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32nd St & Indian School:  The sweetest family is seeking a college educated, phoenix nanny with excellent infant experience to join their family and care for their 2 month old infant daughter 4 days a week. They are looking for a nanny who values exponential learning. Therefore hands on-learning through experiences and learning through reflection is important to them. As their daughter grows and develops, the family is encouraging outings to museums, the zoo, park, and other field trips that foster child development. They encourage outside play and stroller walks. They would love a nanny who is creative with art projects, cooking together with their child — with the focus being on creating an engaging, playful and interactive atmosphere.  Ideal candidate is flexible in nature, has a calm demeanor, is playful and creative. Their infant daughter is happy, healthy,  has the sweetest disposition and she is getting into a good eating and napping schedule. She is described as the perfect little girl.  Mom is exclusively nursing her and is in the process of introducing a bottle to her.  They are seeking a nanny who provides open and honest communication and is receptive to feedback. Providing attentive and dignified care to foster a consistent and stable foundation to their daughter’s development is desired. The typical schedule is Tuesday – Friday from 7:30AM – 4:30PM with flexibility.  Mondays are not needed so a great perk is having a 3 day weekend every week! They have a casual atmosphere in their home.  Both parents will typically be working out of the office.  There is a home office for occasional work from home.   Mom is currently on maternity leave and plans to return to work at the end of February but would like some overlap with their nanny before returning to work.  They have 2 older children, 10 and 7 who split their time in their home.  The school agers are there twice during the week and every other weekend however the nanny will be responsible for caring for their infant daughter. They are figuring out the schedule for the summer for the school-agers. (extra curricular activities, summer camp, etc).  The parents are self-proclaimed pretty calm and easy going. They are not not super strict or super anxious and they are not worried about reading books on milestones and trying to keep up with everyone and follow all the trends. They had a home birth. They are much more natural minded and have an intuitive parent method.  They would like their nanny to respect their practices and healthy balance of setting boundaries and alternatives as she is developing but also having a natural flow to her development. They enjoy being outdoors and being simplistic. Pets: 2 dogs.  No petcare is needed.  The dogs have a doggy door and the parents feed them before leaving for work. Covid vaccine is not required.  Compensation:  $25-$30/hr.  (REF#ESPHX)
***To apply to this position please email and use (REF#ESPHX) in title.***
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