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September 2, 2020 Job Openings By Jenny No Comments


FULL-TIME NANNY POSITION IN THE WEST VALLEY, $18-$20/hr, ASAP      Perryville & Camelback:  This wonderful Litchfield Park family with a 3 year old boy and 19 month old girl are seeking a dependable, reliable nanny to care for them M-F from 8AM-3PM.  They have a casual yet semi-formal atmosphere in their home. Both parents have fairly flexible jobs:  Mom runs a business and dad works from home consistently.  Both currently work from home but Mom may return to the office in Jan depending on COVID. Their home offices are private individual spaces with closed door offices so as not to disrupt the nanny’s daily routine with the children. Their son will be 4 in November and he’s a very curious active little boy. He loves animals and his primary thing right now is he has every animal figure on the planet and plays with them every day independently.  He loves running around and playing outside with the dog.  He listens and follows directions well and has zero behavioral issues.  He is a very picky eater and there are limited foods he will eat so the parents will coach the nanny on the foods he will eat and would also love for the nanny to come up with creative ways to get him to try new foods.  Nap time is easy and he is potty trained. He was in a private school prior to Covid and he was in daycare at 19 months old and has also had a nanny so he is used to all settings. He knows his sight words, alphabet, counting, he’s almost reading , and he might go back to preschool part-time later this year depending on Covid. Their 19 month old daughter is super sweet, very affectionate, very smart, knows her alphabet, counts to 20, speaks in full sentences, is very active and wants to do everything her brother does.  She’s fearless, climbs ladders, and jumps off things, is not a great sleeper, but overall a sunny sweet girl who waves to everyone and is so loving.  She loves Mom and dad and loves the dog. The main challenge with her is adjusting to strangers but she does much better within her own home.  They have a cleaning service once a week for deep cleaning so nanny is only responsible for tidying up and maintaining the upkeep in main living areas and kitchen,  preparing children’s meals and  folding kids’ laundry.  Both children take 2 hr naps — down time would be used to clean up the living rooms, play areas, kids’ rooms; they have lots of toys but they are all organized in bins, light vacuum over the play areas , load/unload the dishwasher. They are desiring a nanny who is punctual, responsible, experienced and professional.  The nanny needs to focus on interactive play with the children and engage them in activities with minimal supervision as well as be able to prepare children’s meals and clean up the areas that they and the kids use throughout the day. Ideal nanny is dependable and someone who will genuinely engage with the kids.  They do not have a pool but they have a large bounce house, water slide and trampoline in their backyard for fun outside play.  They live in a master planned community with a park and live right by the Wildlife World Zoo.  Once they feel comfortable with the nanny taking the children on outings, they will provide the nanny with the family vehicle to do so.  Pets:  Springerdoodle puppy.  No travel. Compensation:  $18-$20/hr+, flexible for the right candidate. Paid Vacation.  Paid Holidays. Interviewing now.  Position starts ASAP. (REF#AWLITCHFIELD)


**To apply for this position or to inquire about more details, please email and useREF#AWLITCHFIELD in the title**

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