This is a good time for our families to compare their nanny salary and benefits package to the national average.
Nanny Pay.

  • Half of nannies are paid hourly, one third are paid weekly
  • The average hourly wage is $17.44 and the median is $16
  • 36% of nannies are not compensated for overtime

Nanny Profile

  • Only 10% of nannies are live-in.
  • 71% of nannies have some college education

Nanny Benefits

  • 66% of nannies get paid holidays
  • 64% of nannies get paid vacation (89% get two weeks)
  • 13% of nannies get no benefits
  • The average holiday bonus was $324

Aspects of nanny job

  • 72% of nannies get paid when employer does not need them
  • 11% of nannies care for special needs children
  • 76% of nannies have been with their current employer more than three years
  • 79% of nannies work for couples where both parents are working
  • 66% of employers withhold federal taxes
  • 3% of nannies are paid through a payroll service
  • 66% of nannies say they earn more than they did in 2008

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