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August 29, 2020 Job Openings By Jenny No Comments


Bilingual Nanny

40th and Camelback: A wonderful, professional busy family in PHX with 4 children (10 year old daughter, 7 year old son, 5 year old daughter, and 3 year old son) are seeking a bilingual native Spanish speaking nanny to join their household for a very flexible part-time 2 days/ week schedule with several perks. The family can be flexible on the 2 days a week and are flexible on exact hrs on those days but are preferring a 10AM – 5PM schedule or something similar.  To secure the same nanny longterm for a permanent placement of a year commitment, they are looking to pay a set income of $1600/month with no more than 15 hours of work per week. The nanny will always get paid the guaranteed $400 per week even when she does not work 15 hours. Some weeks may be less. (10 hrs, for example). Therefore at 15 hrs a week, the maximum the nanny would work, she would be earning close to $27/hr. If you work 10 hrs a week, that is $40 per hour. Additional perks are that the family loves to travel and they plan to travel for 2 weeks during Spring Break and they typically travel for 4 – 6 weeks in the summer.  The nanny will not need to travel with the family and will be paid for all the weeks the family travels. Mom may be home at times. Dad works from home but is often traveling so he may also be in and out. Their children have been attending a Spanish immersion school so it is very important that they are spoken to in Spanish all day. The family is desiring a native Spanish speaker who loves children. They would like Spanish to be spoken 95% of the time. Their children have been in a dual immersion school and the parents want to support this. Other desirable characteristics include: a nanny who loves to read, loves to do art, has a wonderful imagination and enjoys playing with children. Important qualities include: a nanny who is gentle and kind but has the expectation for good behavior and polite manners as well.  Their 10 year old daughter is the easiest, most patient, super kind girl and loves to read books. She’s a gentle spirit, in the 5th grade, is easy going , very smart, likes playing basketball, has a great imagination, loves to write, and is studious. Their 7 year old son is  in 2nd grade and also very gentle, more sensitive than his sister, and not a typical  rough and tumble boy.  He likes legos, reading books, and playful wrestling with his younger siblings.  Their 5 year old daughter joined their family through adoption, and has been  home for 2 years.  She is easy, kind, and a people pleaser.  She loves to be loved.  She also  loves one on one attention, and will be right next to the nanny the whole time.  She’s super smart.  She was put in the bilingual preschool last year and  did amazing and is now starting kindergarten. (online).  Their youngest 3 year old son was also adopted and joined their family 2 years ago and he is describe as a total a rough and tumble busy boy.  He’s sporty and agile, fearless, super sweet and kind, yet fiery.  He loves cars and trucks and all 4 children all get along really well.  They are like a little team.
Pets: Mini Australian Shepard. She is very sweet, quiet, and calm. No household duties are required but Mom will utilize the nanny to help with kids while she grocery shops and preps dinner and tends to those domestic tasks. Amazing generous loving dream family to work for. No travel is required. Offering guaranteed $1600 a month for 10- 15 hrs weekly 2 days a week. Paid vacation. Paid holidays. Bonus. Interviewing begins immediately and position starts ASAP. (REF#CGPHX)


**To apply for this position or to inquire about more details, please email and use REF#CGPHX in the title**

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