Cactus & the 101: This wonderful returning family of ours with an airline pilot couple needs a high energy, flexible, nurturing, crafty nanny for their two school-aged girls ages 14 & 12. Occasional overnights required. Ideal nanny is mature, organized and can manage being alone with the children for one to three days at a time (including overnights ) while both parents are away working. This is an example of their current nanny’s schedule starting in February 2020. She worked the following dates: Feb 8, Mar 11, April 4,May 5, June 5, July 0, Aug 12, Sep 7, Oct 9, Nov 3, Dec 13, Jan 3, Feb 8.  That averages out to 6.8 days. Rounded up to 7 per month.
Most of these days are not full days but are still included in the total. For example nanny arrives at 10 pm on Monday and departs at 8am on Wednesday. Some of the longer stretches had 24 breaks built in, which were paid and included in the total days. These are all fully discussed with the nanny.  The base pay monthly pay is a minimum guarantee based upon 168 hours per month. Which is 7 days. This is the minimum the nanny will be guaranteed every month. Right now the compensation is $1350 as a base monthly pay  however the family is flexible. These days can be in various combinations of days and length and include overnight stays. On months when the requested work days exceed 168 hrs additional compensation will be paid, which is $18/hr plus $150 per overnight.  The nanny will have  downtime during the day, but should be reachable should an emergency arise ( children sick, online school, early pick up).  If the nanny has another job that’s fine also, as long as she’s available to pick up the kids should the need arise. Some months the family will need to request more work days than 7 days. Months requiring greater than 7 days will be paid in addition to the guarantee.  The parents strive to maintain short stretches of days at work. They cannot guarantee only 1 or 3 day stretches. That was generally typical of their pilot schedules. It does change, although that’s still their goal. The kids are in school all day so when nanny cares for them she will make sure they are up and ready for school; dropped off at school and then has the full day alone while they are at school. Then pick up after school is needed and the evening routine and supervising them overnight. They have employed 4 nannies of ours before over the past 12 years and they are ideally seeking a long term commitment beyond just one year. This position needs to be a priority for the nanny. The nanny may only work 7 days per month but will get paid the same base income of $1350 (or what is agreed upon) If the nanny works more than 7 days per month there is additional pay, which equates to $18/hr and $150 per overnight. Paid vacation, use of car. Holidays are rarely scheduled. Interviewing now.  (REF#TBSC)


***To apply to this position or inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com with (REF#TBSC) in the title.***

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