In our uncertain economy, many  of us feel it is a sacrifice just to have in-home help and the thought of  gifting our nanny seems out of reach. However showing appreciation need not be pricey. My most memorable gifts were homemade or showed that someone had put some thought into me, and noticed what I liked. So observe your nanny, see what she values, and involve the whole family.
1. PRAISE HER IN FRONT OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS Let your nanny hear you brag about her while you’re talking to others. She may blush or say something back, but secretely she’s feeling pround that you’re happy with her.
2. GIVE HER A SUPRISE DAY OR HALF OFF. If you can work from home one afternoon or secretly arrange for someone to watch your children, surprise her by giving her a few hours off, and perhaps top it off with a certificate for a pedicure, a massage, a movie ticket or resturant.
3. MAKE A SPECIAL DINNER FOR HER Find out what she likes and have the family prepare a homemade meal or take her out for dinner with the familly.
4. LEAVE SURPRISE STICKY NOTES IN UNEXPECTED PLACES Try leaving notes in odd places, like inside the microwave, the refrigerator or even on toilet paper. A good example would be to put one on a light switch that says, “You brighten up our home.”
5. TELL HER HOW MUCH YOU NEED HER Let her know your family just wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have her. Tell her how much you appreciate how she loves and nurtures your children.
6. WRITE A SILLY SONG ABOUT HER make up a silly song or poem and video-record it or sing/read it in person.

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