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Scottsdale nanny


Pinnacle Peak & Scottsdale Rd:  This wonderful busy professional dual-physician family with  an active 2 year old boy and a happy healthy 12 week old old baby girl are seeking a nanny with several years of experience and a background in early childhood education. The schedule is M-F starting at 8AM and can be as late as 6 or 6:30PM for an average of 45-50 hrs per week.   If  the nanny is desiring less hours and would like to keep it closer to 40 hrs, they can be flexible with a start time between 8-9AM and some days can be half days, but will vary week to week. Mom has been on maternity leave and is now returning to work. Their toddler son is a very sweet, smart, active 2 year old boy. He has good language for his age, speaks in full sentences, is potty trained, loves cars, trucks, airplanes, imaginative play, is very physically active so high energy is important.  He likes physical play but can also play independently. He loves being outside and exploring cars, learning the parts of the car, is fascinated by how things work, loves bubbles and playing in water, swimming, and his water table. Their 12 week old baby girl is a  happy healthy baby. She has a pretty easy disposition and is nursing but is also taking a bottle so it will be a combination of the two. The schedule is 2 hrs nursing right now.  Her naps vary.  She is on an eat play sleep schedule. During the day she is a wakeful baby and sleeps well at night. They would like their nanny to actively participate in the education of their young children as she engages with them. The nanny would also be responsible for preparing meals for the children, doing children’s laundry and helping pick up the play areas. Their grandma will be home part of the day. Their sweet 2 year old son is very attached to grandma.  Both grandparents were watching the kids and then sadly the grandpa passed away so grandma truly enjoys being with her grandchildren and the nanny needs to be comfortable with grandma being home part of the day.  They are desiring a nanny who is friendly and energetic who will play with and talk to the kids throughout the day and in general be a source of positivity, fun, and laughter in the children’s lives.  When their 2 year old son starts preschool in 6-12 months driving will be required (<10 miles per day). There is a Montessori preschool close by and they may enroll their son in school in either October or wait until March. The family will provide a car for use when driving the children. It is important that the nanny is reliable, energetic, and understands that there may be a lot of people in and out of the house at times.  Cleaning crew comes twice a month.  Parents may be in and out.  And grandma will be in and out. They highly desire a nanny who is organized, can prioritize her day with the kids, The child related domestic tasks needed are:  help put groceries away that are delivered, preparing children’s meals, and light clean up pertaining to the kids.  Down the road they hope to enroll their son in a  gym class, and have the nanny take the kids on outings to the zoo, etc. They have a pool in the backyard.  Both parents are physicians and fully-vaccinated and prefer the nanny is also vaccinated but are open.  No pets.  No travel,  Paid Vacation. Paid Holidays. Use of Car. Compensation:  $18-$25/hr. (REF#CLSC)

***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#CLSC in the title.***


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