Mature Family Assistant

Bell & Thompson Peak Pkwy: This amazing professional single Mom of 3 adolescents is seeking a stellar family assistant to assist her with the school-agers as well as the household to keep the busy family and household running smoothly. She has a 15 year old daughter, a 13 year old son and a 12 year old son. They have a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home. Mom is a divisional VP and has a very busy workload and also travels for business so she is needing a mature nanny / family assistant to be an extension of her and to assist in whatever capacity is needed with the children and the home. She works outside of the home so no adults are home during the day. Pets: 3 small sweet dogs. No travel is needed. Overnights are desired when Mom travels for business and the dates are known in advance. She usually knows 3 – 4 weeks in advance for travel. On average there are 4-6 days a month for travel and she is usually gone 2-3 nights per trip. Sometimes she has to be gone over the weekend, on average it is one weekend a month and it would be from Friday to Sunday night. Also there are 1-2 times a year where she is gone for 7-10 nights. So flexibility is needed on the nanny’s part to be available for overnight care when Mom travels. Mom is seeking a candidate who is high energy, fun and someone who her kids will feel comfortable confiding in. Must be able to assist with high school level homework, prepare food, pick up children and take them places, manage homework and make sure all assignments are completed. A Bachelor’s degree is preferred and educational experience would be nice but not required.. There is a tutor that comes to the house 4 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and helps all 3 children with their schoolwork so the nanny would need to be present when the tutor is there to monitor and oversee that assignments are turned in as well as keep open communication with the teachers. The children attend Basis which is a very academic school and there are 3 hrs a night of homework so it is fast-paced due to the homework. They have a very loving, encouraging, respectful environment at home, yet also laid-back, cozy and comfortable. Dad passed away so Mom is a very involved, hands-on Mom. The pandemic was hard on everyone and they are seeking a candidate whom they consider an additional family member for years to come who will also be a friend and confidante to the kids. The children have been really fortunate with having amazing nannies. Their last longterm nanny was with them for 5 years and she created a very close bond with the kids, and was like a 2nd Mom to them. They adored her because she was very empathetic, emotionally intelligent, would have good conversations with them and they felt they could confide in her and trust her, which was really great and what they are hoping to emulate with the next nanny. They hired a nanny through Caring Nannies this summer and it was an amazing fit however the nanny is relocating out of the country in Dec. A nanny who is engaging and will take the children on fun outings when Mom is out of town is desired. Mom is Covid- vaccinated and is seeking a nanny who is vaccinated as well. They have a housekeeper who comes once a week for deep cleaning so no cleaning is needed other than general picking up, dishes, bed making, no laundry , preparing dinner each night for the kids (will provide recipes and the meals are simple/ kids are not picky eaters); pack lunches for the next day, light errands, overseeing contractors when needed. The kids are on summer break now and school starts Aug 4th and they are off to the races immediately and have homework the 1st day. The kids typically take the bus to school in the morning and then the nanny will need to pick them up at 2:40. The schedule needed year-round is 4 days a week – M-TH , 30 hrs, for approximately 7 1/2 hrs a day so 1-8:30PM with flexibility. Then additional overnights are needed when Mom travels for business. All 3 children are smart and very cool. The 15 year old daughter is the typical oldest child, loves being in charge, is driven, focused on school and is a freshman in high school. She’s focused on getting the best grades possible and into an Ivy league university, very opinionated politically, join the debate team this year, very polite and kind hearted, always advocating for people less fortunate, volunteered for special needs kids at her school, sweet girl, loves reading, Netflix, and is the most sensitive about having a nanny. The 13 year old son is super calm and the sweetest person ever. He has several friends at school, plays video games, loves to skateboard,is trying to teach himself some musical instruments, is a great student, is really good at Math and science, loves to talk ,and is calm and chill. The 12 year old son is very artistic, an amazing artist, loves to draw, is into anime, is very calm and chill and not a lot of stuff bothers him, is delightful, very funny, and really fun to be around. Pets: 3 sweet hypoallergenic dogs: havanese, maltipoo, white terrier. Compensation: $20-$25/hr plus extra compensation for overnights. For ex, $700 for a weekend. Interviewing ASAP and the position starts mid-December. (REF#CMSC)


**To apply to this position please email and use REF#CMSC in the title.  $500 referral bonus and $100 sign on bonus.**

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Ocotillo & AZ Ave:  This wonderful professional family just moved to AZ from LA and they have adorable, happy, healthy 10 month old twins! (boy, girl). Ideally they are seeking a bilingual nanny who has 5 years or more experience with infant twins; speaks Spanish; has a high energy level to keep the babies engaged and has creative ways to help them achieve developmental milestones.  They also have a 4 year old daughter who is in preschool full-time from 7:30-5PM so she will not be needing care.  They have a live-in bilingual nanny from LA who moved here with them and will continue to work full-time for them.  However they would like to add an additional full-time nanny to their busy household.  Therefore both nannies will work as a team to care for the twins.  The schedule is Monday – Friday from 8AM – 6PM (with flexibility).  The babies are fed with a combination of both nursing and bottle feeding.  They have a casual atmosphere in their home.  No pets.  Mother may be working from home sometimes. Mom is an attorney and Dad is a business owner.  Driving the twins will be needed to music class (1x per week); to gym class (1x per week) and a family car is provided for the nanny’s use. Light household duties are baby-related: baby laundry,  sanitizing bottles and toys, organizational projects , no errands or grocery shopping, making baby solid food and puress each day.  What the family has discovered that works so well for them is a nanny who talks to the babies a lot because they talk back and  love to have songs sang to them,  books reads to them and it is just very important for the nanny to talk, read, sing, play and be very engaging and interactive with the babies. Reliability is essential.  Experience with multiples or experience caring for more than one child is needed.  Must be proactive, take great initiative and be a great communicator.  A nanny who gives suggestions in terms of developmental games and activities is desired. The girl twin is crawling and cruising, sitting up, has a sturdy posture,  is more reserved, looks serious most of the time, much more calm, loves the bouncy chair, likes to play with cloths and bibs,  and loves to rub soft textures on her face.  She’s a cat napper (30 minute naps).  She’s a really great eater and has eaten every new solid introduced to her.  The boy twin is  so outgoing and always smiling but also very fast, curious and always wants to go everywhere.  He is cruising along the furniture and is already  letting go and taking a few steps on his own. Paid vacation.  Paid holidays. Bonus.  Compensation. $20-$28/hr.  Interviewing now and position starts ASAP.  (REF#CLEV)


***To apply to this position, please email and use REF#CLEV in the title.  $500 referral bonus and $100 sign on bonus.***

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