N 136th St & E Via Linda: This fabulous professional returning family of ours in Scottsdale Mountain is seeking a stellar nanny / household manager for a flexible full-time schedule. Dad is a successful entrepreneur with a large network of connections within his circle, which is very appealing to a nanny who may be pursuing a small business or side business or just enjoys creativity. Mom is the COO of the business and manages the day-to-day operations of the company. This year they are expanding and her job responsibilities and hours are expanding along with that. She will have to travel some – probably every 2-3 months for 1 week. The rest of the time she will work from her home office with lots of Zoom calls. There is room for growth and advancement within this position. They have a 12 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. They both go to a mission Montessori school and have been full-time in person all year.  The schedule ideally will  be 11-5 – M-F or if 40 hours  are desired then 11-7. They would be looking for the nanny to have the flexibility to work some evening hours if they have appointments or go out and in the rare event that they  need to travel together, the nanny could stay overnight.The same schedule will be needed year round including the summer and school breaks.  Their daughter is in camp in the summer.  Personality-wise they need  a nanny / household manager who is comfortable with: Mom’s work-style which will allow her to maximize her high-value time with the kids – pickup from school so she can connect with them; mealtimes; etc. but will then allow her to go back to work and have the nanny be with them. Therefore the ability to be grounded and comfortable in themselves and be in a home where mom is in the home and in and out of the kids’ action. Their son has some special needs. He does go to OT for low muscle tone and processing delays which they will see in helping him with homework and he goes to play therapy to help him learn to identify and process his very deep and intense emotions. They are seeking a nanny who ,is patient, grounded, experienced, and does not have a lot of personal upheaval that they will bring to work. For their daughter  school-work is very important to her and someone to help her with homework will be great. Their parenting style is mindfulness based with a focus on allowing the child to identify their emotions and process through it themselves without trying to “fix it” or “shame it” or “deny it” and providing a regulated and safe environment for them .Kid responsibilities will include: Help with homework, snacks, outside play, driving to some appointments, and just being comfortable hanging out with them.  House responsibilities: manage laundry, dishes, ordering household supplies and groceries, playroom cleanup and organizing, care of the dog and lizard, returns to UPS, helping with twice yearly cleanouts and delivery to charities, light cleaning (they have a weekly housekeeping service), and must be able to cook simple family dinner meals – they have lots of easy recipes. The schedule ideally will  be 11-5 – M-F or if 40 hours  are desired then 11-7. They would be looking for the nanny to have the flexibility to work some evening hours if they have appointments or go out and in the rare event that they  need to travel together, the nanny could stay overnight. The family would love a fun, energetic nanny to take both kids on outings like the water park while they are out of school. Their daughter is very smart, very verbal, likes horses, volleyball, Tik Tok and all pre-teen adolescent girly things. Their 6 year old son is in first grade. He is an amazing kid who is loving and sensitive to other kids’ needs and displays a variety of different qualities. He is not on the spectrum but does have occupational therapy and specific needs.  He needs a nanny who will really pay attention to him, be interactive, sensitive and loving. A nanny with a gentle, non-reactive, soft spoken approach who is thoughtful and a great listener is ideal for both children. Must have a true passion for kids. He loves to build things like legos. There is a tennis center and recreation center with a pool and hot tub within their community so there are lots of activities to engage the kids in. They have a mini goldendoodle so the nanny must be dog friendly and walk the dog. Any other domestic tasks would be child -related: children’s meals, light housework, and overseeing the children’s chores. The family has a family car for the nanny’s use for any transporting of the children.  There is a spare guest room that the nanny can use for any down time or potential overnights if desired. The family can guarantee a minimum of 30 hours a week and up to 40 hrs a week for the right candidate if 40 hrs is needed.  Covid vaccine is not required. Benefits:paid vacation,  PTO, health, dental, vision, 401k. Compensation: $25- $30/hr. Interviewing now. Position starts ASAP. (REF#SFSC)

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Pecos & Gilbert: This wonderful family from CT is relocating to AZ and will be moving to Chandler.  Grandmother lives in Tucson.  They have a smart, precocious 18 month old toddler son and they are seeking a caring nanny to care for him M-F from 7:30AM-5:30PM. (some days may be earlier). Both parents are physicians so reliability and punctuality are of the utmost importance.  Both will primarily be working outside of the home.  Their toddler son is very observant, a little more quiet but he is very smart and will get bored quickly so needs that challenge with different activities.  He is now learning his independence so he voices his opinions , needs boundaries, likes structure,  is very sweet and loving , likes to be outside , tries to learn about his environment , loves cars, blocks, legos, swimming.  They will have a pool in their backyard and will enroll him in an infant swim course so a strong swimmer is desired. The family encourages outside play and taking him for stroller walks in the neighborhood and to nearby parks. No driving right now is needed but with time the parents will be open to taking him on outings.  With a toddler, they are hoping to find a nanny with high energy who can keep up with him. He loves mental challenges and they’ll need someone with the educational level to know developmental milestones and who is comfortable teaching him daily. As with any toddler, patience is crucial. Open communication is also very important to them in caring for their child. They’d like someone comfortable with cooking easy meals, mostly for their son. Light cleaning is also ideal. Household tasks will be child related – linens. laundry, tidying up. The emphasis is on their son and during down time, the nanny will meal prep for him , light meals for simple family dinners 2 – 3 days a week (ie crockpot meals).  They have a housekeeper who will do the heavy cleaning biweekly. They have a casual atmosphere in their home and are desiring a longterm commitment of ideally 3 – 5 years.  Their current nanny is a career nanny so they would really like an experienced nanny with flexibility who would want to grow with their family for years to come. They are a self-proclaimed extrovert dad and introvert mom so a  nanny who meshes well with both is desired. Their son may be an energetic toddler but he has a calm demeanor , can get over stimulated with loud noise, and at times needs to recharge his batteries and take a break. The qualities they love about their nanny is she fits in seamlessly with the family. She picks up where they leave off,  is comfortable to be around , very good about the schedule, logs their son’s sleeping and eating schedule which is great for communication, plans different activities to do with him, challenges him and he is a very smart kid and likes mental challenges, arts and crafts, different activities, and is always learning new words. Being in the medical field, both Mom and Dad are Covid-vaccinated and are seeking a nanny who is also Covid-vaccinated.  Virtual interviews start ASAP. The family will be in AZ Feb 1st.  Position starts in Feb. Compensation:  $20-$25/hr. Pets: 2 dogs: 15 year old Chihuahua, 5 year old yellow lab. Paid Vacation.  Paid holidays.  Bonus.  (REF#SMEV)
***To apply to this position, please email and use REF#SMEV in the title. $500 referral fee and $100 sign on bonus.***
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Scottsdale Rd & Cactus: This busy professional Scottsdale family is seeking a caring, interactive full-time nanny to help be an extension of Mom and assist in keeping the household running smoothly by caring for their 2 little ones: a 9 month old baby boy and a 2 year old toddler girl. The schedule is M-F from 8:30-4:30. They have a casual atmosphere in their home and are desiring a longterm commitment. Mom is mostly home or running errands/going to gym/picking up older kids from school/sports. There are 2 older children who are 7 and 10 who are there half of the time. There is also an 18 year old in the home. However the nanny will only be responsible for caring for the infant and toddler. Mom mostly needs help with one child at a time but could need the nanny to care for both children for an hour or two here and there. Their 9 month old baby boy is sweet and adorable, not on a strict schedule, is very easy going, very calm and mellow and easy to console. He is bottle-fed and if the nanny has tips on helping Mom get him on a schedule, that would be welcomed. Their 19 month old daughter is super sweet and really smart and funny but like all toddlers she does get more irritable when she’s tired, can be stubborn when it comes to listening, and is needing a nanny who is willing to work with her and provide her with structure. She loves swimming and playing outside, building blocks, watching movies, and she likes to read books. She is having difficulty with her talking so a nanny who is very interactive and engaging and playful with her is ideal. There is a pool in the backyard and they are open to the nanny taking the children on outings. The 7 year old is really easy-going, sweet, funny, helpful, goes with the flow, has some trouble with listening, can get rambunctious, and is going into 2nd grade. Their 10 year old son is  in 4th grade, is sweet and caring and likes to know what’s happening, doesn’t like surprises. Their 18 year old daughter is independent and does her own thing. The boys just ask for snacks and do their own thing too. Again the 3 older children are there half the time and since Mom is present in the home, the nanny will not be caring for the 3 older children. The nanny’s focus is on the infant and toddler and assisting Mom in the household. The family is seeking a nanny who is caring, nice, and fits in with a laid back household. Light tidying up is appreciated.—fold laundry or empty dishwasher when kids are napping. Pets: 3 dogs. Paid Vacation. Paid Holidays. Bonus. Compensation: $18-$21/hr. Interviewing now and position starts ASAP. (REF#TTSC)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#TTSC in the title.***

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Household Manager
117th & Shea:  Two charming little girls, ages 6 1/2 and 3 1/2 are in need of a stellar reliable nanny to care for them for an extremely flexible 30 t0 35 hrs per week schedule.  They are seeking an experienced nanny that is active, energetic, soft-spoken and positive.  The nanny must be consistent, organized and trustworthy.  The ideal nanny should be comfortable taking the girls to both indoor and outdoor activities and planning activities and outings for the girls.  This is a combo nanny/ household manager role with the nanny being an extension of mom to help keep the household running smoothly.  The 6 year old is in first grade and will need some help with homework 2 to 3 afternoons per week and the 3 year old is in full-time preschool.  Both girls have sweet dispositions and are very high energy.  This family would like a longterm commitment of 1 to 2 years.  This is a single parent household. The current custody schedule is a 3, 2, 2, 3 arrangement.  Mom will need the nanny to take the girls to school 2 to 3 mornings per week and occasionally pick up kids after school. The nanny will need to be able to take care of the children on school closure / early release days and back up sick child care if needed.  Nanny must have availability to work as early as 5:30AM and as late as 6:30PM on some days however Mom is flexible with the 5:30AM start time and the day can start at 6AM if needed. Weekend availability is also preferred every other weekend but not mandatory.  (2 Saturdays a month is ideal but Mom is open to hiring a separate weekend nanny if needed so she is flexible and the Saturday shifts are optional.)  Mom works early mornings through early afternoons outside of the home.  An example of the 3, 2, 2, 3 schedule needed is as follows:
Week 1 & 3
Monday – 8AM – 6PM*
Tuesday – 5:30/6AM – 5:30PM
Wednesday – 5:30/6AM – 9:30AM
Thursday – OFF
Friday – 2:30PM – 6:30PM
Saturday – 6AM – 11AM (optional)
Sunday – OFF
Week 2 & 4
Monday – 5:30/6AM – 9:30AM
Tuesday – OFF
Wednesday – 8AM – 6PM*
Thursday – 5:30/6AM – 9:30AM
Friday 5:30/6AM-9:30AM
Saturday – OFF
Sunday – OFF
There are 2 weekends off each month and 2 Tuesdays and 2 Thursdays off each month. Mom is flexible with weekend shifts and is open to hiring a separate nanny for weekends if needed.  Morning duties will include getting girls ready for school, fed breakfast, packing lunches and taking the children to school.  School drop off times are 8:25AM for the first grader and 9AM for the preschooler.  School pick up times normally are 2:50PM for the preschooler and 3:10PM for the first grader.  Afternoon duties will include possible pick up from school, assisting with afternoon activities and evening routine including homework help, and preparing simple meals for children. Household manager duties will include occasional errands, grocery shopping, children’s meal prep, light housekeeping (children’s areas) and children’s laundry.  Nanny must have own car.  Gas will be reimbursed and car seats provided.  Covid vaccine is not required. Open to both.  Paid vacation, some paid holidays, 24 hour sick leave, guaranteed 30 minimum hrs per week and 35 hrs maximum.  Compensation: $20- $26/hr DOE.  Interviewing now.  Position starts ASAP. (REF#KPSC)
***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#KPSC in the title. $500 referral bonus and $100 sign on bonus.***
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Lincoln & Tatum: This wonderful busy professional family in PV is seeking a caring organized, educational full-time nanny to care for their sweet 15 month old son. The schedule is M-F from 7AM-4/5PM for a 40-45 hour work week. Their son is a sweet and calm, fun and loving child, who loves to explore, is very curious, constantly loves to play, is walking, is self-feeding, and uses baby sign language. He likes his freedom so doesn’t like to be restricted, and enjoys independent play so needs a nanny to support his growth and development. He has a great rhythm and routine to the day. His toys are all engaging, hands-on educational toys and the parents are desiring a nanny who will focus on the educational aspect of the job and create a fun learning environment daily as he transitions from one stage of development to the next. They have a casual yet semi-formal atmosphere in their home. Both parents work from home in home offices and they employ a housekeeper who will also be present in the home for deep cleaning. The nanny will only be responsible for domestic tasks related to the child: child laundry, bottles, dishes, child meal prep, maintaining the upkeep and cleanliness of the 3 play areas. Ideal qualities and characteristics desired in a nanny: calm, compassionate, caring, nurturing and understanding of children. The parents appreciate the Montessori style of parenting. They are raising an independent, inquisitive, adventurous, respectful young man, and want a nanny who can guide him along his journey. They maintain a structure to their home and their child’s routine throughout the day which requires the nanny to be organized, punctual and mindful of her time. The nanny will be expected to manage the child’s diet by  simple children meal planning and preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for him daily. They have several resources available that will guide the nanny so she is not expected to know everything, but rather have a willingness and ability to learn. They use many mobile apps, and would want the nanny to be tech savvy. Lastly, the nanny should have a wonderful ability to communicate with the parents and the child. They want to welcome the nanny to their family and as such, want her to be honest and upfront about any issues or situations that may come up. Primary care is within their home. There is a pool in their backyard and weather permitting they are open to stroller walks and park play in their subdivision. As the pandemic dies down and their son gets bigger, they will be open to the nanny taking him on outings. No driving is needed at this time. Travel may be desired (including internationally) so a passport is preferred. Compensation: $18-$22/hr. Paid Vacation. Paid Holidays. Interviewing now and position starts ASAP. (REF#RUPV)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#RUPV in title. $500 referral bonus and $100 sign-on bonus.***

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Mature Family Assistant

Bell & Thompson Peak Pkwy: This amazing professional single Mom of 3 adolescents is seeking a stellar family assistant to assist her with the school-agers as well as the household to keep the busy family and household running smoothly. She has a 15 year old daughter, a 13 year old son and a 12 year old son. They have a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home. Mom is a divisional VP and has a very busy workload and also travels for business so she is needing a mature nanny / family assistant to be an extension of her and to assist in whatever capacity is needed with the children and the home. She works outside of the home so no adults are home during the day. Pets: 3 small sweet dogs. No travel is needed. Overnights are desired when Mom travels for business and the dates are known in advance. She usually knows 3 – 4 weeks in advance for travel. On average there are 4-6 days a month for travel and she is usually gone 2-3 nights per trip. Sometimes she has to be gone over the weekend, on average it is one weekend a month and it would be from Friday to Sunday night. Also there are 1-2 times a year where she is gone for 7-10 nights. So flexibility is needed on the nanny’s part to be available for overnight care when Mom travels. Mom is seeking a candidate who is high energy, fun and someone who her kids will feel comfortable confiding in. Must be able to prepare food, take children places, manage homework and make sure all assignments are completed. A Bachelor’s degree is preferred and educational experience would be nice but not required.. There is a tutor that comes to the house 4 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and helps all 3 children with their schoolwork so the nanny would need to be present when the tutor is there to monitor and oversee that assignments are turned in as well as keep open communication with the teachers.  They have a very loving, encouraging, respectful environment at home, yet also laid-back, cozy and comfortable. Dad passed away so Mom is a very involved, hands-on Mom. The pandemic was hard on everyone and they are seeking a candidate whom they consider an additional family member for years to come who will also be a friend and confidante to the kids. The children have been really fortunate with having amazing nannies. Their last longterm nanny was with them for 5 years and she created a very close bond with the kids, and was like a 2nd Mom to them. They adored her because she was very empathetic, emotionally intelligent, would have good conversations with them and they felt they could confide in her and trust her, which was really great and what they are hoping to emulate with the next nanny. They hired a nanny through Caring Nannies this summer and it was an amazing fit however the nanny just relocated out of the country in Dec. A nanny who is engaging and will take the children on fun outings when Mom is out of town is desired. Mom is Covid- vaccinated and is seeking a nanny who is vaccinated as well. They have a housekeeper who comes once a week for deep cleaning so no cleaning is needed other than general picking up, dishes, bed making, no laundry , preparing dinner each night for the kids (will provide recipes and the meals are simple/ kids are not picky eaters); pack lunches for the next day, light errands, overseeing contractors when needed.  The kids typically take the bus to school in the morning and ride the bus home after school so nanny will not need to drop them off or pick them up. The schedule needed year-round is 4 days a week – M-TH , 30 hrs, for approximately 7 1/2 hrs a day so 1-8:30PM with flexibility. Then additional overnights are needed when Mom travels for business. All 3 children are smart and very cool. The 15 year old daughter is the typical oldest child, loves being in charge, is driven, focused on school and is a freshman in high school. She’s focused on getting the best grades possible and into an Ivy league university, very opinionated politically, join the debate team this year, very polite and kind hearted, always advocating for people less fortunate, volunteered for special needs kids at her school, sweet girl, loves reading, Netflix, and is the most sensitive about having a nanny. The 13 year old son is super calm and the sweetest person ever. He has several friends at school, plays video games, loves to skateboard,is trying to teach himself some musical instruments, is a great student, is really good at Math and science, loves to talk ,and is calm and chill. The 12 year old son is very artistic, an amazing artist, loves to draw, is into anime, is very calm and chill and not a lot of stuff bothers him, is delightful, very funny, and really fun to be around. Pets: 3 sweet hypoallergenic dogs: havanese, maltipoo, white terrier. Compensation: $20-$25/hr plus extra compensation for overnights. For ex, $700 for a weekend. Her previous nanny was making over $54K with overnights. Interviewing now and the position starts ASAP. (REF#CMSC)


**To apply to this position please email and use REF#CMSC in the title.  $500 referral bonus and $100 sign on bonus.**

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Via De Ventura & Hayden: This wonderful professional family of an adorable happy and healthy 6 week old newborn son are seeking a reliable nanny with excellent newborn experience to join their busy family and care for their sweet son for a flexible full-time schedule (32 – 40 hrs a week) that can be either 4 or 5 days a week. The schedule is flexible and they are offering a minimum of 32 hrs a week and up to 40 hrs if the nanny needs 40 hours. They are open to 4 longer days a week (such as Mon – TH or Tues – Fri, which would give their nanny a 3 day weekend every week), or they can offer a full M-F schedule. The start time is flexible from 8 or 9AM – 4/5PM with flexibility to stay until 6 or 7PM if the parents wanted to go out to dinner. Again, the exact schedule can be worked out with the nanny based on her availability and how many hrs she is desiring. Their newborn son was born a month prematurely and was under 5 lbs but he is thriving and is now almost 7 lbs and is doing great and doesn’t have any health concerns. He is solely bottle-fed and is getting into a good feeding and napping routine. He has a pretty good temperament. The family is open to the nanny taking him on stroller walks in their neighborhood. They have a casual atmosphere in their home. They have a weekly housekeeper to do all deep cleaning so the only household tasks needed are pertaining to the baby (bottles, toys, baby laundry) Mom is a first time Mom and Dad has a teenager. They are a very laid -back, easy going family who value quality care. At the moment both parents work at home from home offices but will most likely be returning to the office 1 -2 days a week once they hire a nanny. Mom is a lawyer slowly returning to work now so they are looking to hire a nanny as soon as they find the right match for their family. Dad runs a family business. Pets: 4 dogs and 2 cats so must be pet friendly and no allergies. They strongly prefer a nanny who is Covid- vaccinated but they are open to either. Compensation: $18-$25/hr. Paid Vacation. Paid holidays. Interviewing now. Position starts ASAP. (REF#SSSC)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#SSSC in title.***

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Arcadia Nanny
44th St & Camelback:  An adorable, happy, easy-going 11 month old boy is in need of a caring outgoing Arcadia nanny to care for him M-TH from 8:30AM – 4PM/ 4:30PM for a guaranteed minimum of 32 hrs per week. Additional hrs can be added (closer to 40 hrs)  for the right candidate if desired.  Grandma cares for him on Fridays so nanny has every Friday off. A 3 day weekend is a great perk! Their son is not walking yet but he is cruising along furniture. He is a very happy child, and is outgoing and thrives with someone who actively interacts with him and plays with him.  He is on a great schedule and is a very easy sleeper, takes 2 naps a day, and enjoys going on stroller walks in their neighborhood and there is a park nearby and the family is also open to the nanny taking him to the library and on other outings. They have a casual atmosphere in their home.  Dad works from home part-time.  Both parents are vaccinated and Covid vaccination is required of the nanny. The first time parents are seeking a nanny to join their family for a longterm commitment.  A nanny who is bilingual is a wonderful bonus but not mandatory.  The family is described as being relaxed and fairly casual. Their son has a pretty set schedule so a nanny who is detail-oriented, proactive and reliable is needed. Light housework only pertaining to their son is desired as well as simple food prep (children’s meals) will probably be needed from time to time. Their son is allergic to nuts and egg. They have a housekeeper for deep cleaning. This is a dream family to work for!  Paid Vacation.  Paid Holidays. Bonus. Compensation:  $25- $30/hr.  Interviewing now.  Position starts ASAP.  (REF#VGPHX)
***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#VGPHX in the title.  $500 referral bonus and $100 sign on bonus.***
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Ocotillo & AZ Ave:  This wonderful professional family just moved to AZ from LA and they have adorable, happy, healthy 10 month old twins! (boy, girl). Ideally they are seeking a bilingual nanny who has 5 years or more experience with infant twins; speaks Spanish; has a high energy level to keep the babies engaged and has creative ways to help them achieve developmental milestones.  They also have a 4 year old daughter who is in preschool full-time from 7:30-5PM so she will not be needing care.  They have a live-in bilingual nanny from LA who moved here with them and will continue to work full-time for them.  However they would like to add an additional full-time nanny to their busy household.  Therefore both nannies will work as a team to care for the twins.  The schedule is Monday – Friday from 8AM – 6PM (with flexibility).  The babies are fed with a combination of both nursing and bottle feeding.  They have a casual atmosphere in their home.  No pets.  Mother may be working from home sometimes. Mom is an attorney and Dad is a business owner.  Driving the twins will be needed to music class (1x per week); to gym class (1x per week) and a family car is provided for the nanny’s use. Light household duties are baby-related: baby laundry,  sanitizing bottles and toys, organizational projects , no errands or grocery shopping, making baby solid food and puress each day.  What the family has discovered that works so well for them is a nanny who talks to the babies a lot because they talk back and  love to have songs sang to them,  books reads to them and it is just very important for the nanny to talk, read, sing, play and be very engaging and interactive with the babies. Reliability is essential.  Experience with multiples or experience caring for more than one child is needed.  Must be proactive, take great initiative and be a great communicator.  A nanny who gives suggestions in terms of developmental games and activities is desired. The girl twin is crawling and cruising, sitting up, has a sturdy posture,  is more reserved, looks serious most of the time, much more calm, loves the bouncy chair, likes to play with cloths and bibs,  and loves to rub soft textures on her face.  She’s a cat napper (30 minute naps).  She’s a really great eater and has eaten every new solid introduced to her.  The boy twin is  so outgoing and always smiling but also very fast, curious and always wants to go everywhere.  He is cruising along the furniture and is already  letting go and taking a few steps on his own. Paid vacation.  Paid holidays. Bonus.  Compensation. $20-$28/hr.  Interviewing now and position starts ASAP.  (REF#CLEV)


***To apply to this position, please email and use REF#CLEV in the title.  $500 referral bonus and $100 sign on bonus.***

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Family Assistant


Pima & Pinnacle Peak:  An artsy, smart, sweet 7 year old girl and a funny, energetic 4 year old boy are in need of a full-time family assistant to join their family for a flexible 40 hour work week.  The schedule is flexible based on nanny’s availability and can start at 10 or 11AM for an 8 hour shift until 6 or 7PM. They have a casual atmosphere in their home.  Both parents work from home. The kids are in school from 8AM-3PM. The kids are not in after school activities at the moment but may be in the future. Their 7 year old daughter is in 1st grade,  is very artsy and creative, loves art projects , is very smart, very sweet, loves animals and wants to be a vet, loves horses and horseback riding, and is a really good big sister. Their 4 year old son is in preschool and he is very sweet, very funny, playful, has a lot of energy, very well-behaved, very funny, is a good listener, loves robots, transformers, paw patrol, and imaginary play. The family is seeking a candidate who can be a family assistant to Mom and take on a household managerial type of role but also care for the kids. Safe and competent driver is needed. Picking up and dropping off kids will be needed on occasion or frequently depending on the day (in family vehicle), along with running errands, organizing the home, laundry and light cleaning. Overall, an extension of Mom. Kids are in school 8am-3pm M-F, so while they are in school the family assistant will take care of the home, run errands, clean, and organize. The household tasks include: dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, linens, healthy food prep and light cooking, family laundry, groceries, errands, and scheduling dr appointments. There is no deep cleaning needed as they have cleaners right now. The family has had both nannies and au-pairs before and what has worked really well for them is someone who truly enjoys kids, and is patient, organized, and efficient about keeping a schedule and providing routine and structure. Pets:  1 australian labradoodle (2.5 yrs), 1 australian labradoodle puppy (arriving 11/21). Pet care may include dropping off the dogs for grooming.  Fenced pool in backyard. Possible travel desired for family vacation. Compensation:  $25-$30/hr.  Paid vacation.  Paid Holidays.  Use of familycar.  Interviewing now and position starts ASAP.  (REF#SGSC)
***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#SGSC in the title. $500 referral bonus and $100 sign on bonus.***
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