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Scottsdale Road and Indian Bend: This wonderful, professional family of a bright, polite, happy 4 year old boy is seeking a loving, engaging full-time nanny to join their family to assist in keeping their busy household running smoothly. Their 4 year old is home schooled and will continue to be homeschooled and will not be attending a public school for kindergarten. Their current nanny of 4 years is one of our amazing veteran nannies and she is moving out of state and will be leaving the position at the end of January. She raves about how well this family has treated her the past 4 years — 2 of which she lived in with the family. The family is open to either a live- out or live-in nanny since there is travel involved with this position. The typical schedule is 9AM -5PM (with flexibility) for a guaranteed 40 hour work week. This family is flexible in many, many ways. If the nanny chooses to live in, she has her own private bedroom and bathroom and a designated vehicle to drive. Since both parents work remotely in home offices, they can offer a great deal of flexibility on the full-time schedule and can adjust the hours accordingly. If a week day is needed off, they can provide that. Weekends are not required however if the nanny prefers to work weekends and have 2 days off during the week, they are open to that as well. The live-in nanny may also leave the family’s home on her days off and stay overnight elsewhere or still have a place of her own in AZ if she chooses. As a live-out nanny, the nanny would work the 9-5 full-time schedule and not need to stay overnight in their household; however she would need to be able to travel with the family throughout the year and also be available to live with the family in their summer home outside of AZ. The family has a summer home in Michigan that they live in from mid May through mid October and the nanny would need to go to Michigan with the family for those 5 months. While in their Michigan home, the nanny has her own private bedroom and bathroom and access to a vehicle. They live on a lake and have a boat. In Michigan, the summer days are long and it is light until 10:30PM so the 9 – 5 hours may vary a little but it would still be a 40 hour work week with 2 consecutive days off. The family will also pay to fly the nanny back and forth to AZ for visits throughout those 5 months. They are very flexible in working with the nanny regarding when she desires to return to AZ during the summer months. The family takes other trips during the year as well (with advanced notice) so the nanny would need to be available to travel with the family, including internationally. For example they have a home in Florida and may be going to Florida for the month of January or April. They also have a home in Carmel, CA that they visit. They may decide one of the months during the summer is spent in Europe. So therefore the nanny needs to have flexibility to travel and live in with the family when out of state. One major perk with this position is that their current nanny receives a lot of paid time off. The family provides a minimum of 4 – 6 weeks of paid vacation throughout the year. They value and appreciate their nanny and they understand she works hard and sacrifices a lot to be available so therefore they want her to be happy and feel appreciated. Since their 4 year old son is homeschooled, it is a team effort in regards to his home schooling. They do not follow a particular curriculum and a college degree in education is not required of the nanny however it would be an added bonus. It is important that the nanny is open to the educational aspect of the job. They bring in 2 teachers to work with their son for 6 – 8 hours throughout the week and they are also open to bringing in a music teacher from time to time and supplementing his week with other educators. Errands are needed including grocery shopping. Light cleaning up of play area / main living spaces and tidying up kitchen after meals is needed. No laundry. They have a housekeeper for the deep cleaning. Mom taught their current nanny how to cook for the family. Meal preparation and light family cooking is important to them and they will offer guidance and assistance in that regard. For example, when the teacher is working with their son, their current nanny would cook for those 2 hours and prepare dinner and lunch for the next day. Some light cooking would include roasting vegetables and potatoes, making banana pancakes, etc. Their 4 year old son is very well-behaved, well-mannered and very bright. He is stem-focused and enjoys legos and building blocks. He has tons of friends and likes outdoor play.  They live on an acre and have a large backyard to explore in and a fenced pool.  He is a strong swimmer. He loves classical music and is taking piano lessons and tennis right now. He does not have screen time throughout the day so no TV or ipad or video games. They eat very healthy so he does not have sugar or processed food. They have a casual atmosphere in their home and truly value their nanny and welcome her as a member of their family. The Covid vaccine is not required. Compensation: $30/hr+ flexible for higher compensation if nanny has an education background. Paid vacation. Paid holidays. Bonus. Use of Car. Interviewing now and position starts in January. (REF#NKPV)


***To apply to this position, please email and use REF#NKPV in title.***

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