Now that Obamas Health Initiative has passed, health insurance is on everyones mind. So that you know what may be expected as an employer, heres a quick summary of what youre responsible for.

First of all, the new legislation isnt in effect until 2014. Families are exempt from the requirement to provide health Insurance for nannies, since only businesses with 50 + employees are obligated.

Although the new legislation wont impact you directly, it is becoming more and more important for everyone to get Health coverage. There are benefits to offering your household employee health insurance. Several of our families are offering insurance as part of their benefits package and it is attracting nannies they may not otherwise have access to.You can contribute up to 100% of your nannys premiums. This is non-taxable compensation, meaning neither you nor your nanny pay taxes on that part of the pay.

For a sample of the tax savings you and your caregiver, download the PDF Health Insurance or give us a call.

We are here to help you, your family and your nanny with any payroll, tax or labor law questions. And what we dont know, we know who to refer you to.

Quick Tax Facts

$1,700: If Your nanny makes this much per year, you need to pay Social Security & Medicare
$2,500 : Total amount of tax breaks you can utilize when paying legally.
1.5: If your Employee works more than 40 hours per week, this should be her pay rate.
$0.50: Mileage reimbursement rate
$7.25: Arizona minimum wage
55: IRS estimate of annual hours needed to manage household payroll
$2: Daily cost to have a nanny tax service keep you in line with the law

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