The right nanny doesn’t just pop in your door – you need to know the right questions to ask ~ first ask yourself what you really need and then ask the nanny key questions! Beth Weise and Ashley Zehring, were hosted  Friday april 12, by Baby Stop, the exclusive Scottsdale one stop shop for the most gorgeous lines of baby furniture and equipment. One of these lucky Moms won Three Fee-Free nights of one of our experienced Newborn Specialists in our drawing!

Ashley shared some personal insights with the group about her experiences working as a nanny in England, where everything was so different from what she was used to, for example walking up a long steep hill with heavy bags of groceries in her arms! The Mom she worked for took a week off  and worked side by side with her to be sure she knew how to do things the way the family was used to. She cautioned the Moms to take the time to properly train a new nanny. Every family has their own set of expectations and protocol, and although an experienced nanny knows the basics, she needs you to tell her exactly how you want things done.

Good luck with your new store, Kate! It’s truly beautiful and exciting! We met some wonderful new Mammas!

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