FLW & Thompson Peak Pkwy:  fraternal twinsAdorable, sweet 4 week old twin newborn girls are in need of a caring, reliable nanny with excellent newborn experience to care for them 3 days a week:  Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 8AM-3PM with flexibility.  The babies were born 4 weeks early and are doing well, but Mom needs assistance getting the babies on a routine from an experienced nanny.  Inspite being born early, both of the babies are a little over 5-pounds now.  One baby does have a heart murmur and has visits to the cardiologist regularly, but overall, they are both healthy baby girls. Mom is pumping and supplementing so they both babies take bottles well.  The family does have a 3 year old daughter as well who attends preschool during the day, so the nanny will not need to care for her unless there is a day the preschool is closed or she is sick. Mom is home during the day or will be in and out.  No driving and no travel is needed.  No pets.  A night shift can be added if nanny has the availability to assist with the babies at night one night a week. The family can be flexible with the nanny’s schedule but the 3 day schedule of MTW is ideal.  Mom’s sister-in-law assists with caring for the girls on the other days. They have a casual atmosphere in their home and the ideal nanny is loving and patient with twin experience or experience caring for multiple children close in age.  Interviewing starts ASAP and the position begins as soon as they find the right  fit.  Compensation:  $15/hr. (REF#VSSC)
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56TH AND GREENWAY: This busy professional family with a 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter are in need of a reliable nanny for a split shift schedule with a guaranteed 30 hrs a week and it can be up to 40 hrs. We are looking for a kind, reliable nanny for our son (age 5) and daughter (age 3) as we are two working professionals. We need help with getting the kids ready for school in the morning, driving to and from school and after-school activities. We occasionally need help during the day to cover when they have half-days or school closure. We may occasionally need help overnight, date nights or daytime weekend. We would love someone to help with preparing the kids’ meals (including school lunches), washing the children’s clothes, helping with homework, cleaning up after kids. Additional duties would include cooking family meals.

Approximate schedule is M-F from 6:30AM-9AM, and then return and work from 2:30pm-6:30pm. Due to their unpredictable work schedules,flexibility is important. Dad is a surgeon and Mom is an anestheiologist. The last nanny they had was great and stayed with them for 4 years until they moved to AZ from San Francisco. Both children go to school and their schools are within a 6 mile radius. At 6:30AM, nanny would assist with getting the kids up, fed, and ready for school and then the daughter is dropped off at 8:15Am and the son is dropped off at 8:25AM. Then the nanny has her own free time to get personal errands or appointments done at her leisure until she is needed to pick them up at 2:30PM. Their 5 year old son is in kindergarten,is really shy but very sweet. He enjoys drawing with crayons, playing with legos, airplanes; and he is a rule follower and helper. Their 3 year old daughter is good eater, loves to eat vegetables, very sweet, but strong willed, very independent, starting dance class ; likes everything pink and starting to get into dolls and barbies. She is shy at first but warms up pretty quickly. They can guarantee a minimum of 30 hrs a week and more hrs may be needed on occasion depending on work and some weeks can be up to 40 hrs. No adults home during the day. No pets. Driving is required to and from school and school activities (~12 miles total/day) in nanny’s vehicle, gas/mileage reimbursed. Compensation: $15/hr (open to gross or net) Starts ASAP (REF#HMSC)

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For the most important hire you will ever make, the key is asking the right questions.
A nanny takes care of your most valuable resources, your children and your home, and represents your family. You are the gatekeeper for your family, and in many ways, she will become the face of the family.
Choosing the right agency
The first question to ask is to determine which service to use. It helps to get a personal referral. When you’re shopping for a high end car, you go to the best store. This is not the time to look for a bargain and don’t make the mistake of using several agencies. You’ll likely see some of the same candidates. Read up on how they find their candidates, what their screening practices are. Look for a nice, kind, friendly agency.

A good agency will ask lots of questions. They will want to know your personality and the personality of each one of the children, your schedule, what household chores would lighten your load, like running errands, preparing a tasty dinner a few nights a week, or home management experience.

On Your mark, Get set, Go
Your first job is to decide what you actaully need and want:

  • Daily and weekly schedule- full or part time
  • Duties, expectations
  • Salary range
  • Skill sets, like bilingual, cooking
  • Educational level
  • Flexibility–like being able to travel or help with occasional evenings
  • Live-in or live-out

Be as specific as possible in your description
We recommend finding the best personality match for your family and being negotiable about specific skill-sets.

Narrowing down the candidates 

Your Placement counselor will take your Family Application and the information from the phone interview and go through their data base of nannies to find a handful of very close matches. She is doing the work for you so do consider each of them. She may start with 15 candidates and narrow the list down to 3-5 best matches for you. She is looking at the ages of children the nannies have had recent experience with, how close she lives to you, how her personality matches with yours, skill sets, schedule and salary. She is doing the digging for you. When she says, “meet everyone we send you , even if it’s just for 15 minutes”, do it.

Let the agency save you stress and  time. Trust them. A picky nanny agency will  go through 25 applications before finding one to interview. After an in-person interview, a decision is made whether to proceed with reference and background checks. Our goal is that your choice will be based on the best personality match for your family between a few top-quality candidates.

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