Is your Nanny Car ready for the Fall school season?

If you take the time to keep up with routine maintenance, you have added assurance that your children will be safe during the busy rush-hour morning runs to school and the after-school pick-ups and trips to after-school sporting events and activities. For the 5 most essential maintenance tips, read on.

1. Routine Maintenance
Keep the tires inflated to the manufacturers specs for best handling and life of the tires. Walk around the car every time you fill up on gas and give a visual inspection.

2. Check  that the following 5 fluids are at the proper levels every other time you gas up.

  • Engine oil-check at every other gas fill up and replace every 3-4,000 miles
  • Coolant/Antifreeze-check level every gas fill up. Flush every 2-5 years
  • Brake fluid-check once a month. Add more if the level is low. For passenger safety, brake fluid could be the most important fluid to maintain. It’s not  uncommon for brake fluid to leak, which can compromise the ability to stop in time.
  • Power-steering fluid. Check monthly while the car is warm
  • Transmission Fluid-Check every 25,000 miles or every 2 years

3. Keep on top of your Maintenance Schedule.

If you no longer have the schedule that came with your car, download one from the internet. Be diligent with routine tune-ups and check the battery life before January, when cold weather can affect your battery. Batteries in Phoenix last about two years.

4. Before the next big rain, check your windshield wipers.
Wipers in Arizona crack every two years if you park in the sun. Check the windshield wiper fluid quarterly. For more tips, click here.

5. You-the driver- The most critical factor in keeping your charges safe, is the continual attentiveness of the you, driver. Do not allow a cell phone, a dropped sippy cup, or a fight between kids in the back seat, to deter you from driving as if everyones’ life depends on your continual attentiveness, because it does.

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