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If your student needs a little push to get homework done, you can help with these tips.
Get rid of all distractions. Make a rule that TV, cellphones and video games stay off till homework is completed. Create a well-lit, serene and comfy study space. This increases her focus.
Break it down. If your child is feeling overwhelmed, break the tasks into bite sized portions. Only have one task in view at a time. Take five-minute breaks occasionally for a snack, exercise or talking.
Give suggestions, not answers. Encourage your child to work independently. Be available to answer questions and help, but beware of doing the work for him.
Keep in touch with the teacher. What does she recommend for how closely you need to monitor the work? Check teacher comments daily on completed assignments. If there is ongoing trouble, and homework isn’t getting done, talk to the teacher about it.
Stay positive. Be consistent and firm for those times when they just don’t want to do it.
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Beth Weise

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