A pundit once described genius as the ability to take two seemingly unrelated subjects and “mash them up” to make something wonderful. A great example of this is Josh Vietti’s Hip Hop Violin Medley. It’s simply outstanding, especially the last two minutes. Well worth the watch.
Want to teach creativity like this to your kids? It doesn’t just come by accident. It must be cultivated. Here are 10 ways to develop creativity in your child.
Being a father is your most important job and unlike many other responsibilities, you don’t get any breaks and you work at it seven days a week. So All Pro Dad and NFL Player Engagement have teamed up to bring you the WeekEND Zone, a new resource to help you engage with your children on the weekends and create new family memories.
WeekEND Zone Activity:
Couch Potato Kickoff

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When my babies were newborn, I imagined them coming down the hall all grown up. I knew it would go fast, and it did. I wanted to make every day count, and although I wanted them all to stay home until they were married, most of them left by age 18.

Parenting is a lot of day in and out drudgery. We get tired, run out of ideas, and sometimes we just want to take it easy. But we were designed to live as creative beings and we desperately want our kids to keep thinking we’re awesome, like the Dad who gave his son’s Stanley Train a ride into space. But even if you’re not as techie as he is, here are 10 really fun things to do with your kids. Lots of us have extra time off work and school time right now…

  1. Invite friends over for a serious paper plane competition. Do a little research, do some experimenting, and have a contest for the best tricks, distance and time aloft.
  2. Get your family lost in a snow globe
  3. Camp out under the Christmas tree- Have the whole family sleep under the Christmas tree or Hanukkah lights. It’s one of our favorite family memories.
  4. Go guerilla. Commit random, anonymous acts of kindness with your child, or go to a local food ministry and serve meals together for the homeless.
  5. Take apart a toaster that’s no longer working, or a radio or CD player. Cut off the electrical cord and get out a screwdriver.
  6. Make glitter playdoh or use the bright fluorescent food colors now at every drug store.
  7. Send holiday cards to our troops
  8. Take a map, a GPS, and go geocaching
  9. Winter stargazing is nice for children who go to bed early. Learn a few of the stories about the stars, take sleeping bags, binoculars, and snacks and go stargazing.
  10. Make your own bucket list of all the things you want to do with your kids before they leave home. Ask them to help.
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