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Pecos & Gilbert: This wonderful family from CT is relocating to AZ and will be moving to Chandler.  Grandmother lives in Tucson.  They have a smart, precocious 18 month old toddler son and they are seeking a caring nanny to care for him M-F from 7:30AM-5:30PM. (some days may be earlier). Both parents are physicians so reliability and punctuality are of the utmost importance.  Both will primarily be working outside of the home.  Their toddler son is very observant, a little more quiet but he is very smart and will get bored quickly so needs that challenge with different activities.  He is now learning his independence so he voices his opinions , needs boundaries, likes structure,  is very sweet and loving , likes to be outside , tries to learn about his environment , loves cars, blocks, legos, swimming.  They will have a pool in their backyard and will enroll him in an infant swim course so a strong swimmer is desired. The family encourages outside play and taking him for stroller walks in the neighborhood and to nearby parks. No driving right now is needed but with time the parents will be open to taking him on outings.  With a toddler, they are hoping to find a nanny with high energy who can keep up with him. He loves mental challenges and they’ll need someone with the educational level to know developmental milestones and who is comfortable teaching him daily. As with any toddler, patience is crucial. Open communication is also very important to them in caring for their child. They’d like someone comfortable with cooking easy meals, mostly for their son. Light cleaning is also ideal. Household tasks will be child related – linens. laundry, tidying up. The emphasis is on their son and during down time, the nanny will meal prep for him , light meals for simple family dinners 2 – 3 days a week (ie crockpot meals).  They have a housekeeper who will do the heavy cleaning biweekly. They have a casual atmosphere in their home and are desiring a longterm commitment of ideally 3 – 5 years.  Their current nanny is a career nanny so they would really like an experienced nanny with flexibility who would want to grow with their family for years to come. They are a self-proclaimed extrovert dad and introvert mom so a  nanny who meshes well with both is desired. Their son may be an energetic toddler but he has a calm demeanor , can get over stimulated with loud noise, and at times needs to recharge his batteries and take a break. The qualities they love about their nanny is she fits in seamlessly with the family. She picks up where they leave off,  is comfortable to be around , very good about the schedule, logs their son’s sleeping and eating schedule which is great for communication, plans different activities to do with him, challenges him and he is a very smart kid and likes mental challenges, arts and crafts, different activities, and is always learning new words. Being in the medical field, both Mom and Dad are Covid-vaccinated and are seeking a nanny who is also Covid-vaccinated.  Virtual interviews start ASAP. The family will be in AZ Feb 1st.  Position starts in Feb. Compensation:  $20-$25/hr. Pets: 2 dogs: 15 year old Chihuahua, 5 year old yellow lab. Paid Vacation.  Paid holidays.  Bonus.  (REF#SMEV)
***To apply to this position, please email and use REF#SMEV in the title. $500 referral fee and $100 sign on bonus.***
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