Ocotillo & AZ Avenue: This wonderful professional ball player family is seeking either a housekeeper or a nanny (part-time or full-time) to help during their stay in AZ for the next 6 months, starting as soon as possible through the end of March/ beginning of April.  Mom is home and very hands-on with the children so either they would like a housekeeper to help keep the house clean, maintained, organized and in order while Mom tends to the children OR they will keep their current cleaning service and have a nanny help Mom with the kids and have it be a team effort / mother’s helper position. So please apply whether you are interested in the housekeeper role or nanny / mother’s helper role. They have 2 adorable boys, ages 3 1/2 years old and 2 1/2 years old.  Their oldest son is 3 1/2 and is  sweet, active and likes to play cars, have conversations with you and interact with you, a typical 3.5 year old , not aggressive, sheltered, attached to Mom and Dad. Their 2 1/2 year old son is described as the typical 2nd child, strong-willed, has no fear, is a cuddler, goes to preschool in the mornings, and takes regular naps.
Pets: They have a 10 year old Maltese shin tzu mix. Petcare may include taking the dog to the groomers or vet. They are flexible for either a part-time or full-time schedule however they are desiring at least 3 days a week.  So it can be a minimum 3 – 5 days a week depending on the candidate and how many hours she desires.  Work hours Ideally  are 11-7pm but the timing and days can be flexible as that is the least important item on their wish list and they are flexible so it can change weekly if preferred or change as needed with notice. They have 1 small dog, so helping with vet appts, grooming, cleanup, pet care etc.. They currently have a crew that comes in for weekly cleaning but really would prefer to replace them and have a relationship with one person to get everything done on an ongoing/continual basis. Mom and Dad love hanging out with their kids and friends and family and want to be able to focus on time with them and still have their household running and maintained. For example: cleaning, making beds daily, wiping down outdoor tables and chairs, cleaning patio off, Cooking and serving simple family meals/snacks, organization and special household projects, family laundry and linens, grocery shopping, keeping pantry stocked, errands,dry cleaning, help with entertaining, help prep for traveling. They are looking for someone that is enjoyable to be around, likes children as they have two busy toddlers, a real go getter, helpful, punctual, previous experience, preferably in a high end home. They are not requiring the Covid-vaccine. Their home is 8200 square feet with a patio and a fenced pool. They have an extra car to provide for errands or will reimburse for gas if nanny or housekeeper uses her vehicle.  Compensation:  $23-$30/hr.  Starts ASAP through March/April. Please apply if interested in either a housekeeper position or nanny position and either part-time (at least 3 days) or full-time (5 days).  (REF#ARTEMP)
***To apply to this position, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#ARTEMP in title.***
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household manager

Higley Rd & Riggs Rd: This wonderful busy professional family in Chandler has 4 school aged children and are seeking a proactive, reliable nanny / household manager to join their family and assist in keeping their busy household running smoothly. They have a 13 year old son, 10 year old daughter, 8 year old daughter and 5 year old daughter. All 4 children are in school full-time so this position is a dual role that includes both nanny and household management duties. The schedule is 30-35 hrs per week. They are flexible on exact times based on the candidate’s availability; however on average the ideal schedule is M-F between the hrs of 8:30AM-4:30PM. If the nanny needs to come later in the morning (ie 10AM) they are flexible with the start and end times. It varies based on the family’s schedule for the week and the earliest a nanny would need to be there would be 7AM. Parents drop off children at school at 8AM. Some evening / night availability would be needed when the parents attend charity events. If an evening shift is needed, the nanny would come later in the morning to start her day. Some Saturday availability will be needed as well, with advance notice. It may be a morning shift for a child’s activity or a Saturday evening shift if the parents have a dinner or event. They know their schedule 2 – 3 weeks in advance. If a Saturday shift is needed, the nanny will work less hrs during the week. No Sundays will be needed. Their daughters are in competitive gymnastics and their son plays golf and basketball. The family is desiring a longterm commitment of preferably 3 – 5 years. Longevity is important to them and their previous nanny was with them for 5 years. The children have had a nanny for the past 13 years (since the oldest was an infant) and they have always become a member of their family. They value quality care and hold onto good people. They have a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home. Mom and Dad touch and go from the house and sometimes work from home in home offices. Their 13 year old son is in 7th grade, is one of the kindest kids in the world, very kind hearted, has 3 younger sisters, is extremely intelligent, and is involved in basketball , jujitsu, golf, piano and possibly guitar. Their 10 year old daughter is in 4th grade, a very sweet kid, extremely independent and self driven, very type A personality and she is totally dedicated to gymnastics – 20 hrs a week at the gym – she’s the kid who will have all her homework done, room clean, never wants to be late, preps the night before for her day, and is very responsible. Their 8 year old daughter is in 3rd grade, sweet, very happy, more of a sensitive kid, so much different from older sister, is relaxed and laid back and goes with the flow, always the last one ready, does everything with a smile , plays tennis and also gymnastics. Their 5 year old daughter started half day kindergarten, is picked up by noon, Mom usually picks her up so only on occasion would she need to be picked up. She is doing dance, wants to be the center of attention, is hilarious and extremely smart. She’s youngest so she learned fast from her older siblings, is a fast learner and very smart, funny, and loves dance, singing, and gymnastics.  Pets: they have 2 French Bulldogs who are both very friendly. Petcare is minimal and they are easy dogs and need daily feeding would need to be checked on when the family travels. The family travels to their house in Idaho in the summer and they take family vacations when they can throughout the year, usually during fall break, winter break, and spring break. The household manager will be taking on household / domestic duties while the family travels or based on her availability they would fly her out for a week or weekend during the summer to be with the family while traveling. (Flexible on travel and will work with nanny’s availability and discuss the summer plans in May) Ideal candidate will help clean, organize, and upkeep their large home, do kids’ laundry, run light errands, oversee construction projects, etc. while the children are in school and also help with the kids after school or for date nights. They are looking for someone who is organized, energetic, friendly, and loves being with kids. They want someone who is happy to see the family and help assist with their day to day. They want someone who feels like part of the family.They live on a lake and have a large fenced pool in the backyard so they encourage outside play and are desiring a strong swimmer. The parents encourage the nanny to take the children on a variety of outings since they are all at a fun stages where they enjoy doing fun activities. A family car is provided for the nanny’s use. Bonus. Use of Car. Paid Vacation. Paid Holidays. Eligible for health benefits. Compensation: $28-$35/hr. Interviewing now. Position starts ASAP. (REF#DEEV)


***To apply to this position, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#DEEV in the title.***

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