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4 Ways To Keep a Great Nanny

You’ve gone through the work and expense of searching for that perfect fit for your family, and you’ve hired a great nanny, so now how can you ensure that she stays long-term? The keys are simple, but you need to make them a priority. It is essential to make your nanny feel respected, appreciated, and valued. Great nannies are hard to come by, so you’ll definitely want to follow these helpful tips.

THANK HER. Sometimes families get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and become too comfortable with their nanny, and forget to recognize all the little things she does on a daily basis to help the household run smoothly. A simple thank you at the end of the day goes a long way. Thank her for all her hard work in caring for your children and she will feel appreciated.

COMMUNICATE WITH HER. Open and honest communication is essential to foster a healthy and long-term bond. Discuss the terms of the position before her first day of work and fill out a working agreement together. Make an effort to sit down once a month for an informal review to just make sure everyone is on the same page, remembering that this is also the time to really listen to how she is feeling about the position and to discuss any concerns she may have. Give feedback and constructive criticism and also let her know that you value her voice and opinion. Just be sure sure to communicate your thoughts and feelings with her every step of the way. So often a nanny is left confused as to why the arrangement didn’t work out because she was not told what she was doing wrong, and there was no real communication. This is hard to do, Moms, but JUST DO IT!
BE FLEXIBLE AND VALUE HER TIME. Nannies know that flexibility comes with the job and they usually have no problem adjusting their schedule to meet the needs of their employer when asked. But as you are asking her to be flexible with you, be flexible with her occasionally, and don’t abuse her flexibility. If she asks to leave work early for a special event, try to make it work. From the nanny’s perspective, if the parents are consistently showing up late from work, the nanny will not feel that her time is being valued. This will cause resentment and will affect how flexible she chooses to be in the future.

SUPPORT HER AUTHORITY WITH THE CHILDREN. Be sure to be on the same page with discipline. The nanny needs to clearly understand how you want situations handled and follow your guidelines. A common problem nannies encounter is when parents undermine her authority with the children or intervene when she is disciplining the kids. The nanny will feel unsupported, but it also creates a problem for the children as they will become confused as to whom to listen to. They really want to know whois in charge and will test everyone if there is any confusion. This is the foundation of their security. The nanny does not feel like she is trusted to make the right decision if she is constantly being undermined. Let the children know that while the nanny is here, she is the one in charge and her rules must be followed. The nanny will feel valued if the rules are consistently upheld, even on the weekends.

So to keep that great nanny you just hired, remember to show her she is valued and appreciated. She is caring for your precious children and her dedication to the job deserves to be recognized. Let the last thing she hears from you at the end of the day be: THANK YOU!

Jenny Riojas

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