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National Nanny Appreciation Week is September 22-28, 2013. Nannies do a remarkable service in loving, nurturing, training and educating the children in their care as if they were their own, as well as easing the day to day burdens of the parents by performing countless household tasks.

When families show appreciation to their nannies, it only heightens the relationships and creates a desire in the nanny to want to give even more.
It’s easy to take your nanny for granted, because you work hard also, you’re very busy, and you pay her well. However, unless you’re giving your nanny lots of verbal appreciation, she may feel like you have no idea how hard she’s working.
Consider taking her out for a family dinner and giving her a card and a gift. Just think about how much more

difficult your life would be without her!

Here are 5 ideas to spark your thinking about how to honor your nanny.

  1. Give her a paid half or full day off or a cash gift.
  2. Give her a weekend at your summer cabin or a paid vacation.
  3. Designer purse or spa gift certificate.
  4. Handmade card and or video created by the children.
  5. Specific and heartfelt verbal praise

It’s easy to forget to say thank you. If you’re a Mom blessed with a great nanny, or if there is a nanny in your past, take time out during the 2013 National Nanny Appreciation Week to let her know how special she is to you and your children. We at Caring Nannies are so grateful for all the terrific nannies and babysitters and mother’s helpers for their hard work and dedication!

Beth Weise

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