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Doubletree & Scottsdale Rd: A professional and busy wonderful returning family seek a very experienced and seasoned nanny / household manager to help keep their busy household running smoothly. They have 5 1/2-year-old boy/girl twins and a 2 year old girl. All 3 kids are in daycare so therefore this role is more of a combo household manager/ nanny role. They are offering 2 different structures in their schedule in an effort to find the perfect fit for their family. Option #1: The nanny will arrive in the morning at 7AM, get the kids up for the day, dressed, fed, pack lunches and drive them to daycare. This will be between 7AM-9AM. Daycare starts at 9AM and the nanny will drive the minivan to drop them off at JCC which is 10 minutes from the home. Then between the hours of 9AM- 3PM while the kids are in daycare, the candidate will have 2 -3 hrs of household tasks to tend to but those hrs are very flexible, depending on her availability. The family can guarantee a minimum of 35 hrs a week. On average there are 41 – 42 hrs per week. The nanny/house manager has the freedom to come and go throughout the day or tend to her own personal needs, online school/studying, appointments, etc. 5 hrs of the day are spent with the children and 3 hrs are spent tending to household duties. Option #2 for the schedule is a full 8 day starting at 7AM – 4PM with the flexibility of staying until 5PM. If the candidate chooses this schedule then there will be many more household tasks expected throughout the day since all 3 kids are in daycare. The household tasks will include: light family laundry (kids’ clothes plus scrubs), running errands, organizational projects, grocery shopping, drop off and pick up dry cleaning, simple healthy meal prep (they provide recipes), light clean up of the kids’ rooms and tidying the home (no heavy cleaning) and managing any contractors that may come to their home. When the kids are home the parents want the nanny to focus on them. Between the hours of 3- 5/6PM, the nanny will pick up the kids and engage in after school activities, help with bath time and dinner. The parents are usually home between 5-6PM. Their 5 1/2 year old son is really into building tiles, playing with legos, is really physical, loves running around, has celiac disease so they have a gluten free home now, is very outgoing, and funny and is in pre K. Their 5 1/2 year old daughter is really into coloring and reading books and early literacy so they would like the nanny to focus on working on reading skills with both twins , getting them ready for kindergarten, assist with homework to do throughout the week, and make it a fun game for them. The twins will be attending kindergarten on the same campus next year. Their sweet adorable 2 year old daughter is a total delight and the apple of mom’s eye. All 3 kids are growing closer together. The family would like a nanny who is mature, responsible, educated, able to develop educational activities, is a good driver, has a calm demeaner, is flexible with possible future date-nights and able to care for the kids all day when they do not have preschool due to holidays or are sick. Both parents are radiologists and are both vaccinated. They do not have too much patient interaction at work. They wear scrubs and take off shoes outside and change clothes before coming home. They are very cautious and are not going to restaurants or crowded public places. The daycare follows a strict Covid protocol. All daycare teachers wear masks all day and the school is very strict. Each classroom is in a pod. Nanny must be comfortable getting the Covid vaccine. Pets: 2 dogs: medium sized dogs, golden retriever and a rescue dog. Both are friendly and nanny may be asked to take them on walks, to the dog park, groomer, etc. Their current nanny has been with the family for 5 years and became part of the family. The kids knew her so well. She didn’t get stressed out with 3 kids, stayed calm, was very loving, very thoughtful, and they would love to emulate that with their next nanny. Compensation: $20/hr+ depending on experience. Interviewing now. Position starts ASAP. (REF#SPPV)


***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#SPPV in the title.***

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