gentle, non-reactive, soft spoken approach who is thoughtful and a great listener is ideal for both children. Must have a true passion for kids. He loves to build things like legos. there is a tennis center and recreation center with a pool and hot tub within their community so there are lots of activities to engage the kids in. They have a mini golden doodle so nanny must be dog friendly and walk the dog. Any other domestic tasks would be child -related: children’s meals, light housework, and overseeing the children’s chores. The family has a family car for the nanny’s use for any transporting of the children. They also have a 18 year old daughter who lives at home who will be present and in and out but completely independent and not in need of care. There is a spare guest room that the nanny can use for any down time or potential overnights if desired. The family can guarantee a minimum of 16 hours a week, with the opportunity for additional hours. Compensation: $30/hr. Interviewing now. Positions starts ASAP. (REF#SFSC)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#SFSC in the title.***

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Temp Nanny

60th St and Greenway: An adorable happy healthy 7 month old baby boy is in need of a caring temp nanny with excellent infant experience to care for him for a flexible full-time schedule for the next 9 months, starting ASAP through March.  The schedule is M-F from 8AM – 4PM. Both parents work at home in home offices. They are first-time parents and have a casual atmosphere in their home. Their baby sleeps very well at night and is on a great nap / sleep schedule during the day. Mom, Dad, and an adult daughter are home during the day. No pets. Parents will be home but working and on and off of zoom calls all day and possible out at meetings. They would also need some light housework (cleaning up, baby laundry, linens, groceries).  Also, on occasion they would like the nanny to be available for date night babysitting. This position starts right away and is through March. Compensation: $20 – $25/hr.(REF#MCSC)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email with REF#MCSC in the title.***

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