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Dual Nanny

N Invergordon & Lincoln: This wonderful busy professional family moved to AZ from Canada last year and they have a happy, active, energetic 2 year old son whom they adopted at birth and they also just adopted newborn twin girls who are currently in the NICU in Louisiana. They already hired a wonderful full-time nanny of ours for 40 hrs per week and they have a NCS for the night shift with the twins as well as an additional part-time nanny to cover most evenings. They are seeking a part-time nanny for Fridays from 5-9PM and Saturdays from 1-9PM. Their 2 year old is a typical 2 year old boy, currently in the tantrum stage but overall has an easy-going temperament, is very outgoing, very loving, very high energy and he warms up to anyone. He’s flexible in terms of meeting new people. He’s described as being their big little man because he is the size of a 4 year old. The nanny will require a lot of energy to run around after him and to keep him engaged and busy throughout the day. He is delayed in speech, and is in speech therapy. He says 1-2 word combinations right now. He is not into sitting down and doing puzzles and coloring. He needs more development with fine motor skills. Dad owns his own business, Mom is a stay at home mom but also helps with the business, or will be in and out of the house with her personal commitments. Pre-Covid, the family used to travel all the time internationally so they are hoping to resume traveling again, ( Mexico, Canada, Mau) and it would be a big perk if the nanny liked to travel with the family (with advanced notice) but the travel is not mandatory and they could get a separate travel nanny if needed for their trips. The family is desiring light housekeeping duties including dishes, baby laundry, organization, simple meal prep, errands and then maintaining the upkeep and cleanliness of their 6500 square foot home. They have a housekeeper weekly to do the deep cleaning. They have a casual yet fast-paced atmosphere in their home. Both parents are at home for various hours throughout the day. The family is ideally seeking a nanny who has a strong work ethic and is trustworthy, a team player and has a lot of energy. They would prefer to have a nanny who is comfortable with taking their son on outings (the park, school pick up, etc.). They are providing the family SUV for the nanny’s use. Also must be comfortable going swimming in their pool. Since they have twin newborn babies, the nanny must have excellent newborn and infant experience as well. Pets: 2 small hypoallergenic dogs. They are 6 years old and each under 15 lbs. This is an amazing generous laid back family who value and appreciate quality care and they are wishing for a nanny to work regularly on Fridays and Saturdays who will become a part of their family. Benefits: Paid Holidays. Paid Vacation. Use of family SUV. Health Insurance. Compensation: $25/hr. Interviewing now. Positions starts ASAP. Please apply if interested in either the evening schedule OR the weekend schedule OR the MTTH + Sat schedule. (REF#MDPV)


**If interested to applying to the Friday and Saturday schedule,  please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#MDPV in the title.***

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Family Assistant


Pima & Pinnacle Peak:  An artsy, smart, sweet 7 year old girl and a funny, energetic 4 year old boy are in need of a full-time family assistant to join their family for a flexible 40 hour work week.  The schedule is flexible based on nanny’s availability and can start at 10 or 11AM for an 8 hour shift until 6 or 7PM. They have a casual atmosphere in their home.  Both parents work from home. The kids are in school from 8AM-3PM. The kids are not in after school activities at the moment but may be in the future. Their 7 year old daughter is in 1st grade,  is very artsy and creative, loves art projects , is very smart, very sweet, loves animals and wants to be a vet, loves horses and horseback riding, and is a really good big sister. Their 4 year old son is in preschool and he is very sweet, very funny, playful, has a lot of energy, very well-behaved, very funny, is a good listener, loves robots, transformers, paw patrol, and imaginary play. The family is seeking a candidate who can be a family assistant to Mom and take on a household managerial type of role but also care for the kids. Safe and competent driver is needed. Picking up and dropping off kids will be needed on occasion or frequently depending on the day (in family vehicle), along with running errands, organizing the home, laundry and light cleaning. Overall, an extension of Mom. Kids are in school 8am-3pm M-F, so while they are in school the family assistant will take care of the home, run errands, clean, and organize. The household tasks include: dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, linens, healthy food prep and light cooking, family laundry, groceries, errands, and scheduling dr appointments. There is no deep cleaning needed as they have cleaners right now. The family has had both nannies and au-pairs before and what has worked really well for them is someone who truly enjoys kids, and is patient, organized, and efficient about keeping a schedule and providing routine and structure. Pets:  1 australian labradoodle (2.5 yrs), 1 australian labradoodle puppy (arriving 11/21). Pet care may include dropping off the dogs for grooming.  Fenced pool in backyard. Possible travel desired for family vacation. Compensation:  $25-$30/hr.  Paid vacation.  Paid Holidays.  Use of familycar.  Interviewing now and position starts ASAP.  (REF#SGSC)
***To apply to this position or to inquire about more details, please email jenny@acaringnanny.com and use REF#SGSC in the title. $500 referral bonus and $100 sign on bonus.***
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