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64th St & Doubletree: This busy professional dual – physician returning family of ours is seeking to hire another longterm full-time nanny for their 11 year old son and 10 year old daughter. Since both parents are physicians, reliability and punctuality is of the utmost importance. They are offering a 40 hour work week that will include a split shift schedule (during the school year) but there is a lot of flexibility with the hrs, depending on the nanny’s availability and preference.  Right now with kids being out of school, the schedule is a full day’s shift M-F 8AM-%PM or 9AM-6PM and will continue for as long as the kids are home doing online school and during school breaks.  If and when the children return to school in the fall, (depending on Covid-19) the schedule would be as follows.  During the school year, nanny will need to arrive at their home at 6:30AM to assist with the morning routine before school. Then they will need to leave the house at 7:30AM to drop off the children by 8AM. If the nanny chooses to return to the home at that time, she is welcome to do so and will take on some household duties for a couple hrs. Or she can leave and tend to her own personal responsibilities and return to the home at noon and work on household tasks until she needs to leave the home at 2:30PM to pick up the children from school by 3PM. After school, nanny will assist with transporting children to

after school activities, help with homework, meal prep and the evening routine. The nanny’s day will end at 6PM. So to make it an 8 hr shift for the day, the nanny has the option after the 8AM drop off to either continue to work in the morning or whenever it is convenient for her to work and get the duties done before the kids are needed to be picked up at 3PM. The family can be very flexible with the hrs worked during the day as long as the nanny can do the morning 6:30AM – 8AM mandatory shift and the afternoon 2:30PM – 6PM. During summer and school breaks and as long as schools are closed, the children will be home and the split shift schedule will not be needed so it would be a flexible 8 hour shift of either 8AM-5PM or 9AM – 6PM. They have a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home. Mom says they do not micro-manage or leave a to do list. They love that their current nanny is proactive and takes great initiative and just knows what to do to help out the household. It is important to be self-motivated and organized as they keep an organized, orderly home. The 11 year old boy is active, energetic, sincere, loving, extremely kind, and needs to be engaged and redirected. He has limited screen time. Their 10 year old daughter is very loving, very girly, sassy, inquisitive, very intelligent and the family likes to keep her active in activities. They live a very healthy lifestyle and would like the nanny to assist in planning and prepping healthy meal and snack choices for the children. The ideal nanny is proactive, honest, caring,reliable, high energy, intelligent and is able to take their kids to school, pick up, take to activities, and help with homework. Both parents have busy schedules for they also need help with household duties such as children’s laundry, meal prep, and keeping the house organized. They want a long term relationship as they treat their nannies like family. They may occasionally need an evening or weekend shift, but this is seldom. No pets. No travel needed. The family provides an SUV for the nanny to drive and to transport the children in. Other benefits: 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays, cell phone. Compensation: $20/hr. (REF#AZPV)

***To apply to this position or inquire about more details, please email with (REF#AZPV) in the title.***

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