40th St and Clarendon: This wonderful busy professional family with a 22 month old daughter is seeking a stellar nanny to join their family for a flexible 30-40 hr work week. They have a semi-formal atmosphere in their home and are desiring a nanny to grow with their family and commit long term for 3-5 years or longer. They were referred to Caring Nannies from one of our amazing longterm families and are a dream family to work for. Mom works from her home office and Dad typically goes to his office to work. Dad also travels for business. Travel is not required but there will be an opportunity to travel with the family 2 -3 times a year if nanny is available (they were supposed to be in Paris this week). If nanny does not travel with the family, she is still paid her salary when the family travels. Important qualities they are desiring: attention to detail, able to conform to their preferences, professional and punctual, education background is a plus, able to be loving and comforting but also firm when needed to build structure that aligns with how they parent. They can offer 30 hrs a week guaranteed to start out but are willing to offer 40 hrs a week for the right candidate. The schedule can be flexible in which the days are staggered and some days the nanny comes in earlier and some days she leaves later. They are a flexible, casual, professional family and are desiring a nanny to become a part of their family. They were referred to Caring Nannies from one of our amazing longterm families. Ideal characteristics: mature, respect boundaries, good communicator, takes great initiative, and is creative.. Their dog needs care throughout the week so must be a dog lover. The parents are very particular with what their daughter eats and they want her to eat healthy nutritious meals 80f the time so Mom writes down her meals and snacks on a white board so it’s a fool proof method with lists and instructions for the nanny to follow regarding what to feed her and Mom also includes an educational lesson for the day. Typical schedule will be 6 hrs a day for 30 hrs a week but they are open to offering 40 hrs for the right candidate. Ideally they would like 3 days a week from 11AM-5PM and then 2 days a week 3-9PM or along those lines. They are flexible about which days however they would like Friday to be a later shift to 9PM for events and date nights. Dad has business dinners once or twice a week and they are also very social people so the willingness to stay later on some evenings or work occasional weekend shifts and also travel are all perks. The main focus is on their daughter so no household duties are required other than tidying up and children-related tasks and possibly some light dinner prep while she naps. The family has been exclusively at home for the past 2 months and they had a full-time nanny who left the position prior to Covid 19in March.  Dad has now returned to work full-time. Their daughter will be 2 in July and is described as being very sweet and loving, super smart, a little sassy, a good kid, easy going and never fussy. They have high expectations for her and for themselves, but are also not very rigid. They set ground rules and enforce them. She wakes up at 8:30-9AM — eats breakfast and naps around 12:30/1 for 2 1/2 hrs . The nanny will be caring for her at home only until the family is comfortable with nanny driving her to outings. They loved that their previous nanny cared for their daughter like her own and they are looking for that same level of care and comfort and a safe environment in which their daughter is always being taught new things.  Must be productive and engaging and play time is important but also carving 1 1/2 hrs every day to focus on educational lessons is desired as well.  Pets: one large 70 lb dog (Weimaraner). Compensation: $18-$25/hr. Interviewing now and position starts ASAP..(REF#KTPHX)

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