It’s a New Year which means a new you! Looking to be more organized for 2019? We are here to help! We have found some amazing apps to help busy mom’s and nannies stay organized and on top of crazy schedules.

Baby Connect: Baby Connect is a tracking application to help record feedings, nursing, naps, diapers, milestones, baby’s moods, temperature and what kind of games they are playing. You can also attach pictures!  Baby Connect with synchronize information with your spouse and nanny, it’s a great tool to use for learning what is going on with your baby while you are away.

Toilet Finder: Potty training can be a little challenging, especially when leaving the house.We think this app is helpful for all ages – not just toddlers! This app helps you find a nearby toilet in an instant.

White Noise Ambience: This app comes in handy when trying to get your child to sleep when your out and about.The app has a variety of comforting ambient sounds.

Big Oven: Looking for meal ideas? Look no further. Big oven has all the tools you need to provide amazing meals for the family. You can find recipe inspiration, plan meals, create grocery lists, help reduce food waste, and more all on one device.

Daily Nanny: This app is great for nannies to clock in, add shifts and keep track of over time hours. The app does the math and keeps track of it all for you.

We hope these wonderful apps can help make a difference in 2019. These apps will make you more organized and will help you get more done with less stress.
Happy New Year,
Caring Nannies Staff

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