Q. How did you get started in your Nanny Career?
A. I started  babysitting at age 13, then went on went on to a Day Care Facility, but there I missed the one on one relationships with the children. The other down side was that I got pinkeye, pneumonia, mono and bronchitis all in one month working at the Center.
Later, a friend of a friend asked me to care for a 10 month old and an eight year old full time, so I nannied for two years for them. I watched the baby learn to walk, talk at 12 months, and potty trained and swimming by age two. The sense of satisfaction knowing that I’d helped her progress, had a deep and lasting impact on me. She loved me, I loved her, and we had that connection. She called me ‘My Ashley’.  Being responsible for a child so dependent on me, gave me a sense of responsibility and helped me mature. We danced and sang all day long. The Mom told me “she has a part of your personality”. She took after me and I thought that was so special!  I’ve been close to the family ever since. Recently I sat for them for a family emergency. “We don’t want anyone else”, they told me.

Q. What other experience have you had with children?
A. I nannied for a family in England as a Live-In, and taught summer camps in Canada for two summers, creating and implementing curriculum for 80 children ages 5-10. It was very difficult! But it gave me insights into understanding the dynamics of working with kids of different ages.

Q. What led to your moving into the Nanny Recruiter role?
A. A nanny job with a 14 year old was ending just as Caring Nannies was getting super busy. The timing was perfect.  I’ve had a plethora of experiences as a nanny that help me relate to other nannies and give me the discernment to know if they have the key qualities  for this field.
Q. So how do you pick the nannies?
A. I look for candidates who relate well and are engaging. They need to be able to interact with the child as well as the parents. It’s a family dynamic she’s moving into and she needs to be able to intuitively and  proactively assess needs and meet them. There are so many needs in a household, spoken and unspoken. She needs to be able to look at a room and see what needs to be done. Be reliable, trustworthy, kind, patient. If someone can walk into this office and put me at ease, she can put a child and a parent at ease.

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1. A refreshing change of pace-letting kids be kids

Children today have hectic schedules, and the summer heat is a natural cue to slow down, give them time to swim, dream, think, read, draw, paint, devise science experiments and fun learning games. They are in large groups of 20-30 children all year. This is an opportunity for a time to develop creative skills, have some alone time to think, be with siblings, and just enjoy being home. They’ll be more productive next fall after a real break.

2. A time to be creative-
Our nannies do more than supervise your children. They can plan and implement daily curriculum, monitor your child’s development and plan fun games and activities throughout the day.

3. A wider perspective- A nanny can take children to museums, the zoo, as well as field trips to the candy factory, fire station, crime labs, get them involved in the local library reading program, help them write and illustrate their own books, create and record their own music, make movies, write a neighborhood newspaper, grocery shop and cook dinner, or take diving lessons. It’s a gift to allow them to be bored for a while and have to come up with ideas, or to set up an intriguing ‘play station’ that draws them in, like playing hospital. Your goal is for them to play for long periods without too much involvement from adults.

4.Nannies are there for the whole family

A nanny can take an older child to a sports camp, but allow them to be home the rest of the day. During down time, she can keep up with the laundry, shopping and dinner preparation, or organize the pantry, so when parents come home at the end of the day, they can relax knowing that the day’s most pressing needs have been met.

5.Why Caring Nannies rather than an on-line site?

Our screening process is thorough and meticulous and we only take 7% of candidates who apply to us. We are very selective and have higher requirements than online sites.

Caring Nannies is offering a one time Summer Nanny Discount of $100 off the Summer Placement Fee if you start interviewing before May 31.

What Caring Nannies offers–
Some see us as only a nanny agency, but we send out Baby Nurses, Newborn Specialists, Sleep Trainers, Mother’s Helpers, Nanny/Managers, Post-surgery Assistance, Housekeepers, Executive Housekeepers, Chefs, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers, Couples, Butlers, Event Care, Party Childcare, Wedding Childcare, Corporate Backup Care and more! Candidates can be Live-in or out, Full or Part Time or Temporary.

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For the most important hire you will ever make, the key is asking the right questions.
A nanny takes care of your most valuable resources, your children and your home, and represents your family. You are the gatekeeper for your family, and in many ways, she will become the face of the family.
Choosing the right agency
The first question to ask is to determine which service to use. It helps to get a personal referral. When you’re shopping for a high end car, you go to the best store. This is not the time to look for a bargain and don’t make the mistake of using several agencies. You’ll likely see some of the same candidates. Read up on how they find their candidates, what their screening practices are. Look for a nice, kind, friendly agency.

A good agency will ask lots of questions. They will want to know your personality and the personality of each one of the children, your schedule, what household chores would lighten your load, like running errands, preparing a tasty dinner a few nights a week, or home management experience.

On Your mark, Get set, Go
Your first job is to decide what you actaully need and want:

  • Daily and weekly schedule- full or part time
  • Duties, expectations
  • Salary range
  • Skill sets, like bilingual, cooking
  • Educational level
  • Flexibility–like being able to travel or help with occasional evenings
  • Live-in or live-out

Be as specific as possible in your description
We recommend finding the best personality match for your family and being negotiable about specific skill-sets.

Narrowing down the candidates 

Your Placement counselor will take your Family Application and the information from the phone interview and go through their data base of nannies to find a handful of very close matches. She is doing the work for you so do consider each of them. She may start with 15 candidates and narrow the list down to 3-5 best matches for you. She is looking at the ages of children the nannies have had recent experience with, how close she lives to you, how her personality matches with yours, skill sets, schedule and salary. She is doing the digging for you. When she says, “meet everyone we send you , even if it’s just for 15 minutes”, do it.

Let the agency save you stress and  time. Trust them. A picky nanny agency will  go through 25 applications before finding one to interview. After an in-person interview, a decision is made whether to proceed with reference and background checks. Our goal is that your choice will be based on the best personality match for your family between a few top-quality candidates.

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